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Alma Indomable

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Alma Indomable telenovelaRestless but uneducated Alma Pérez is like a rough diamond – full of natural merits that must be developed with upbringing. She is impetuous and courage, like wild horse.

Although she is granddaughter of don Patricio Sorrento and the legal heiress of a landlord, she was grown up in a deep poverty and the only mother she has known was a cruel poor woman, to whom Alma was given when she was a baby. It’s ironic that she came to luxurious estate of don Patricio Sorrento as a poor girl having even no idea know who she is here. The people in the estate hived her there and her life started changing forever.

 Alma met there Juan Pablo Robles – the manager of Patricio Sorrento estate, and falls in love with him. They felt love so deeply inside, but their love story is doomed to failure.

The destiny separates Alma and Juan – they marry to different people. But neither distance, nor obstacles between them can erase the love from their hearts.
Meanwhile Alma’s life is changed radically. She has become a famous fashion model and comes back to her native town as a millionaire and Queen.

The time is passed and both marriages (Alma’s and Juan’) are finished with divorce. They both are free ad eager to restore their great Love. And the life is against it again. The other beautiful, famous but wicked model Abigail Richardi is full а hatred and jealousy to Alma. So she tries to separate them.

But Alma is not changed with successful life – she is still restless, passionate and strong, and she is ready to struggle for her love.

Love is the only thing that can change her indomitable soul.


Scarlet Ortíz as Alma Pérez

A beautiful young girl with the wild temper, not educated, though. She was brought-up in the village where evil, biolence and negligence were practiced. She is humble and she even donates her belongings to others who need. She earns money by doing. Juan Pablo once caught her swimming naked in the river and shot her pictures. With time Alma goes to live in her father’s wealthy house where her reputation and personality are suppressed. She is hired as a maiden to her real grandmother’s place who hates Alma and thinks she is illegally born. One day Alma meets her mother whom she has always be looking for. Cecilia ignores all the personal feelings experienced by Alma and makes an ideal model from her. Alma is famous at catwalks as a model but her heart is full of hatred and despair which ruins her from inside.

José Ángel Llamas as Juan Pablo Robles

A middle-class manager working for Alma’s father. He is noble, elegant and quiet. He suffers from the though that his mother is disabled nad till the end she will sit in the wheelchair after the accident. The expensive surgery can help her rehabilitate. Juan Pablo loves teasing Alma and they always confront but it only results in love between the couple. Juan Pablo asks for money needed for his mother’s surgery and don Patricio is willing to provide the required sum in exchange to marry Dubraska who hides in the isolated room in his house. He now wants Juan Pablo admit that he is the father of the baby to expect soon. In his turn, don Patricio promises money for Juan’s mother’s surgery and, moreover, he is ready to offer partnership to Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo refuses at first but when he sees his mother suffering he goes and agrees to marry Dubraska. He has to give up the idea to be with Alma.

Karina Mora as Dubraska Sorrento

Dubraska Sorrento is a young, fancy and beautiful girl. She is Alma’s step sister but they ignore each other. She always dresses in fashion, rides perfectly. She has perfect shapes and sensual and she falls in love with Fernando Ríos and gets pregnant from him. To avoid the disgrace, she has to sit at home and wait for delivery time. As don Patricio promises to deprive her of his wealth and she finally agrees to marry Juan Pablo. When Alma appears in his father’s house, Dubraska hate desperately.

In the meantime Dubraska and Juan Pablo return from honeymoon travel and convince everyone they have adopted a baby. Fernando whom Dubraska loves is in jail and she really suffers from it. They meet secretly hiding from people and in spite of her wicked temper, Dubraska is the victim of love and life.

Lilibeth Morillo as Abigail Richardi

Abigail Richardi is a beautiful girl with the perfect shape but she is really wicked and does not hesitate to do mean things to reach her goal. She falls in love in Juan Pablo at first sight. She is stylish, delicate and well-mannered.

She dresses very well to accentuate her best shapes. She has a passionate love affair with Juan Pablo with the aim to attract and keep him by her. She asks him to teach her ride and swim and during such trainings she takes the chance

to seduce him. She also hates Alma since she realizes she is the only obstacle to win his heart. After Juan Pablo and Dubraska divorce, Abigail makes every chance to be with him.

Alma Indomable - telenovela

(2009) - Scarlet Ortiz, Jose Ángel Llamas


Scarlet Ortiz ... Alma Pérez
Jose Ángel Llamas ... Juan Pablo Robles
Víctor González ... Nicanor
Lilibeth Morillo ... Abigail Richardi
Luis José Santander ... Esteban De la Vega
Martha Picanes ... Paula
Franklyn Virgüez ... Danilo
Lisette Morelos ... Mónica
Julio Capote ... Ramón
Karina Mora ... Dubraska Sorrento
Yul Burkle ... Fernando Ríos
Adita Riera ... Caridad
Isabel Moreno ... Fucha
Gabriel Parisi ... Federico Ocampo
Patty Álvarez ... Gertrudix De Sorrento
Rodolfo Jiménez ... León Ríos
Maite Embil ... Amanda Tapia
Alan Ibarra ... Beto
Juan Vidal ... Raúl
Yadira Santana ... Lupe
Nelida Ponce ... Carmelita
Tali Duclaud ... Jazmín Pérez
Leonardo Daniel ... Rogelio
Esperanza Rendón ... Cecilia
Kenya Hijuelas ... Susy
Yami Quintero ... Luisa
Oscar Corbello ... Patricio
Tali Duclaud ... Jazmín
Roberto Leverman ... Teófilo
Sandra García ... Ofelia
Ali Sánchez ... Azul
Roxana Montenegro ... Mercedes
Ramón Morell ... Casamayor

