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Aguamarina telenovela This is a love story between two people from two different worlds. She comes from periphery, young and beautiful, and one day she comes to the idea to move to the city. She puts high hopes to get a remedy from the fatal disease her father suffers from. Marina Luna and and Diego Cintana are young people who meet and came to a big love. When Marina moved to the city with her sister and father, their life changed swiftly and into the tragic twist of life. One day her father is knocked by the crazy driver and leaves him dying. The driver happens to be the best friend of Diego who was making a test crash and ignored the cries for help. Marina swears to take a revenge for the death of her father. She makes attempts to survive since she has to support her sister Celeste. She meets Ricardo and Diego on the beach. As a womanizer who is used to conquer any woman, he bets with Diego to win Marina. To prove his words and make it easier for himself, he hires Marina as a servant-girl in his family.

Marina becomes the target of hatred from Ricardo’s mother though she gets support from his father, Julio. Marina and Diego meet every day in the house and love grows between them though diluted by hatred, envy and intrigues. In the meantime, Marina keeps her words to become the most beautiful and demanded female model. Two worlds with different values and principles face and struggle to end in success. But which of the society?


Ruddy Rodriguez as Marina

Marina is a woman who is difficult to forget if once met. She is young, beautiful and very attractive. She is humble coming from a middle class family. She has good intuition and is intolerant to injustice. Marina is known for her good sense of humor. She always keeps her words. She is keen on candies and is afraid of dogs.

Denise Novell as Celeste

Celeste is ambitious, fickle, and unstable young girl. She is beautiful and tends to rebel without any reason, just for nothing. She is expert in using her beauty to manipulate people to gain her goals.

Leonardo Garcia as Diego

The most wanted man in the society. Young, tall, athletic and attractive. He is well-groomed. Expert in fashion and he loves investing money in new endevours. He has many women in his life. He is a good poker player.

Fernando Carrera as Ricardo

Ricardo is a well-known womanizer and admirer of all ladies. He is 30, young and handsome evoking feeling of envy in other men. He is a partner in modeling agency business with Diego. He is an expert heart killer collecting women as the brand beer bottles. He adores extreme kinds of sport. He lives like playing baseball, interesting and without efforts. He never feels ashamed or disgraced for what he is doing. He loves talking about his achievements and believes that everything is bought for the money it is worth.

Aguamarina - telenovela

(1998) - Ruddy Rodriguez, Leonardo García


Ruddy Rodriguez .... Marina
Leonardo García .... Diego
Mara Croatto .... Verona
Fernando Carrera .... Ricardo
Zully Montero .... Dona Augusta
Oswaldo Calvo .... Don Julio
Norma Zuñiga .... Renata
Hans Christopher .... Watusi
Denise Novell .... Celeste
Mario Martin .... Silverio
Griselda Noguera .... Germanica
Eduardo Ibarrola .... Schwarzenegger
Marcela Cardona .... Pilar
Lino Ferrer .... Giorgio
Marisol Calero .... Penelope
Alexandra Navarro .... Danielita
Kristian de la Osa .... Juanito
Reinaldo Miravalles
Fedra Lopez
Rosa Felipe
Humberto Rossenfeld
Orlando Cassin
Sofia Capriel
Emilio Plana
Juanita Baro
Omar Moynelo
Irina Rodriguez
George Tapia
Vivian Ruiz
Claudia Huidorro

Writing credits
Leonardo Padron (original story)
Doris Segui
Elsa Echevarria
Henry Herrera

Song: Aguamarina
Singing: José David Diaz

Original music
Alejandro Campos

Cinematography by
Eduardo Davila

Directed by
José A. Ferrara
Yaki Ortega

Produced by
Igor Manrique
Maria Gabriela Alarcon
Sabrina Zampa
Alfredo Schwarz

Telemundo Network and Fonovision Productions Inc

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