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Acapulco Bay

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Acapulco Bay telenovela Raquel is a beautiful and good girl married to Max who pretends to be his half-brother Tony. Max tries to kill Tony sabotaging his airplane, but he survives and looses his memory. Raquel finds out that Max is not Tony, but she is forced to continue with this trick because she is blackmailed by Max for a feigned crash caused by her sister Marnie. She goes to live to Tony's house with her sister and father Peter but his family don't accept her. Only Victoria, the mother, likes her. Then Raquel and Tony fall in love, but Camille, Clarke and Mayra organize a lot of plots to separate them. Then Max tries to kill Tony again and all believe him dead, but after the crash he is living on the island. At final, in a dramatic crash, Max will be killed by Tony and the leading couple will be able to be together and have a child.

Acapulco Bay - telenovela

(1995) - Raquel Gardner, Jason Adams


Raquel Gardner .... Raquel Swanson
Tony Newman .... Tony Stockdail
Jason Adams .... Max Hauser
Maree Cheatham .... Victoria
Lisa Cerasoli .... Marnie Swanson
Michael Colo .... Peter Swanson
John Andrew Ryan .... Clarke
Lara Steinick .... Camille Stockdail
Anthony Alvarez .... Robert
Michael Sottile .... Chaffeur
Jaime Aymerich .... Daniel
María de Souza .... Annie
Daniel Martinez
Jasper Cole .... Ron Swanson

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)
José Rendon (original story)

Directed by
Tom Sizemore

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor

Televisa and Fox Television


"Acapulco Bay" is an English version of telenovelas "Tu o nadie" and "Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma"

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Anonymous   |2008-10-08 07:18:30
i am not gone forget this movie ever after.
Ephrem  - Never Forget   |2012-01-03 12:29:46
I am not gone forget this movie ever after. Especially, Raquel Gardner.
You are so sweet.
janice  - Acapulco Bay   |2012-03-25 04:44:44
Did you know that Rachel was on General Hospital as a nurse. jh
kalkidan  - Acapuluco bay   |2008-10-10 06:58:53
the best film ever
Dearha  - Acapulco Bay   |2008-10-11 00:28:28
When will the DVD be released?
I missed to see the whole series once again....
sharon  - acapulco bay   |2008-10-28 22:49:47
This is the best tv series Ever and i just wish they release the DVD. do they know how much money they can make from the sale?.
Anonymous  - re: acapulco bay   |2010-04-02 23:20:33
sharon wrote:
This is the best tv series Ever and i just wish they release the DVD. do they know how much money they can make from the sale?.
Liya  - what a movie!!!   |2008-10-31 02:20:14
this movie is the best, such a perfect casting, and best acting we're eger to get z DVD so soon
MICHAEL,ETHIOPIA  - I Loved That Film   |2008-11-05 21:21:22
This Film Is Very Best Tv Series Movie I Ever Seen? But I Have A Question Did Acapluco have Second part?
firtuna  - i wish i could meet tony   |2008-11-16 14:08:15
u have no idea hw much i adore that movie ,Here in ethiopia we are watching it for the 3rd time and still every one is watching it as a brand new movie.hopefull we will have it on DVD some day.coz thats like the best movie ever!!!!!!!and i more thing hw do i find tony's bio coz its like he doesnt exist on the internet.I LOVE IT
Eden  - woderful   |2008-11-24 23:22:20
you know tony have my dream behavior i wish to true lovers
kiddi  - very much interesting...   |2008-11-19 14:24:53
i love this film so much, it is very well done and the actors are so brave. i love Tony and Requel they look nice together.
samuel  - intersting   |2008-11-22 19:02:05
I love the film v much
Henoke   |2008-11-25 10:28:41
This is one of the best movie ever............ I remember wathing this movie back home.
Cynthia  - how to obtain   |2008-12-03 14:28:43
how can i obtain this movie i missed it. i need this movie so so much. please help
meti   |2008-12-12 15:59:40
this is the best and adorable movie I have ever seen. Please I need to have the DVD at my home. So how can I get it?
soli  - acapuluco on DVD   |2008-12-30 17:22:46
Dear meti if you get the movie on DVD please dont forget me.
R  - Great Film   |2009-01-12 12:38:12
I love the film very much. I wish to have it
Abe sodo  - My wife looking to see it very bad   |2012-10-31 16:26:05
How can we get the movie / on DVD my wife wants very bad!
siret  - my favorite tv series   |2009-01-12 13:05:37
i would do anything to get these series on DVD. best tv series! please release this on DVD!
marta  - i fall in love with this film   |2009-01-16 19:58:13
my God! it's wow, no word!!!!!!!!!!
i love tony and rich.
senait  - best film   |2009-01-22 19:49:34
it is the best film that i ever saw.i admire tony and requel very much i love them
liya merid  - The best TV SERIES EVER! I mean EVER!   |2009-02-03 09:08:26
WHEN I SAW THE MOVIE THE FIRST TIME I was 11. Me and all my family was addicted to it.I saw it for the 2nd time as if I have never seen it before. Know I am 21 and I am seing it for the 3rd time. I luv the movie it will always have a special place in my heart.
I have one question; I have never seen Tony or Raquel star in another movie series? How come?
Hana  - Hi! Were did you see the movie?   |2010-01-02 02:40:05
I had watch this movie 2 time in my country and I can't see to find the DVD anywhere on internet or movie stores. Please if you can tell me where I could watch it or buy the movie. Thank You so much. You have no idea how much I love the movie.
Erika  - Tony   |2009-02-03 19:39:02
What happened with Tony (Anthony Newman)? I can find nothing about him. What does he do now?
Anonymous  - re: Tony   |2010-11-03 23:21:41
Erika wrote:
What happened with Tony (Anthony Newman)? I can find nothing about him. What does he do now?
selam moges  - best film   |2012-09-03 23:06:30
it's good film.i want to get zs dvd? Where is it?
Amina  - What happened with Tony (Anthony Newman)?   |2012-10-05 21:29:04
He's no longer an actor; he's a professor of Literature now.
rasmuna  - acapulco bay (1995) USA   |2009-02-19 06:59:26
could amazon sell the DVD of this TV series?.. our TV station didnt finish showing this series..i have been searching for this series for years and really hope to own a compilation of DVD of this series.

fred musah  - how can i get the whole series   |2009-03-03 00:51:02
i did watch this series about 20years ago and am wandering how to get this whole series.thanks
Neville Archambault  - Acapulco bay   |2009-05-04 05:22:46

It must be another series then. Because Acapulco bay isn't 20 yrs old. It came out only in 96. There is another show with Favio Acapulco ? something.
But it's not this show...
Xtine  - Acapulco Bay   |2009-03-15 00:23:28
it was the first ever telenovela shown in ghana and we all still smile when ever we remeber it. it was just incredible. has it been made in to a novel yet?
Anonymous  - re: Acapulco Bay   |2010-01-24 23:30:13
Xtine wrote:
it was the first ever telenovela shown in ghana and we all still smile when ever we remeber it. it was just incredible. has it been made in to a novel yet?
Anonymous   |2012-11-27 10:05:29
please some body help me find dvd am crazy aboute this move
genet  - Acapulco Bay   |2012-11-27 10:07:40
Acapulco Bay am crazy about this move somebody help me finde the dvd pleas
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