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Angel Rebelde

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Angel RebeldeLucia is a young girl who is in love with Raul. Raul is also in love with her. One day Lucia starts working in the mansion of Doña Enriqueta without knowing that she is working in the house of her Grandmother. In the manison she meets Crystal and Natasha, granddaughters of Doña Enriqueta. Natasha is good, her and Lucia become friends, but Crystal remembers a fight she had with Lucia in the street one day and begins to treat her bad. When Crystal meets Raul she falls in love with him but he loves Lucia. Crystal will do anything to get Raul, even kill. On the other hand, one night Lucia and Raul make love and Lucia becomes pregnant. But Crystal has offered Raul riches if he marries her and a better life for his child. When Lucia gives birth to "twins" she finds out that Crystal married Raul. Lucia is crushed, but she gets a chance to take revenge on Raul when her father Alejandro comes out of jail after 25 years.

He was put in jail because of lies from Doña Enriqueta. Doña Enriqueta always hated Alejandro because her daughter Elena was in love with him, so she stole everything that belonged to him and put him in jail. Alejandro presures Lucia to get revenge on Crystal and Doña Enriqueta. And that's when the story starts. Then there is a fire and everyone thinks that Lucia is dead. But she is found by Romulo and brought to his mansion under the name Angela. There she meets his dying wife who asks her to marry Jose Armando when she dies. Angela (Lucia) doesn't know what to do. In the mansion she must deal with three enemies: Cristal, Rubi and Patricia. By coinsidence Raul meets Angela and begins to fall for her not knowing that she is Angela. When Crystal sees Angela she knows it's Lucia and her and Jose Armando make a plan to never tell Raul.


Osvaldo Ríos as Alejandro Valderrama

Alejandro Valderrama is a tall, strong, very manly person. H is accused of the murder of the person who was trying to rape pregnant Elena, Enriqueta’s daughter. For the good behavior he is released earlier from the prison and he is about to find Elena, whom he loves. Elena is considered dead since the date of that murder though she is alive and hiding from people to deliver safely. And Alejandro also is full to take revenge of Enriqueta for putting him to the jail for so long years. He is obsessed with this idea to talk about it all the time.

Lisette Morellos as Natasha

Natasha is Ernesto’s wife. She is Lezama’s mother, sister to Cristal and Mariela. She divorces with Ernesto though he chases her and spies for no reason. She has to cope with him and find her happiness, either, with another man.

Grettel Valdez as Lucia

Lucia is the daughter of Elena and Alejandro, granddaughter to Enriqueta. She is raised by her mother only, who is weak and not so determined to reveal the truth of her origin. She starts working as a taxi driver and then as a maid in Enriqueta’s house. She has no idea of who her father and grandmother happen to be.

She is young, cheerful, enthusiastic to confront the life obstacles and climb up with the new hit of the fate. She is cold-hearted enough, though, to achieve her own goals.

Víctor Noriega as Raúl

Raúl  is Alejo’s nephew. He is in love with Lucia, though he marries Cristal with high hopes to change his life. Lucia is left pregnant and sees no way of this situation.

María Antonieta Duque as Rubí

Rubí  is a prostitute who is charmed by Raul. She hates Lucia for being loved by him and for every time he spends with her. She befriends with Juan and Leonel to rob people. She is a young blonde, beautiful, impudent and of deft tongue. She has nice shapes which she likes to expose attracting men, and she is happy to seduce Raul once.

Angel Rebelde - telenovela

(2003) - Víctor Noriega, Grettell Valdéz


Víctor Noriega .... Raúl
Grettell Valdéz .... Lucía
Osvaldo Ríos .... Alejandro Valderrama
Alba Roversi .... Elena - mother of Lucía
Claudia Islas .... Doña Enriqueta
Lisette Morellos .... Natasha
Ariel López Padilla .... Ernesto / Romulo
Maritza Rodríguez .... Cristal
María Antonieta Duque .... Rubí
Rodrigo Vidal .... Luigi Spaghetti
Patricio Borghetti .... Juan Cuchillo
Jorge Alberti .... Pablo
Marisol Calero .... Etelvina Pérez
Norma Zúñiga .... Dona Lola - friend of Elena
Franklin Vírgüez .... Alejo Espejo
Maritza Bustamante .... Marielita
Orlando Fundichely .... Vicente
Bernie Paz .... Dr. Claudio Salazar
Ines María Calero .... Diana Duarte
Ismael La Rosa .... Leonal
Carlos Augusto Maldonado .... Rafael 'Rafa' Morante
Andres Mistage .... Andres
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Camilo Salazar
Adriana Acosta .... Rosita
Claudia Reyes .... Idia
Sandra Itzel .... Lisette
Konstantino Vrotsos .... Cheito
Jorge Luis Pila .... José Armando
Elizabeth Morales .... Penélope
Hada Bejar .... Tomasa
Dessideria D'Caro .... Patricia
Anette Vega .... Fabiana
Sabrina Olmedo .... Betania
Rogelio Martínez .... Rogelio
Gladys Cáceres
Elías Rima Nassiff .... Roberto Martínez
Evelyn Santos .... Gabriela Gamboa
Shalim .... Shalim
Ricardo Garcia .... Leopolde
Gustavo Franco
Rolando Tarajano

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez

Song: Angel Rebelde
Singing: Rogelio Martínez

Directed by
Arquímedes Rivero

Venevision and Fonovideo


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