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Femme Nikita, La

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La Femme NikitaFalsely accused of killing a police officer, Nikita is sentenced to life in prison. Soon afterward, she is recruited into Section One when the organization fakes her suicide. As the only truly innocent recruit into Section, her compassion and sympathy constantly conflicts with the often ruthless orders she is given. After spending two years being trained by Michael, Nikita learns to use her beauty as a weapon and becomes an expert in martial arts and ordinance.

Initially reluctant to kill (she uses creative measures to avoid having to commit a murder during her first mission), she eventually becomes more efficient at doing so. She is used in a wide variety of capacities, from "valentine operative" to assassin, despite her moral qualms, but manages to hold on to her humanity while working for the organization. Eventually, she and Michael become romantically involved, a development that threatens not only their standing in Section One, but their very lives. Their relationship is seen as a threat by Operations and Madeline, and they use a mind altering method on Nikita to rid her of all emotions. Michael manages to alter the progress, but Nikita's performance take a more professional tone. In the 5th season Nikita discovers the real reason she was taken into Section- her father was Mr. Jones the head of Center, the organization that controls Section. His plan was to make Nikita take over as head of Section One.

Blank-faced, often emotionless and coldly efficient, Michael Samuelle is a former radical student activist whose protest group sparked the Paris Riots of 1984. Not long after being sent to prison, he is recruited into Section One and becomes one of their most successful and respected team leaders. A few years later, however, the apparent death of his wife, Simone — a fellow Section operative whom he married against the wishes of Operations and Madeline and who is revealed still to be alive early in the first season but sacrifices her life to save both Nikita and Michael — profoundly affects him, and he completely shuts down emotionally, becoming almost an automaton. It is not until Nikita enters the organization that he begins to open up emotionally once again. Complicating their often difficult relationship is Michael's "blood cover" marriage to Elena Vacek, the daughter of a fearsome terrorist that Section One has pursued for decades. His son, Adam, is a product of that union, and his protective fatherly instincts will have a major impact on his future relationship with the organization.

Seymour Birkoff is Section One's resident genius, whose computer abilities are legendary, and who, as the head of Comm, supervises Section missions in progress. He and Walter are close friends despite their wide difference in age, and even Nikita is especially fond of him. It isn't until many years later that Birkoff learns he was one of two twin boys born to a Section operative. The boys became the subject of a Section One psychological comparison, in which Birkoff was kept within Section One, while his brother Jason was adopted by the Crawford family outside the organization.

La Femme Nikita - tv series

(1997 - 2001) - Peta Wilson, Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer

Genre: Action and Adventure / Drama


Peta Wilson
Don Francks
Eugene Robert Glazer
Roy Dupuis
Matthew Ferguson
Alberta Watson
Carlo Rota
Cindy Dolenc
Lawrence Bayne
Lindsay Collins
David Hemblen
Anais Granofsky
Malcolm Xerxes
Evan Caravela
Stephen Shellen
Sian Phillips
Hakan Coskuner
Kris Lemche
Larissa Gomes
Edward Woodward
Aidan Devine
Conrad Coates
Josh Holliday
Kira Clavell
Jeffrey Scott Grice
Bruce Payne
Polly Shannon
Tara Slone
Jill Dyck
Geoff Murrin
Samia Shoaib
Christopher Cordell
Callum Keith Rennie
James Faulkner
Julian Richings
Yvonne Scio
Douglas O'Keeffe
Joseph Scoren
Ingrid Veninger
Nigel Bennett
Will Corno
David Calderisi
Robbi Jay Thuet
Alisa Wiegers
Colm Feore
Janet Kidder
Christopher Lee Clements
Roman Podhora
Henry Alessandroni
Hrant Alianak
John Bourgeois
Vince Corazza
Jacqueline Pillon
Maxwell Caulfield
Lawrence Dane
Michelle Nolden
Steve Lucescu

Created by:
Joel Surnow

Writing credits:
Luc Besson
Michael Loceff
Robert Cochran
Lawrence Hertzog
Peter M. Lenkov
Maurice Hurley
David Ehrman
Naomi Janzen
Cyrus Nowrasteh
Peter Bellwood
David Wolkove
Larry Raskin
Ed Horowitz

Opening theme: La Femme Nikita
Written by: Mark Snow

Original music by:
Sean Callery

Cinematography by:
Nikos Evdemon
Jim Westenbrink
David Perrault
Danny Nowak
John Holosko
Milan Podsedly
Michael Storey
Michael McMurray

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Chris Gross
Rene Bonniere
Jon Cassar
Brad Turner
Terry Ingram
Joseph L. Scanlan
Ken Girotti
T.J. Scott
Jerry Ciccoritti
Guy Magar
George Bloomfield
Joel Surnow
David Warry-Smith
Reza Badiyi
Ted Hanlan
Rick Jacobson

Produced by:
ay Firestone
Jamie Paul Rock
Peter M. Lenkov
Brian Gibson
Rocco Matteo

Original channel:
USA Network

CTV Television Network
Fireworks Entertainment
LPN Productions Inc.

1998 Nominated Saturn Award Best Genre TV Actress, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
2000 Won Gemini Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series, Gemini Awards
2000 Nominated Gemini Best Costume Design, Gemini Awards
1999 Nominated Gemini Best Costume Design, Gemini Awards
1999 Nominated Gemini Best Dramatic Series, Gemini Awards
1999 Nominated Gemini Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series, Gemini Awards
1998 (fall) Won Gemini Best Costume Design, Gemini Awards
1998 (spring) Won Gemini Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role in a Dramatic Series,Gemini Awards
1998 (spring) Won Gemini Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Dramatic Program or Series, Gemini Awards

Also Known As:
Kodenavn Nikita
La Femme Nikita
Nikita, a bergyilkosno


The show ran five seasons. The season number determined the number of words in an episodes title (i.e., all third season episodes had three words in their title).

In the original film as well as the remake, Nikita murders someone and is found guilty. In the TV show, she did not murder anyone, and is found guilty anyway.

In the first episode of season one, "Nikita", footage taken from the movie Point of No Return (1993) is used while Nikita is sliding down the garbage chute when she's in the restaurant.

Don Franks (Walter) originally read for the part of Operations.

There was never any paper used in the Section.

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