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Amantes del Desierto

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Amantes del Desierto telenovela Amantes del Desierto is the intriguing drama about a young doctor who faces serious life lots to survive and overdo obstacles. He renders medical aid to his friends and neighbors only for he has no license to practice officially. His office is located in his own flat where he lives with his mother Helen. She is a widow for a long time. She comes to that she devotes her life and whole her to the life of her son. She helps him to get good education as the good investment into the future in spite of their life was not smooth and enjoyable.

Andres has pledged his house and he cannot save sufficient funds to redeem the pledge in time. Their house is under the threat to be handed over to Rafael, a wicked, merciless and greedy person who lent money to Andres. He regularly increases the interest for the lent amount. One of regular visits that Rafael made to Andre’s family ends in the scandal. Andres causes the moneylender be booted out and in the sooner time the latter is murdered. Andres is suspected in committing this crime. A young man is accused of the murder and is imprisoned for life. He is sent to Headland prison, the place where no one never managed to escape from.

Barbara lives in La Esmeralda. Her father, Miguel Santana, is the Head of the prison. She is about to marry Tomasito Fonseca, a faint-hearted and the headless man whose the only merit in this life is to be born to the family of the wealthiest person in the town. She is strongly against this marriage and makes every endeavor to reject it.
One day, while wondering along the desert, Barbara approaches to the van carrying the prisoners to the Headland. All of a sudden one of the prisoners tries to escape. Barbara’s horse gets frightened with the noise of shots made and it throws forward with the girl riding to the risk to fall down. Andres is on his way to the prison in the same van. He risks saving Barbara and they immediately fall in love at the first sight they look at each other. Andres has to think to get released to be with Barbara.


Francisco Gattorno as Andres Bustamante
Andres is a young doctor. He is always in short of money. He treats his neighbors with the aim to save some money to get a license for medical practice. He lives with his mother in the house pledged. He is noble, generous and of a good temper. He is strong both in complexion and his mind. When he meets Barbara he feels responsible for two of them. This feeling make him stronger to survive in the prison.

Maritza Rodríguez as Bárbara Santana
Barbara is a goal-oriented young girl. She is decisive and she knows absolutely what she wants in her life. In spite of traditions to keep a woman off work, she dreams of becoming a doctor to help people live. Backed with her nunny Griselda, Barbara tries to help the homeless rejected by the society which make her confront to her mother. Barbara has to withstand the petty tyranny of her family and throw out a challenge to conservative and outdated social traditions when a woman is not the owner oher own life.

Amantes del Desierto - telenovela

(2001) - Francisco Gattorno, Maritza Rodríguez


Francisco Gattorno .... Andrés Bustamante
Maritza Rodríguez .... Bárbara Santana
Katherine Siachoque .... Micaela Fernández
Roberto Escobar .... Miguel Santana
Ana Soler .... Esther de Santana
Edgardo Román .... ’Leutenante’ Idelfonso Cubillos
Juan Pablo Shuk .... Bruno Salegue
Rolando Tarajano .... Santos Libardo / Satanás
Helios Fernández .... Padre Moran
Carlos Barbosa .... Pancho Fonseca
Maria Cristina Gálvez .... Bertha de Fonseca
Ricardo González .... Tomas ‘Tomasito’ Fonseca
Agmeth Escaf .... Javier Negrete
Víctor Cifuentes .... ’Leutenante’ Abelardo Mejia
Ivette Zamora .... Griselda
Margalida Castro .... Madre Magdalena Libardo ‘Tania’
Lucy Martínez .... Nemesia
Patricia Tamayo .... Isabel
Carlos Hurtado .... Toño
Raúl Gutiérrez .... Sergio Góngora
Maria Luisa Rey .... Maria Gracia
Liliana González .... Josefina
Carolina González
Alberto León Jaramillo .... Khalil
Luís Fernando Ardilla
Santiago Bejarano .... Agustín Santana
Martha Suárez
Guilied López
Vilma Vera .... Gertrudis
Paola Díaz .... Sabrina Montenegro
Andrea López .... Camila Santana
Roxana Montoya
Julio Echeverri
Julio Cesar Pachon
Julio del Mar .... Aurelio León
Roberto Mateos .... Alejandro García
Claudia García .... Andrea Bustamante Santana
Sandra Pérez .... Trinidad
Juan David .... Carlos
José Fernando Pérez .... Adrián Fonseca
Fernando Corredor .... Procuror Guillermo Muñoz
Alfonso Rojas .... El Pulgarcito
Alejandro Tamayo .... a driver
Carlos Zerrato .... El Ratón
Sigifredo Vega .... Don Carlos
Luz Mary Arias .... Sara
Jairo Camargo
Xiomara Segura

Writing credits
Carlos Bardasano
Claudia Liliana García
Julio Jiménez
Andrea López
Ana Fernanda Martínez
Humberto 'Kiko' Olivieri
José Fernando Pérez

Song: Dos Corazones, Dos Historias
Singing: Julio Iglesias and Alejandro Fernández

Original music
Miguel De Narváez

Cinematography by
Mauricio Cadavid

Directed by
David Posada
Agustín Restrepo

Produced by
Carlos Bardasano
Andrés Santamaria
Lucero Venegas

Caracol Televisión
RTI Televisión
Telemundo Network


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