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Amarte Asi

(75 votes)

Amarte Asi telenovela Amarte Así is a tender and romantical melodrama. Ignacio, a teenager from the rich family, revealed that gold rings as gifts open hearts of girls to seduce them later. So he did with lots of hers supported by his friend Lucho. Sometimes his friend added a date-rape drug in the drinks of the girls supposed to be seduced though Nacho did not know about that. At the age of 18 Ignacio leaves for Los Angeles to study medicine. He was not aware that his last trick with gold-ring-dating with Margarita ended in her pregnancy. Actually, his friend Lucho put some drug into Ignacio’s and Margarita’s drinks making them feel too free and fornicate. The next day Ignacio left and Margarita failed to find him.

Ignacio’s brother Francisco offered money to Margarita to make abortion but she refused to do that. So, while Ignacio was studying in America, Margarita gave birth to their son, Frijolito, at the age of 15.

One day Ignacio returns to Mexico, though he does not remember Margarita. A little bit later she is hired as a servant in the Reyes mansion, where Ignacio, Chantal and Francisco live.

In the meantime Margarita and Ignacio plan to marry wrong people, though when she return drunk home, he kisses her in the church breaking relations with their couples. Soon, unfortunately, Frijolito is kidnapped and Margarits tells Ignacio the truth about his son. These two unite and start surviving among those who tend to kill them destroying their happiness until they get married.


Litzy as Margarita Lizárraga

Margarita is a naïve and beautiful girl who gave birth to a baby at the age of 15. She is a young mother proud to have such a cute baby boy. She is restricted and keeps far away from men since one of them used and abandoned her. She is very sensual and impulsive. She gets in curious situations to wonder why it happen to her. Margarita is strong-minded and she is well-motivated. She can cope with any problem but she turns into a lioness from a cute kitten when her child is threatened. She lives for his sake. She told her son his father is dead. She suffered a lot but then she decided to make her life without men.

Mauricio Ochmann as Ignacio Reyes

A medical person who is eager to help people. He is young and handsome. As a teenager, he did wrong a lot. His girlfriend Chantal tries to manage him causing contradictions and conflicts. He was a womanizer but he has never been in love. He keeps Chantal close to him since she is appropriate to be his wife. His only passion is his work. He meets Frijolito and incidentally makes friends with him.

Alejandro Felipe as Frijolito/Ignacio Lizárraga

6-year-old son of Margarita and Ignacio, Frijolito is named Ignacio at birth though he is known as Frijolito since Margarita gave him a birth at the restaurant Frijolo where he was a singer. He is sensitive and easy-going. He dreams of having his mother happy with his father. He is very clever and everyone around are touched with his tender nature. He adores his mother and grandmother. He makes friends with Ignacio having no guess he is his real father.

Carla Peterson as Chantal

Chantal is the master of mean tricks and treachery. She is a sister of Francisco’s wife. She is Ignacio’s fiancée who makes all attempts to marry him.

Roberto Mateos as Francisco Reyes

Francisco is Ignacio’s brother. He is a man of power. He becomes a man with a piece of ice in heart when his wife died. He loved her a lot and he realized that no one could touch his heart. He lives with the intuitively clear philosophy when he enjoys life taking advantage of people who are close to him. He has two daughters, Daniela and Dulce. His relations with them are based on wrong principles. Francisco feels guilty that his daughters have to live without a mother. Ignacio trusts in him, though Francisco sees only his goals to seduce and have Margarita with him.

Amarte Asi - telenovela

(2005) - Mauricio Ochmann , Litzy


Mauricio Ochmann .... Ignacio
Litzy .... Margarita
Alejandro Flores .... Frijolito
Jorge Suárez .... David
Leonardo Suárez .... Toño
Isamar González .... Daniela
Mariana Beyer .... Dulce
Carla Peterson .... Chantal
Marita Ballesteros .... Lucrecia
Roberto Mateos .... Francisco
Liliana Rodriguez .... Anunciacion
Edgar Vivar .... Pedro
Irene Almus .... Adela
Diego Olivera .... Ramiro
Enoc Leaño .... Juan Temorio
Sergio Ochoa .... Vicente
CrisTina Romero .... Rosita
Mercedes Scapola .... Olga
Maxi Ghione .... Lucho
Vanesa Robbiano .... Carmen
Pietro Gian .... Salvador
Aldo Pastur .... Morales
Guido Massri .... Temo
Mauricio Rodriguez .... Patocho
Tina Romero .... Margarita's mother
Gina Morett
Génesis Rodríguez
Jorge Schubert

Writing credits
Enrique Torres (writer)

Song: Amarte Asi
Singing: Litzy

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Art Director
Margarita Jusid

Production manager
Claudio Paz

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Suarez

Directed by
Heriberto Lopez de Anda

Produced by
Amaldo Limansky

Promofilm and Telemundo


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Susanna   |2010-02-21 14:53:03
Mauricio & Litzy is a handsome couple. I really like watching them. I started watching this at February 2010 at Indosiar (Indonesian private station TV).

God bless you all.
Best regards to Mauricio & Litzy.

-Susanna (Jakarta, Indonesia)-
eta   |2010-02-27 12:52:10
I love this telenovela--thou it's a-2005-one-- especially Ignacio and Margarita. They are absolutely a very great couple.
Indosiar (one of Indonesia's national tv channel) aired this telenovela around a month ago or more. I always watch it thou it's too late at nite--almost morning--- around 1:30 am to 3 am.
Cant wait to see each episod
ivoj7  - im loving it   |2011-05-11 15:04:17
frijolito is being aired in the philippines :)) i like margarita and ignacio, they're a hot couple! XD wish there were more telenovelas with them as the protagonists XD
carrara   |2011-07-31 09:32:29
I like it so much...Ive always watch it every after classes,during Saturday and Sunday through in Philippines amarte asi has been aired.....i cant watch it b'coz we have classes....
teresa  - Amarte Asi - telenovela   |2012-01-26 01:55:59
This was a beautiful telenovela. I saw it back in 2008 here in texas, in telemundo. It is being aired again HDTV channel 47-2. I agree with everyone, that this is great couple staring Mauricio Ochmann(as the handsome Ignacio) , Litzy (as the beautiful Margarita. I enjoyed watching the children interaction and friendship. That frijolito is very cute little boy. Admire his acting.
Camie Jay  - Amart asi   |2012-05-22 18:38:49
Super glorioso. I like the way evil was punished. I live Frijolito greate actor. The series has just ended. I am sad. Is there a seauel. Camie Jay in Denver
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