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Amas de Casa Desesperadas

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Amas de casa desesperadas tv seriesThe story is about five housewives whose inner world is revealed as well as their secrets about their marriages, husbands, friends and neighbours. It shows the elements of drama and melodrama, comedy and soap opera, mystery and humor.

Alicia Arizmendi commits a suicide one day in the suburbs. The street where Alicia is found is known to be the place for light-minded women and pros and that is more than provoking different questions and opinions. Alicia has four friends, Regina, a mother of two teenagers who struggle to save their family; Leonor, the mother of four kids with the husband to be always away from family; Susana, a divorced woman looking for a man to love and Gabriela, a beautiful runway model in the past, who cheats on her hubby. These four try to be perfect wives and they gather to discuss the reason and find out the truth about the suicide of their common friend. The find a lot of interesting things, and among them the letter of blackmail, the tape that evidence on Alicia’s therapy session and the fact that she admits herself on the tape that she is the wrong person not Alicia but Angela make all get shocked. They are greatly intrigued and try to reveal more to find the end of this mystery.


Lucia Mendez as Alicia Arizmendi

Committed a suicide all of a sudden for no obvious reason. She was in tight spot, though and no one knew that. Everyone is astonished why it happened when she looked and was happy. Alicia is wise and prudent. She has a secret that resulted in her suicide, being a happy wife and a loving mother. She has a secret related to a child buried under the swimming-pool four years ago. Someone reveals her secret, blackmails and Alicia is provoked to commit a suicide.

Julieta Rosen as Regina Sotomayor

She is seemingly-perfect mother and wife. She looks ideal, and she is obsessed with tidiness and order - she loves clean bathroom, soft furniture and gardening. She does not afford to make mistakes in what she does. She is able to cook Cordon Bleu, discuss the social issues though she is unhappy. She is used to hide her real emotions. She is too sensitive to public opinion.

Scarlet Ortiz as Susana

She is rather impulsive, naïve, thoughtless, sentimental and light-minded. Due to that, she often has accidents. Sometimes her daughter acts wiser than her. However, she lives in the world of fairy tales to find a place for her dreams and beliefs. She believes everything is all right and she will be happy. Her husband betrayed her many times and he finally left her. After the divorce she has a love affair with her neighbor, a plumber, Miguel. She is too jealous and while she spies after him, her house gets on fire.

Ana Serradilla as Gabriela Solis

She is Mexican woman, known for her impulsive, superficial, provocative and sensual nature. She adores good life and she is rather ambitious to achieve her goals and dreams. As a teenager, she was raped but her life changed when she married to one of the wealthy and influential persons, a millionnaier. She is ex-model, cynic and material.

Her husband looks a macho man. He believes that Gabriela should be obedient to him in all cases. Gabriela does it and is always waiting for him home holding his slippers in hands. She wants to be like his mother, the influential Latina woman and present an heir to him. But she mostly loves her shapes that might get spoilt after pregnancy. She is impulsive and volcanic and since Carlos is not able to make her satisfied she makes love with the gardener, a young and handsome young man, who is much younger than her.

Lorna Paz as Leonor Guerrero

Leonor is ironic and very sensitive. She has to cope with four kids who are so active and naughty. But she loves all of them as well as her husband. Her husband, the company vice-president, is away to work hard to earn money. Leonor was the successful essay writer and she left her job to be with her children. She regrets about this every single day. Her kids are disobedient, ignorant and show no respect to her. They make her house a hell.

Amas de casa desesperadas - tv series

(2008) - Lucía Méndez, Scarlet Ortiz, Lorna Paz, Julieta Rosen, Ana Serradilla, Celina Font


Francisco Bass ... Bruno
Ezequiel Stremiz ... Jardinero Pedro linares
Bernie Paz ... Carlos Solis
Gabriela Vergara ... Roxana Guzmán
Lucía Méndez ... Alicia Arizméndi
Celina Font ... Anabel Fraga
Scarlet Ortiz ... Susana Martínez
Lorna Paz ... Leonor Guerrero
Julieta Rosen ... Regina Sotomayor
Ana Serradilla ... Gabriela Solís
Diego Bertie ... Antonio Guerrero
Riccardo Dalmacci ... Roberto Sotomayor
Diego Ramos ... Miguel Santini

Writing credits
Marc Cherry

Original music
Alberto Slezynger and Vinicio Ludovic

Directed by
Eduardo Jiménez Pons

Produced by
David Barski

Univisión Network


Based on the American television series, Desperate Housewives, it was developed for Latinos by Disney-ABC International Television and Pol-Ka Producciones.

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