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez (original story) Alberto Gómez
Omaira Rivero

Song: "Casi te olvido"
Written by:
Singing: Pablo Montero

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Produced by
Dulce Terán
Arquímedes Rivero
Ana Teresa Arismendi
Peter Tinoco

Venevision International


Filmed in Miami

Forum Telenovela World - Alma Indomable

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alvianis  - hola   |2010-02-23 05:54:41
hola me encanta esa novela no me la pierdo soy de venezuela maracaibo estasdo zulia muy buena esa novela
Anonymous   |2010-03-13 18:17:15
hola q tal me encanta la telenovela esta padrisima me encanta alma indomable como es y su bellesa y tambien juan pablo es un papasito me encanta es muy guapo y hemoso
Vanila   |2010-03-30 04:33:44
Hola, Me encanta esta novela interesante y muy dramatica adonde cada actor y actriz actua perfectamente su parte, especialmente los protagonistas Alma y Juan Pablo. Es la novela que mas me a gustado.
galenny  - gugle   |2010-04-27 00:10:28
hola me gustaba alma indomable la novela por que alma era mas indomable que nunca y me gusta el protagonista de esa novela
robert basaldua  - theam song   |2010-05-09 02:13:18
i would like to get the theam song og alma indomable can any one help me out
Anonymous  - Lilibeth Morillo   |2010-06-26 10:30:46
Lilibeth played a very good villana in this telenovela!!! You see her and just know that you would hate her. Though they should have given her a different hair colour from the main heroine because they both had black long order to show the contrast between them.
ana  - alma indomable   |2011-10-27 03:41:28
tell me the full story, what happens to suzy after she steals jasmin's baby.Does cecilia find Alma?
suzanlucy  - alma indomable   |2011-11-01 17:28:12
i really love u scarlet ortiz u are agood actress .i wish i can meet u one day
suleiman seidu  - alma indomable   |2011-12-29 13:14:54
wow what a series,never before and never again, to all the cast crew i say, congratulations...
Max  - Alma indomable   |2012-07-22 10:48:07
Frankly speakin i hv never found a soap to make me sit down bt ths one........: u r the best.
suleiman seidu  - alma indomable   |2011-12-29 13:17:52
You are all wonderful actors and actress, keep it up and i will sure be the next to act like you guys. God willing
amanda anum  - alma indomable   |2012-01-07 15:03:30
i love this series especially the quarrelings between alma and juan pablo because we know afterall they love eachother.
anita osei  - Alma indomable   |2012-01-20 18:09:10
I love the series especially when Alma beats Abigil
germania diaz  - lilibeth morillo   |2012-02-01 15:16:13
nunca habia tenido la oportunidad de ver a esta atriz en un papel tan magistral sin lugar a dudas que de tal palo tal astilla.
Samuel yeboah  - Alma indomable   |2012-02-01 18:25:20
I like the way juan pablo has been treating bad people of this movie
isaac  - alma   |2012-04-05 14:26:49
i like the way alma act
Henry Okurut   |2012-04-20 10:04:16
I just this series, honestly, its one of the best I have watched. But I wonder, aren't Abigail and Esteban in real life wicked the way they are in this series?
damaris  - alma indomable   |2012-05-06 19:45:08
i have alma picture all over my room bt the worse thing i am returning to schl.the place i like most watching where alma defend her self
Agapetus Mathew Wamalwa  - ADDICTED TO ALMA INDOMABLE SERIES.   |2012-06-28 06:19:16
Hey All,
Who came up with this play! He or deserves all of my respect. It is played here in Kenya at 08.00 pm and now nothing can be done by me till the programme is over and this is a full our. Wherever I am or whatever am doing nowday it is a must to be glued on the Television at this particular time. It is a MUST WATCH SERIES!

The set up, characters and everything is perfect. It is a real thing that we are really living, we have both evil and holy people in our midst.

This is really addiction! anyway, no one in the series makes me to laugh till my ribs pain like the part of Pucha the greatest of the greast with her smoky.

Keep it up for bring good things to teach people.
TITO CHEPSIGOR KWEYEI  - am dying with Alma Indomable   |2012-07-15 16:40:54
What is it with this all lovely story.Am really obsessed withit and the only way you csn make my heart settle is for to send me back an email for how i can meet and make an International Deal,I ,ean come to Kenya and shoot a vedio.One thing that also made me love it more is because it swept across almost all standards of living.Thanks and big up once more.please contact me back even through my telephone number +254700435003 or +254752910009.success men.thank you.
Anonymous   |2012-07-19 19:50:04
Alma is the best soul programme. I realy like it. It keeps me feel as if iam in Alma's situation big up Alma Perèz and Juan Pablo. I feel to see you live and say wow!
cecile   |2012-09-06 12:23:23
I like the telenovela because it shows Alma as very strong woman who can defend herself despites all her pre o
Anonymous   |2012-09-27 10:16:39
Am so addicted to the programme and i can watch it over a thousand times thanks to scarlet.
david nambaja   |2013-02-11 11:08:13
Am dieying to see scarlet ortiz
david nambaja  - indomable   |2013-02-11 11:11:03
Am yeaning to see this beautiful actress, scarlet ortiz
andrea morel   |2013-03-30 11:47:06
i agree with yu.i live on mahe island in seychelles archipelago nd i am dueying to see scarlet she is my inspiration nd i wish her all the best by the way i am a 12 year old girl nd i am her number 1 fan
Agness  - i love Alma Indomable   |2012-10-04 10:11:20
Alma is such an inspiration to me i love her story i wish her all the best in her acting career i pray she goes far and i will support her all the way.
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