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Amores de Mercado

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Amores de mercado telenovelaAmores de mercado tells the story of Fernando, an ambitious young man who driven by greed will do the unimaginable to his own family. Especially, he does mean towards Lucia, a woman in search of her son, who was kidnapped sometimes back, and Diego, an athlete who feels defeated by life, after the car accident. The life twists in the way that Lucia and Diego will meet and ffind a lot in common to get attracted by each other. Though, they are not happy since the life gets more tests for them to overcome. Fernando lives a dual life as Antonio Alamo since he finds it easier to gain from life and has dreams come true.Two women are cheated by the same person.


Mauricio Islas as Antonio Alamo

Antonio Alamois intended to life an easy life to enjoy only.  He is married to Martha Estrada. He lives a dual life, living as Fernando in the other world. He is ambitious and he cares of himself.

Fernando Leyra is narcissi person. He is a young striving man, hyper-cared by his mother. He believes everything should work for him.  Planning to marry a young Lucía, he intends to make her obey him and do what he wants. He plans to build an ideal marriage, in his opinion. His only goal in this life is to easily implement his plans. He plans to acquire the fortune through Lucía, manipulating her mother who has intentions to have her daughter married to one of the wealthiest and promising young men in the place.

Carmen Villalobos as Beatríz "Betty" Gutiérrez

Beatriz is Andrea’s elder sister. She is restricted and lonely. As a humble young girl, she is only concerned about astronomy. Unlike Andrea, she prefers forgetting about her mother for what she has done to them.

Michel Brown as Diego “El Rayo” Valdez

A regional football star. He is lonely and he always dreams of having his own family. Life proposes new challenges to him. Diego dreams of becoming a perfect parent and give his family everything it needs.

Diego was abandoned by his parents and left at the orphanage as a newborn baby. He becomes a famous football player trained by Benjamín, a professional trainer at the orphanage school who adopts him later. He was raised in Popotla, Mexico. He is generous and caring. Diego builds his plans about his future life. He falls in love with Raquel Savater, the daughter of the wealthiest magnate Néstor Savater.  At the age of 24 Diego has everything he could dream about, though he has never been happy. He has the car accident with his girlfriend where she dies. His career of the football player is ceased due to his knee trauma.  He never cares of himself. Deeply inside Diego knows that falling down is easy but climbing up is hard.

Laura Moreno

Laura is a tender and very pleasing. She is a close friend to the Gutiérrez family. She is Andrea’s and Beatriz’ nanny. She is about to win their hearts but she fails so far.

Paola Rey as Lucía Martínez de Leira

Lucía is Néstor Savater’s daughter, born out of marriage. She is a daydreamer, always believing in happy future. She is independent and is eager to do everything for her child. She is not aware of her father until she is 10. At the age of 15 she meets with ambitious Fernando Leyra who studies law at the university.She is seducaed and gets pregnant from him. Soon she delivers Adrian, his lovely son. Lucía marries Fernando but years later she meets Diego and falls in love with him.

Lully Bossa as Mercédes Martínez

Mercédes is Lucía’s mother. She is attractive, smart but conservative woman. She has always tried to live properly, doing good but she becomes Néstor Savater’s lover soon.

Vanessa Villela as Mónica Savater

She is terribly envious to Raquel and jealous about her. She also falls in love with her fiancé, Diago. Mónica is Néstor Savater’s daughter, Raquel’s sister. They are twins. She is willing to prove that she is much better than Raquel personally and professionally and she does a lot to prove it. The world has no borders for her. From early ages, she never reveals her emotions, unlike Raquel. She is the blend of beliefs and desires, hatred and love.

Amores de mercado - telenovela

(2007) - Mauricio Islas , Paola Rey, Michel Brown


Mauricio Islas ... Antonio Álamo
Paola Rey ... Lucía Martínez
Michel Brown ... Diego 'El Rayo' Valdez
Vanessa Villela ... Mónica Savater
Jorge Cao ... Néstor Savater
Luly Bossa ... Mercedes Martínez
Salvador del Solar ... Eulalio Ocando Savater
Silvia De Dios ... Fanny
Leonor Arango ... Elvira Leyra
Raul Gutierrez ... Padre Pablo
Sharmel Altamirano ... Martha Aguilar
Didier van der Hove ... Roberto Gutiérrez
Carmen Villalobos ... Beatriz 'Betty' Gutiérrez
Diana Neira ... Andrea Gutiérrez
Ramón Cabrer ... Julio

Writing credits
Basilio Álvarez

Song: Amores de Mercado
Written by: Miguel De Narváez
Singing: Alexa Hernández

Original music
Miguel De Narváez
Michel Brown
Paola Rey

Cinematography by
Mauricio Cadavid
Roberto Cortés

Directed by
Andrés Bermann
Rodolfo Hoyos
Gabriela Monroy

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

RTI Televisión Telemundo


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