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Amor Comprado

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Amor CompradoMarianna’s father is in the jail for incidental murder of a young man who wanted to rape her and she needs money to protect her father. When she sees anonymous ad in the newspaper published by Willie, she is in despair to reply to the ad. She is chosen among several candidates for the millionaire’s fiancée. She does not even meet with him.

However, the fate is that when Marianna and Willie meet each other, they do not know about each other. They both believe that they meet their true love. Several days later, when the truth is revealed after the marriage contract is signed, everything turns upside down. All of a sudden he realizes that Marianna is the artful money-hunter whereas she feels she is purchased.

In spite they love each other, they get married but their marriage starts badly spoilt with distrust and incomprehension которые только aggravated by mean tricks of Gertrudis, Margot and other intriguers.


Elizabeth Gutierrez as Mariana Gomez

Mariana Gomez is the daughter of Ernesto and Leonora, and Ricardo’s sister. Her father is accused of the crime he has done incidentally. Actually that was the act of protection against the person who was about to rape a girl. She is now burdened with the ways to protect her father and she refers to criminal people to help her father. She decides to marry a wealthy person to get money.

Jose Angel Llamas as Willy

Willy is the son of Ramiro and Selena. He believes that no one will love him for him himself but for his wealthy only. And Willy wants to find a woman to live for love with. However, he has to marry immediately otherwise he will lose the chance to heir the fortune. And he has to decide, whether to marry for convenience just as it should be or marry for love and stay in peace with himself.

Marjorie de Sousa as Margot

Margot is Morgana’s daughter. She is in love with Willy and thus, she is well manipulated by Gertrudis. Due to her love she is willing and ready to do anything to keep Willy at the distance from Marianna.

Zully Montero as Gertrudis

Doña Gertrudis is Willy’s grandmother. She is cruel and wicked, and she does to hurt him. She wants to make Willy pay for everything his parents have done to her.

Reinaldo Cruz as Ernesto

Was married twice but both wives were wrong ones for him. The first one left him for the richer husband and his current wife, Natalia, is just living with him for a couple of months. She married him since she has no place to live for her neither for her mother. She made him believe that Ricardo is his son.

Amor Comprado - telenovela

(2007 - 2008) - Elizabeth Gutierrez, José Ángel Llamas

Genre: Drama


Elizabeth Gutierrez ... Mariana
José Ángel Llamas ... Ramiro
Marjorie De Sousa ... Margot
Zully Montero ... Gertrudis
José Bardina ... Don Luciano
Andrés García Jr ... Santiago
Anna Silvetti ... Morgana
Roberto Mateos ... Arturo
Karen Sentíes ... Leonora
Reinaldo Cruz ... Ernesto
Graciela Doring
Patricia álvarez ... Natalia
Julián Gil ... Esteban
Laura Ferreti ... Teresa
Isabel Moreno
Fernando Carrera ... Valentin
Bobby Larios ... Hilario
Franklin Vírgüez ... Saladino
Julio Capote ... Don Jeremias
Raul Olivo ... Enrique
Carlos Augusto Maldonado ... Martin
Robert Avellanet
Nelida Ponce
Marisela Buitriago ... Lisette
Sandra Garcia
Miguel Gutierrez
Adrian Carvajal
Liannet Borrego
Brenda Riqueer
Jose Manuel Manneeck
Tami Quintero
Marianne Lovera

Directed by
Yaky Ortega
Arquimides Rivero
Tito Rojas

Writing credits
Verónica Suárez

Executive producers:
Alfredo Schwarz
Peter Tinoco
Ana Teresa Arismendi
Dulce Teran

Original Music by
Alejandro Campos

Opening theme "Puede Ser" by Grupo Ashta

Original channel : Venevisión International
Language : Spanish
Country: USA/Venezuela


Telenovela "Amor Comprado" is the remake of:
Mexican telenovela "Catalina y Sebastian" (1999) with Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez
The further remake is the mexican telenovela "Contrato de Amor" (2007 - 2008) (2008) with Ximena Rubio and Leonardo García

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Yanira  - more   |2009-03-11 22:03:25
you should make a sequel to this novela or at least pair mariana and willy in another novela. i loved this novela and hope it airs again
jacklyn  - i love amor comprado   |2009-06-10 15:05:12
i like amor comprado because when mariana and willy try to fight their love from margot
aaron2010  - Great novela with gorgeous actresses   |2010-02-06 23:18:35
I've been a fan of the Venevision telenovelas that are shot in Miami since "Rebeca", and "Amor Comprado" was definintely worth watching. This was the third novela that I saw with Elizabeth Guiterrez in and looking gorgeous as always, I actually prefer her with dark hair than blond hair. Besides Elizabeth, the other hot and gorgeous actress that made this novela worth watching was Marjorie De Sousa, even if her character was a villain. And although they're male actors, Jose Angel Llamas, Andres Garcia, Jr. and Bobby Larios had good performances in "Amor Comprado" as well.

Saludos, Aaron A.
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