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Alma Herida, El

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El Alma HeridaThis is the story of the Granados family and their dream to cross the border into the U.S. In an attempt to cross the border Salvador and his two kids Eugenia and Daniel are separated from their mother Catalina, Salvador's wife. On their way back to their town Eugenia is almost run over by a truck driver named Juan Manuel. Juan Manuel always kept in touch with the family and when Eugenia turned fifteen she realized she was in love with Juan Manuel. But when she finds out her mother whom she believed dead was alive, she is on a search for her mom. But before she goes to the U.S., she leaves Juan Manuel a letter telling him about her love. His brother Alejandro who has always been jealous of him reads it. And over a course of eight years he writes back and forth to Eugenia as Juan Manuel. Eugenia returns to Mexico and tells Juan Manuel she had no luck finding her mother. She also finds out he never wrote to her and that it was Alejandro. Sad she goes back to the U.S. and Juan Manuel follows her. In the U.S Juan Manuel finds her mother Catalina and Eugenia realizes that Juan Manuel really loves her. But Eugenia and Catalina have to face their demons when they return to Mexico.


Itatí Cantoral as Eugenia Granados
Eugenia experienced a pain from being parted with her mother in her childhood: she lost her mother while moving across the board between Mexico and America as most immigrants did that time. She is raised together with Juan Manuel who leaves for America to study for several years. While he is away, Eugenia becomes a beautiful and attractive young girl. Eugenia tries to find her mother who is deemed to be dead. She feels lonely and thus, her heart is open for love and tenderness.

Gabriel Porras as Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel is a handsome and advantourous young man and just a person with good life principles. He is a good friend, a good boss for his employees whom he consideres rather as partners than subordinates. He is aware of the value of family. Since 14 he supports his mother nad his brother when his father is in jail for murder. He knows Eugenia from the childhood but he exerts attention to her only when she becomes a mature beautiful young woman.

Gloria Peralta as Adriana
Adriana is a woman so used to be in the male team to feel free and comfortable. She moved there with her parents several years ago. She looks after Juan Manuel. She is ready to do everything to gain her goals and so, she uses every attempt to struggle for her happiness. She is a woman in love who makes proper mistakes.

Rodrigo de la Rosa as Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza is Juan Manuel’s brother. Due to feeling of envy and offence he becomes a merciless, prudent and unscrupulous person. He is very smart, though. He is a good womanizer and never gets troubles with what he wants to get. He intends to destroy the world of Juan Manuel. Alejandro has financial problems which he tends to solve with the help of his brother’s assets. He is in love with Eugenia and he is willing to conquer her in every step he does.
Rebecca Jones as Catalina Morales
Catalina’s life is full of struggle and suffers. She loses her husband and her children. It takes her a huge amount of time and attempts to convince her husband in her best intentions abut her family and him and kids. This attractive woman has to struggle to survive in America where she appears alone parted with her family. She is lonely in the strange country but she manages to take good positions remembering of her family and her country.

El Alma Herida - telenovela

(2003) - Itatí Cantoral, Gabriel Porras


Itatí Cantoral .... Eugenia Granados
Rebecca Jones .... Catalina Morales
Alejandro Camacho .... Salvador Grandos
Gabriel Porras .... Juan Manuel
Rodrigo de la Rosa .... Alejandro
Damian Alcazar .... Frank
Dominika Paleta .... Patricia Araiza
Gloria Peralta .... Adriana
Elizabeth Cervantes .... Berta
Marta Aura .... Doña Guadalupe
Juan Carlos Matín del Campo .... Daniel
Guillermo Quintanilla .... Cruz Salazar
Diana Ferretti .... Cristina
Fabián Peña .... Guillermo
Wendy de los Cobos .... Cristina

Fernanda Romero ... Clarita

Writing credits
Luis Zelkowicz (original story)

Song: "El Alma Herida"
Singing: Itatí Cantoral

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra

Argos Producciones and Telemundo


"El Alma Herida" is a remake of telenovela "Cruz de Papel" (Argentina, 1986) with Giselle Blondet and Antonio Grimau.

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Izzy  - El Alma Herida   |2013-04-03 04:58:55
I love anything Itati Cantoral is in she is the one and only Mexican actress I can watch in a telenovela or any other Mexican show. She is real all other actresses seem fake. I do not watch any other telenovelas they do not draw my interest. Itati makes all her leading men look good just by the way she holds them looks at them and treats them. Boy and she can kiss. She can kiss any man any way they want. She can do it all. Love You , Itati you are the one and only , you are the BEST!!!!!!
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