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Alguien te mira

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Alguien te mira telenovelaChicago 2005

Piedad Estévez, Rodrigo Quintana, Julián García and Benjamín Morandé are friends who are always at each other. They look forward to the happy future: they study medicine planning to work together rendering assistance to people in need. Rodrigo is the real leader of the group to make the others get inspired with ideas and new projects. No wonder that Piedad falls in love with him and Julián García is silently in love with her that she does not know about. In spite of deep love between the couple, they part because of Rodrigo’s liking to drugs and alcohol. He disappoints in his friends after the accident while Piedad finds her in the hospital. Rodrigo Quintana quits his study to enter the rehabilitation clinic located outside Chicago to get better. Yet, Piedad changes after the accident.

Chicago 2010

With lapse of time three of the friends meet together with no memories of the past and all of a sudden Rodrigo comes back to their life. The dream of friends to work together as medical doctors comes true. They have really changed in personality when they find out that Rodrigo is back. Three of them, Piedad Estévez, Julián García and Benjamín Morandé, become reputed doctors to earn the reputation and fortune in life while Rodrigo Quintana works at the hospital for poor people who cannot afford paying for medical services. Rodrigo comes back and Piedad realizes she is still in love with him and that thought makes her life go upside down. Julián, divorced, gets touched by Piedad hoping she responds to his feelings but he is afraid Rodrigo can interfere to his actions to take her back. After Piedad is close to Rodrigo again, she gets pregnant and Julián goes again to her asking for love. In the meantime, three of them become the witnesses to the death that happens in their town. That was the second death of beautiful women who are supposed to be killed by the serial killer to take their hearts out.

The police reveal that Julián is the serial killer who murders young beautiful women all for nothing, even when they are well-to-do to rob. All his victims are found naked but the lead police detective Eva who he kills as the 7th victim is found wearing a dress with a pearl necklace that belongs to Julián’s mother to evidence against him. The reason of his murderous behavior is that Julián’s mother sexually abused and slept with him when he was a little boy. And his mother was his first victim. And it is found out that Julián kills the women who do not take care of their children, just have a fun or work a lot leaving them.

After lots of murders, Julián is caught by Rodrigo trying to save Piedad and his daughter out of killer’s hands. They are both set to fire but Julián dies on fire while Rodrigo survives and finally he marries Piedad to live a happy life with her and their little daughter.


Christian Meier as Rodrigo Quintana

Rodrigo Quintana is a handsome, charming and romantic young man best of three of them to be the leader. He is talented in medicine and dreams of becoming a medical doctor and work at the medical hospital to give a hand to people in need. He is in love with Piedadthough he lets her love him more. He is too passionate about all he does. Quintana and hisfriends share one dream of being helpful to people. Unfortunately, as any passionate people, he gets involved in drugs and alcohol too deeply to lose his friends and love. However, he is purposeful and he goes to the end to return his love, reputation and help other detect the killer.

Danna García as Piedad Estévez

Piedad is an incredibly beautiful, smart and attractive women who loves but she waives herlove for save and healthy life. She is the most vulnerable among the friends attracted by Rodrigo and Julián, though preferring Rodrigo.

She cooperates with Julián and Benjamín at the clinic keeping secrets together but not detecting them.

She is perfectionist, competitive doctor and she has too high requirements to her medical career. She is strong-willed but kind in her heart. She feels better with males since women envy her beauty and intelligence. She is alone for some time since she is

Rafael Amaya as Julián García

Julián García is an attractive young man with the complicated personality. He dedicates to hi career and he is the ideal person to go into romantic relations. He divorces with his wife Matilde leaving her and his son Emilio when he is 12. He is the friend and colleague to Piedad and Benjamín. He is well educated person who loves pleasure and high standard in life, good food, good wine, good books and traveling. He has strong personality with somewhat ironical attitude which shows him as the perfectionist. He always tries to hide his romantic and sensitive nature.

He is still in love with Piedad and after she is left by Rodrigo he tries his best to conquer her again and again.

David Chocarro as Benjamín Morandé

Benjamín Morandé is the other partner and friend to Piedad and Julián working with them at the cosmetic surgery clinics. He is a good person making women go crazy about his charm and charisma. He is sociable and life and soul of the party. He is not well-organized and his mood often changes to distract him. he has been brought up in well-being and in comfort. He has more than he needs, and thus he does not evaluate material things. He is not that intelligent as his colleagues, in spite of the fortune spent to his education.

