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ˇAnita, no te rajes!

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¡Anita, no te rajes! telenovelaAnita Guerrero is a beautiful Mexican girl who arrived to Los Angeles illegally to search for her aunt Consuelo and therefore to fulfill the last wish of the woman who raised her. What Anita does not know is that Consuelo is her true mother, who rejected her even before birth, since Anita was a product of a violation. Consuelo now lives under a false name and she is married to a wealthy construction worker of Irish origin. In USA Anita meets Eduardo Contreras, a successful engineer who helps her out of some very sticky situations.


Ivonne Montero as Anita Guerrero
Anita is a young and cheerful girl. She is easy-going, responsive and sympathetic. Sometimes she has troubles due to her impulsiveness. All her emotions are expressive and she is funny sometimes. Anita believes in great and pure love. Also she believes in friendship. She loves her job because she has nothing to compare. 

Natalia Streignard as Ariana Dupont
Ariana is beautiful but too selfish. She is Eduardo’s wife. She eats only salad and canned tuna and spends five hours in the fitness club. She abuses services of massagers, stylists, cosmetologists and other beauty specialists. She believes that it takes her time and fortune to stay beautiful. She adores being in the center of attention to be exclusive. Ariana thinks of only being beautiful and benefit from her beauty. She has no problems and fears apart from fear to gain weight. Nobody knows of her pregnancy.
Jorge Enrique Abello as Eduardo Contreras
Eduardo is a nice-looking and successful young man. He is in the top management of the prestigious company. He is married to a beautiful model Ariana.  He has everything he used to dream as a teenager. He is perfectionist in everything he does. He is kind and conservative in his family. As a citizen he adheres to laws. He is too proud to have such a beautiful wife and shows tolerance to keep his family healthy. When Anita appears in his life, his principles ruin and come to chaos. The person who controls everything and does nothing in vein is in the trouble with his heart.

Eduardo Serrano as Emiliano Contreras
Emiliano Contreras is a humble man, compassionate and serious. He would look impressive and attractive, if not his flannel shorts and the beard. His tanned skin tells of his adherence to walks in the sun. He decides to live on the board of the yacht because he hates silliness of his daughter and he also suffers from break with his beloved son Emiliano is honest and straight-forwarding person. He hides his sensitivity behind the naughty and gloomy behavior.

ˇAnita, no te rajes! - telenovela

(2004) - Ivonne Montero, Jorge Enrique Abello


Ivonne Montero .... Anita Guerrero
Jorge Enrique Abello .... Eduardo Contreras
Natalia Streignard .... Ariana Dupont
Marcelo Cézan .... David Aristizábal
Elluz Peraza .... Graciela O'Donnell / Consuelo Guerrero
Eduardo Serrano .... Emiliano Contreras
Roberto Moll .... Abelardo Reyes
Martha Picanes .... Amanda Aristizábal
Isabel Moreno .... Cachita Moret
Christian Tapán .... Padre Francisco
Gabriel Parisi .... Billy O'Donnell
Sabas Malaver .... Memo Valiente
Andrea Loretto .... Angie Barros
Jorge Alberti .... Fresa
Rubén Camelo .... Roque Izquierdo
Giovan D'Angelo .... Ramiro Albornoz
Daniel Fabius .... Tom O'Donnell
Kenya Hijuelos .... Guadalupe Izquierdo
Eduardo Ibarrola
Rodolfo Jiménez .... Julio Cesar Alzugaray
Alexa Kuve .... Dulce Contreras
Jeannette Lehr .... Carlota Aristizábal de Dupont
Michelle Manterola .... Luzecita Moret
Jana Martínez .... Nati Izquierdo
Maria M. Ruperto .... Ambar Barros
Yaxkin Santalucía .... Chucho
Yadira Santana .... Mercedes
Laura Termini .... Maggie O'Donnell
Teresa Tuccio
Roberto Levermann .... Venustiano Gonzalez
Eddie Diaz .... Officer Alvarez
Rosalinda Rodriguez .... Chayo Guerrero
Liz Gallardo .... Chayo Guerrero (young)
Gabriel Traversari .... Detective Maldonado
Rebeca Montoya .... Consuelo Guerrero (young)
Mayte Vilan

Writing credits
Valentina Párraga
Roberto Stopello

Song: Anita no te Rajes
Singing: Juliana Barrios and Bachá

Directed by
David Posada

Telemundo and RTI Colombia


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tracey garcia  - buy dvd   |2009-04-08 21:20:14
can this series be purchased? could you let us know where to buy it?thank you,tracey garcia
Anita Santiago   |2009-05-26 16:33:13
I was wondering if the novela "Anita no te rajes" is goin to come back to telemundo in the future?
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