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Amor No Tiene Precio, El

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El Amor No Tiene Precio telenovelaMaria Liz lives in Mexico City, in a very modest apartment with her grandfather, an English gentleman called Henry Alexander. When Maria Liz was only 12 years old, her father abandoned them and her mother fell into a deep depression and died shortly after. Mr. Alexander had recently lost all his money in a stock market crash, and the added blow of his daughter's death affected his mind. Through sheer effort and determination, Maria Liz managed to graduate from nursing school, but she clings to her dream of studying medicine. With her meager salary she supports her grandfather, who keeps a bag full of stock bonds and is sure that someday he will get his fortune back. Maria Liz also helps out her boyfriend Marcelo, who is studying to be an engineer. But Marcelo is a self-centered young man, and he only thinks of graduating and moving away as soon as he finds a good job, without regard to the sacrifices that his parents and Maria Liz have made in his behalf...


Eugenia Cauduro as Araceli Montalban

Araceli Montalban is a young and wealthy woman who is used to live a lavish life. She cannot imagine her everyday life without luxury items. She is not pleased with Sebastián’s love and admiration since she is aimed to be adored by all men. Though Sebastián loves her, she does not manipulate with him. She falls into love affair with Marcelo. Moreover, she does practical thing to María Liz with the help of the old Doña Lucrecia to do harm. Araceli does mistakes along her life which help her look differently at situations and people.

Julieta Rosen as Coralia

Coralia is the wife to doctor Arnaldo Herrera; she suffers from amnesia. The only link with her past life is her dream that repeats time and again. She dreams of a woman delivering a baby. Corali suffers in a great depression and she is awfully stressed when she finds out that her husband cheats on her.

Susana Dosamantes as Doña Lucrecia

Doña Lucrecia is a widow, Sebastián’s mother. She is an elderly woman who dreams that her beloved son marries a noble woman from high society. So, she would like to see, Araceli, as her daughter-in-law. She is hypochondriac and manipulative; she is eager to suppress Sebastián with the feeling of fault to make him obey and do what she desires. When she learns that Sebastián loves María Liz, she gets violent and she is strong in her decision to part them, whether in good or bad manners. Donna Lucrecia has a great secret about her past she is afraid to reveal.

Alejandro Ávila as Dr. Arnaldo Herrera

Dr. Arnaldo Herrera is the head of the hospital where María Liz works. He is handsome, solid and very elegant. He is grateful to having such a strong and amusing feeling to María; however, the link between these two is not just sexual appeal or platonic friendship, this is something stronger and deeper.

Ismael La Rosa as Juan Carlos Carvajal

Juan Carlos is Marcelo’s younger brother. He works as a mechanic to help pay for his brother’s investigations. He is hurt that his mother is involved in Marcelo and his deals, but ignores him. His father supports him and helps overdo the depression.  Juan Carlos falls in love with María Liz, but she loves him as a sibling only.

El Amor No Tiene Precio - telenovela

(2005) - Susana González, Víctor Noriega


Susana González .... María Liz
Víctor Noriega .... Sebastián Monte y Valle
Eugenia Cauduro .... Araceli Montalbán
Víctor González .... Marcelo Carbajal - in love with Maria Liz, villain
Susana Dosamantes .... Lucrécia
Angie Russian
Jorge Martínez .... Miguel Augusto Montalbán
Oswaldo Calvo .... Henry Alexander
Ismael la Rosa .... Juan Carlos
Alma Delfina .... Doña Flor
Tatiana Capote
Carlos Augusto Maldonado
Roberto Vander .... Germán Garcés
Alejandro Avila .... Doctor Arnaldo Herrera - father of Maria Liz
Julieta Rosen .... Coralia
Maritza Bustamante .... Kika
Alba Roversi
Yul Burkle .... Lujan
Alan Ibarra .... Victor Manuel
Claudia Reyes .... Yolanda
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez .... Oscar
Maité Embil .... Eva
Raúl Chiquez .... Luciano Robles Del Campo
Sabrina Olmedo .... Keyla
Carlos Yustís
Eduardo Ibarrola
Tania Lopez
Martha Acuña
Antonio M. Suarez
Anabel Leal
Camilo Saenz
Juan M. Jauregui
Tobias Irys
Víctor Cámara
Jean Piero Vismarra
Gabriela Vergara
Maria Luisa Obregon
Alina Obregon
Dagoberto Espingola
Alejandro Ibañez
Sara Espinoza
Flory Soto
Edwin Soto
Laura Belde
Iza Muriel
Carlos Luis Cabazco
Gustavo Franco

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
Iris Dávila (original story)
María Antonieta "Calú" Gutiérrez (adaptation)
Alberto Gómez (script editor)

Song: El amor no tiene precio
Singing: Iván

Directed by
Claudio Reyes
Leonardo L. Rodas
Freddy Trujillo
Salvador Mejía Alejandre (executive director)

Produced by
Alfredo Schwarz (executive producer)

Fonovideo Productions para Televisa


"El Amor No Tiene Precio" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Regina Carbonell" (Venezuela)
2 version: telenovela "Pobre Señorita Limantour"
Also known as "Cuando Llora El Corazon".


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