He has two children in the marriage with Tatiana Wood. He is not faithful to her and he has love affairs with other women. Adrenalin he gets when doing something wrong is like the remedy for him that brings to something that cannot be saved and cured. Everything goes all right in his life until he meets Camila Wood, a sister to his wife, a naïve and anxious young woman. Gradually Camila Wood and Benjamín are provoked to have love affair and Benjamín loses everything he possesses.

Geraldine Bazán as Tatiana Wood

Tatiana Wood is the wife to Benjamín Morande with two kids in marriage. She is a light-minded woman of the high class though she is responsive and loved by people. Benjamín Morande deeply falls in love with her feeling passionate to her and being a good friend.

She feels that Benjamín is not faithful to her but she cannot prove it.

She is a businesslike woman, very responsible and confident who causes things to be done. She is the woman to keep household and business.

From her early age she feels responsible for herself and her sister Camilla when they get orphaned being still young. A passionate love affair between her sister and her husband turns her life upside down and she feels to take a revenge for a person she loves.

Ximena Duque as Camila Wood

Camila Wood is a young girl who seeks for entertainment in any way. She rather contrasts with her sister Tatiana. She is a liar and she is attracted to people who are powerful. She was too little when sisters lost their mother and she was in need of Tatiana’s help. She might need more attention and love, but Camila turns into a woman who cannot resist powerful men with assets, she loves sex and entertainment only.

Camila starts study at various universities but she never graduates from any of them. Tatianaalways supports her in her every measure. Camila tries employment at various places though she has never succeeded. She is always in short of money and she does not hesitate to apply for help with Tatiana.

Camila is frivolous, joyful and open to experiments. She is straight-minded and she tells what she thinks. It is not reasonable and she often gets into trouble. She looks naïve and it helps her hide what she does behind the scenes.

Alguien te mira - telenovela

(2010) - Danna García, Christian Meier


Danna García
Christian Meier
Ximena Duque
Rafael Amaya
David Chocarro
Geraldine Bazan
Karla Monroig
Angélica Celaya
Rodrigo De la Rosa
Yul Burkle
Evelin Santos
Diana Franco
Carlos Garín
Alba Raquel Barros
Iván Hernández
Andrés Mistage
Cynthia Olavarría
Roberto Gatica
Andrés Cotrino
Sofía Sanabria
Ariana Muniz
Nicote Arci
Natalie Medina
Daniel Fernández

Writing credits
Pablo Illanes (original story)
Nona Fernández (original story)
Perla Farias (adaptation)
Perla Farias
Cristina Policastro
Jose Vicente Spataro

Song: "El cajón de mis recuerdos"
Written by: Tulio Cremisimi
Singing: Alexander Miró

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Leonardo Galavis
Luis Manzo

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Martha Godoy



Remake of chilean telenovela "Alguien te mira" (2007 with) Álvaro Rudolphy and Sigrid Alegría

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Richard  - Alguien Te Mira Soundtrack   |2010-10-20 21:43:54
Who sings the song/songs that is played in English when the scenes of the murders are shown.
mar  - re: Alguien Te Mira Soundtrack   |2011-01-29 03:38:00
Richard wrote:
Who sings the song/songs that is played in English when the scenes of the murders are shown.
telemundo51,com   |2011-02-02 13:16:19
no estoy de acuerdo con ese tipo de novela tan fuerte el crimen ya es demasiado para seguir dandole digamos como una promocion al crimene mi opinion es que los directores,productores deben ser mas cuidadoso cuando una telenovela vas a salir en la tele me estoy refiriendo a la novela ALGUIEN TE MIRA
diana   |2011-02-10 16:54:22
hola esta novela me parece exelente,muy buenos actores y ni que decir de el nino que representa a EMILIO un exelente actor infantil muy natural y ademas bello, deberian nominarlo a actor revelacion infantil, seguro ganaria.
jim ferreira  - felicitaciones a todos los protagonistas.   |2011-02-26 16:12:49
muy buenisima me tuvo siempre en intriga y tratando siempr de ver quien seria la proxima victima. buena novela fue hecha con buenos suspenso ybuenisimos paisajes en toda extension de la palabra, ojala hagan otra a la altura de esta.
Shorouq   |2013-03-01 18:32:51
Where can I buy this series "with English subtitles"? un poco de español but I loved the first 2 episodes..
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