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Acorralada telenovelaMaximiliano Irazabal celebrated his marriage to beautiful Marfil, while his friends Camila and Gerardo felt a little bit confused since they were jilted on this couple for each other. Gerardo met Marfil while she was talking about birth control pill whereas she told Maximiliano about her pregnancy. Gerardo tried to blackmail her with the purpose to go on dating but she refused. So, they agreed on a meeting. Camila was about to reveal the date and place of their "date" and she did it to Maximiliano. He warned Gerardo to keep away from Marfil but Gerardo shot at Marfil with a gun. She fell into the pool and later she was announced dead for the cerebral hemorrhage caused by shooting and falling. Maximiliano and Camila went on dating, though he did not show willing to marry her.

In the meantime, Fedora Garces Ledesma was released from prison. She was accused of killing her husband which led to loss of fortune, solid business and her two daughter. The crime was actually committed by Octavia Irazabal, a rich businesswoman, and the mother of Maximiliano.

Fedora vowed to revive and return everything she had before but she could not even imagine that her elder 23-yer old daughter Diana was working as a practicing nurse at the local hospital and she was in love with Maximiliano to become the victim of this family.

Fedora became a demanded singer at the nearby nightclub calling herself “La Gaviota” (The Seagull)and makes friends with Diana. These two had no guess they were mother and daughter, since the two girls were brought up as orphans. Gaby, her younger daughter, was working as a maid for the Irazabal family at the mansion. Knowing how cold-blooded and dangerous Octavia Irazabal and her allies can be, Gaviota warns her daughters to stay away from the family altogether. But despite of warnings from Gaviota, nothing and no one could prevent Diana and Maximiliano from loving each other so passionately.


Alejandra Lazcano as Diana Soriano

Diana is a young and beautiful girl with generous and warm heart, working as a nurse. She is a good friend and a good team worker. She is obsessed by Dr. Ignacio Montiel who aspires to take advantage of her sexually and he makes every endevour to get her. In the meantime, she is fired and soon she gets a job as a nurse for the aging Dona Santa at the rich house of Irazabal family. There she meets Max to fall in love with him.

Jorge Luis Pila as Diego Suarez

Diego is Diana's best friend though he loves her a lot. She does not love him so she has to reject his offers that, in turn, make him hate her. His love to her, jelousity and impossibility to be with  her make him change as a person and soon he becomes a merciless killer and kidnapper with all the intentions to prevent Max and Diana be together.

Sonya Smith as Fedora Garces/La Gaviota

Once being a wealthy woman, a wife and a mother of two girls, Fedora is a lonely woman. She was the owner of Perfume Company stolen by Octavia and her husband. She is accused of doing crime to her husband and she is in despair to find her daughters and take revenge of the Irazabal clan, and in particular of Octavia and Yolanda.

William Levy as Larry Irazabal

Larry is a good young fellow, brother to Max and Paula, Octavia’s son. He is athletic and handsome as a male model. As an actor, he dreams of a fame in Hollywood. He is in love with Pilar who lies to him and so he marries to Gaby to forget her but later he finds out he really loves Gaby as never ever.

Maritza Rodriguez as Marfil Mondragon/Debora Mondragon de Davila

Deborah is Marfil's twin sister. She was a skillful thief in New York prior to arriving back home to replace her twin sister as Mrs. Maximilliano Irazabal. She is eager to prevent him marrying Diana. She intends to put her hand to Max’s fortune and Diana is the one who prevents her doing that. It’s strange but she also hates her own twin sister.

Marfil is Max’s wife. Everyone thinks she is dead but she was in coma for the last two years. These two were happy in marriage though she used to take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. She rejected Herardo’s court and after she awakes she is resentful to find out that her twin sister takes her place in her life.

David Zepeda as Maximiliano Irazabal

Maximiliano Irazabal is Octavia’s elder son. He falls in love with Diana when she comes to serve as a nurse for his grandmother.

Acorralada - telenovela

(2007) - Alejandra Lazcano, David Zepeda


Alejandra Lazcano ... Diana Soriano
David Zepeda ... Maximiliano Irázabal
Maritza Rodríguez ... Marfil Mondragon de Irázabal/Deborah Mondragón de Dávila
Jorge Luis Pila ... Diego Suárez
Mariana Torres ... Gabriela "Gaby" Soriano
Roberto Mateos ... Francisco "Paco" Vázquez
Sonya Smith ... Fedora Garcés/La Gaviota
Frances Ondiviela ... Octavia Alarcón de Irázabal/Alicia
Ofelia Cano ... Yolanda Alarcón
Alicia Plaza ... Bruna Pérez
Griselda Noguera ... Lala Suárez
Nelida Ponce ... Miguelina Soriano
William Levy ... Larry Irázabal
Virna Flores ... Camila Linares
Orlando Fundichely ... Ignacio Montiel
Maritza Bustamante ... Caramelo Vásquez
Julián Gil ...Pancholón Suárez
Elizabeth Gutierrez ... Paola Irázabal
Paulo César Quevedo ... René Romero
Yul Bürkle ... Andrés Dávila
Juan Vidal ... Kike
Mariana Huerdo ... Silvita Delgado
Diana Osorio ... Pilar Álamo
Raúl Olivo ... Emilio
Valentina Bove ... Sharon
Claudia Reyes ... Fiona Valente
Bernie Paz ... Rodrigo
Héctor Soberón ... Horacio Irázabal
Andrés García Jr. ... Pablo
Sandra García ... Samantha
Liannet Borrego ... Nancy
Miguel Gutierrez ... Reynoso
Gonzalo Vivanco ... Eduardo
Julio Cadpote ... Lorenzo
Andrés Mistage ... Jorge
Corina Azopardo ... Jueza Villagrande
Sebastián Ligarde - Borges
Nury Flores ... Mercedes
Mardi Monge ... Virginia

Original music:
Alejandro Campos

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela



It was filmed in Miami, Florida (USA)

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Juan de Dios  - "Acorralada" era un exito total!   |2009-08-17 21:01:25
Muy bella y interesante novela. Alejandrita Lazcano como dulce protagonista Diana Sorian lucia muy bella. David Zepeda era un galan guapissimo!
Las villanas de la historia eran increibles:

por primera vez en la historia de las novelas - las hermanas gemelas eran ambas villanazas!!! Debora y Marfil interpretados por la talentosa actriz Mariza Rodriguez robaron la novela!!! Ambas gemelas eran muy malas y perversas, odiaban a si mismas y a la protagonista.

Y la madre de esas garpias-gemelas, Bruna, tambien era una mujer cruel y perversa, quien tambien odiaba a la protagonista. Muy buena actuacion de Alicia Plaza.

Tambien la novela tenia los personajes comicas, como por ejemplo "La Silvita" con sus pelucas de todos los colores.

Y esas finales de los capitulos eran increibles.

Capitulo 50 era de extra, muy emocionante con gran circazo durante todo el capitulo.

Bravo Alberto Gomez, por crear esta telenovela tan magnifica y inolvidable como "Acorralada".

Juan de Dios (Alemania)
elízabeth   |2010-08-06 04:52:19
esta es una novela preciosa
roger  - en Panamá exito total   |2011-01-25 21:52:45
en panana se trasmitio en TVN a las 11am con un gran rating...
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