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Amor Descarado

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Amor Descarado telenovelaThe novela Amor Descarado begins like this: it all starts when the millionaire Rodolfo Fuentemayor suffers a tiny accident. Nothing big, but he stays unconscious and does not remember his past. Out of everyone who saw the accident, there was one witness in particular, Pedro "Pelluco" Solis. He and Rodolfo looked so much alike that everyone who saw the accident thought they were relatives. For that reason, they gave the wallet of Rodolfo to Pelluco. Meanwhile Rodolfo is taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The innocent Pelluco has the good intention of returning the wallet to Rodolfo's family. But he's innocence will get him in trouble when he opens the wallet of Rodolfo and sees the photo of Rodolfo fiancée. She is so pretty, it is the love at first sight. When Pelluco arrives at the mansion of the family Fuentemayor, everyone, including the fiancée of Rodolfo, confuse him. In this moment, Pelluco's life changes. Meanwhile, the poor Rodolfo without memory is taken a good care in the hospital, and the family Fuentemayor have no idea that Pelluco is actually taking place of Rodolfo. But in the middle of confusion, Rodolfo feels that something is wrong about his past, when he finds himself working in a humbled market as a waiter. 


Ivonne Montero as Betsabe Galdames

She is pastor’s elder daughter. She has a younger brother, Abel. Due to strict traditions and religious principles, she is raised in conservative and humble way. She is diligent and modest. She likes working as a taxi operator. She is in love with Pelluco at the first sight though she is aware she cannot love a heart killer.

Mara Croatto as Chantal

She is a phyciatrist. She gets to know Rodolfo after the car accident after which he loses his memory. She requires a specially designed treatment for Rodolfo. She ios highly qualified in her specialty and uses traditional methods to treat Rodolfo revealing the true nature of Pelluco.
Barbara Mori as Fernanda Lira

Fernanda is Rodolfo’s official fiancee. She is a beautiful, elegant woman with subtle manners. She comes from the wealthy middle class family. She acts as the Public Relations Department Head at the Fuentemayor company.
She believes in notjing and trusts in no one. From time to time she feels sorry to herself for being lonely. Before she was in love with Ignacio, the brother of Rodolfo Fuentemayor, though Pelluco changes her life.

Víctor González  as Ignacio Valdez

Ignacio is Morgana’s son and Coni’s brother. He is responsible for the Investment Department at the company. He seems to be ideal and tries to act and behave better than Rodol;fo whom he hates since a child. His ambitions overwhelm to make him a person who easily takes advantage of people for the sake of his own goals.

José Bardina as Mr. Clinton

Bill Clinton once visited his restaraunt and since then he is called Clinton. He is not so successful in his restaurant business. His rival, the restaurant of Mónica Peralta , competes with him.

Lupita Ferrer as Morgana Atal

Morgana Atal  is the only child in the family of diplomats. She spends her childhood in Europe where her father is the embassador. She is a woman of high ambitions and aspiration to power. She is elegant, cynic and unscrupulous.

Jose Angel Llamas as Pedro “Pelluco” Solis

Pedro is Matilda’s and Chamoy’s son. He spent his childhood in the US and then his parents immigrated there. He works as a waiter at Clinton’s restaurant. He is witty, good and loves attention from women. When he is at the car accident, he meets Rodolfo who looks absolutely like him..

Jose Angel Llamas as Rodolfo Fuentemayor

He is stressed and pressurised at the company. He is a workaholic. He is cold-hearted and prudent. He completely ignores feelings of other people, as well as his father does. He is a person who manages the company with the great plesaure. He leads the messy life style.

Amor Descarado - telenovela

(2003) - José Ángel Llamas, Bárbara Mori


José Ángel Llamas .... Pedro "Pelluco" Solís / Rodolfo Fuentemayor
Bárbara Mori .... Fernanda Lira
Ivonne Montero .... Betsabe
Víctor González .... Ignacio
Isela Vega .... Nora
Lupita Ferrer .... Morgana
José Bardina .... Clinton
Gabriela Roel .... Matilde García
Joaquín Garrido .... Eliodoro
Virna Flores .... Jennifer
Mara Croatto .... Chantal
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Chamoy Solís
Jeannette Lehr .... Pastora
Roberto Levermann .... Homero
Christian Tapan .... Basilio
Roberto Moll .... Camilo
Melvin Cabrera .... Abel
Verónica Teran .... Mónica Peralta
Mónica Guzman .... Esmeralda Peralta
Mariana Huerdo .... Topacio Peralta
Paulo César Quevedo .... Jonathan Muñoz
Kenya .... Yesenia
Pedro Moreno .... Ruben
Silvana Arias .... Coni
Carla Rodríguez .... Vicky
Josue Gutierrez .... Bernardo
José Luis Franco .... Lupe
Gladys Caceres .... Corina
Adrian Mas .... Dino
Alexa Cuve .... Ivonne
Laura Termini .... Miriam
Rolando Tarajano .... El Ciego
Sabas Malaver .... Poncio

Writing credits
Fernando Aragón (original story)
Arnaldo Madrid (original story)
Roberto Stopello (adaptation)
Delia Betancourt (adaptation)

Song: Amor Descarado
Singing: Los Tucanes de Tijuana

Musical Director
Alberto Slezynger

Art Director
Piedad Arango

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes

Directed by
Sergio Osorio
David Posada

Produced by
Harold Rosado
Aurelio Valcarcel (general producer)
Patricio Wills (executive producer)

Telemundo and RTI


"Amor Descarado" is a remake of telenovela "Amores De Mercado" (Chile, 2001) with Alvaro Rudolphy, Angela Contreras, Luciano Cruz Coke and Alejandra Fosalba.

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Marcia   |2010-11-28 17:26:41
Por favor vuelvan a presentar la novela amor descarado por que desde que la dieron nunca ja volvieron a repetir por que es una novela que vale la pena volver a ver
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