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Amar de Nuevo

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Amar de Nuevo telenovela A heartfelt story about hope, innocence, and love. Veronica and Roman have both lost their significant others and their desire to ever love again. Veronicas husband died after a terrible accident that left her in a coma and also killed her sons best friend, Frijolito.

While she was in a coma, her son Palito prayed every day for her recovery and his prayers were heard. She miraculously woke up thanks to the angel Frijolito, who has been sent by the Boss to earn his wings by helping his good friend and his mother. His main task is to find a new father for Palito. Roman, a widower father of three, becomes his key candidate. The main obstacle is Romans sister-in-law, Rosilda, who is obsessed with winning his heartbut they will find a way to get rid of her.

Veronica and Roman firmly believe that love will never come back to their lives, but they will learn that its possible to love again. A life without love is no life at all. They will not need a compass to find each other; their hearts will guide them. And if they ever get lost, Palito and Frijolito will help them...


Patricia Garza as Verónica

Verónica is very young and beautiful. She has nice beautiful eyes, lovely hair and good shapes. She has a big loving heart and feels her family is happy, strong and unbreakable. She is sure in future until she finds herself in coma with her husband killed in the car accident. She revives in two years to find out she has lost everything but her son Palito. Her heart is broken, and the mind is frustrated. In spite she is young and beautiful woman, Verónica does not feel like living in a happy marriage any longer. She is determined to look forward for better life and raise her son in good traditions, though.

Eduardo Rodríguez as Román

Román is a handsome and affectionate man who was very confident and cheerful until his wife passed away taking smile away with her. After her death, he cannot recover, even with the help of his children, María Sol, Jorgito and Flor who try to have him back to reality. Fascinated with sincere and frank attitude from Veronica, he grasps the idea he can fall in love again. And his heart is open for new emotions that affect his kids and the surrounding. He proves to be determined when he commits to do everything to get rid of Rosilda as the worst woman in his life.

Jorge Eduardo as Palito

Very cute, naughty and sweet child. Palito is very buoyant and open-hearted kid. He is the best friend to Frijolito who dies in car accident with his father, Salvador. Palito always puts high hopes even when everybody tells him his mother will never recover. He is innocent and naïve and he is wise to his age at the same time to support his mother and not to go into bursts every time he is in despair. He feels a good support from his friend, Frijolito, “in his mind” though.

Alejandro Felipe as Frijolito

Frijolito was the best friend to Palito until he died. Now his is Palito’s guardian angel. He is always next to him and he protects from doing bad things. As an angel he can do the things the other can dream and he disappears as soon as other people appear next to Palito. Frijolito wants Palito become stronger and live a good life without hints and back from angels and so, he is like a kind guru to tell what to do and how things are to be done.

José Luis Franco as Máximo

Máximo is a very mean person, a main villain leading a double life. As Octavio, he is known as the criminal and murderer who has been taken to the police with the help of Salvador, Palito’s father. Obsessed with the idea of taking revenge, he causes his right hand Bulmaro to kill Salvador and his family, including Verónica who is Bulmaro’s cousin.

After being released from the prison, Octavio becomes Máximo and pretends being a good Samaritan. Nobody is aware he is involved in the network of illegal business. He always gets what he intents to have, irrespective of the means to achieve. It’s ironic that Máximo falls in love with Verónica being ignorant of her hatred to the killers of her husband.

Jullye Giliberti as Rosilda

Rosilda is the sister to Román’s wife, Laura. When Laura dies, Rosilda along with her daughter Rebeca, moves to Román place to help with kids. When Laura was alive, Rosilda was living in her shadow since Laura did everything better than her. She was living in bitter love to her sister’s husband and in hatred with her sister. She feels much better when Laura dies. Rosilda hates Verónica and is willing to do everything to win Roman’s heart.

Amar de Nuevo - telenovela

(2011) - Patricia Garza, Eduardo Rodríguez


Patricia Garza ... Veronica
Eduardo Rodríguez ... Roman
Jorge Eduardo García ... Palito
María Antonieta de las Nieves ... Gardenia
Alejandro Felipe Flores ... Frijolito Martín Karpan
Jullye Giliberti
Jose Luis Franco
Nicolás Mele
Jaime Aymerich
América Gabriel
Antonio de la Vega
Paola Toyos
Luis Xavier
Magali Boysselle
Amara Villafuerte
Joanydka Mariel
Ricardo Silva
Rafael León
Javier Reyes
Tatiana Del Real
Martha Navarro
Gala Montes
Briggitte Bozzo
Armando Durán
Rogelio Fausto

Writing credits
Enrique Torres (original story)
Miguel Vega

Song: Amar de nuevo
Written by:

Original music
Daniel Sanchez Caballero

Cinematography by
Jorge Fernandez
Carlos Almazan

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Mario Marenco
Jorge Ríos

Produced by
Feliciano Torres
Martín Halac
Enrique Torres

Imagina Producciones
Argos Televisión


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donde puedo ver las novelas.
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Where can I buy the song amar de Nuevo from this telenovela
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