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telenovela AuroraAurora, a beautiful 20-year-old girl, falls in deep love with Lorenzo and got pregnant from him although she is still very young. But after her parents have known about their relations, they separate Aurora and Lorenzo. Lorenzo considers Aurora is the one who doesn’t want to see him. As he knows nothing about future baby of Aurora, he decided to leave the girl alone.

Some months later Aurora bears a daughter called Blanca. But she is appeared to have a terrible incurable disease. Aurora’s father, who is a famous doctor known for his innovative researches in Cryogenics (scientific techniques based on instant deep freezing in order to preserve body), make a decision to freeze Aurora in cryogenic system to preserve her until the remedy for her disease is discovered as it is his only hope to safe daughter.

20 years have passed since the time Aurora was frozen and the remedy is found, this is a great day for Aurora’s parents – a day when their daughter can wake up from her long deep sleep.
The 40-year-old Aurora wakes up. But due to cryogenic sleep she looks and feels like 20-year-old one. All events which happened 20 years ago are still fresh in her memory as it was yesterday, because all those events happened indeed in her “yesterday”.  Life has changed considerably , but these all events have passed aside her,  the only person left the same is Aurora.

Aurora discovers her best friend Natalia is married with her great love Lorenzo for many years. Besides it seems unbelievable but her just-born baby Blanca knowing nothing about her real mother is of the age of mother – both girls are 20.

So it is a question now if Aurora can use to live in this new life, completely different from what she knew in past, from all points of view! Can she stand for all changes that have happened during those passed 20 years? All those events have happened for others during previous 20 years, but not for her as it was a period of her long deep sleep. Can Aurora withstand competition between the love of the past and present love who have become the irreconcilable competitors?


Sara Maldonado as Aurora Ponce de León

Aurora is passionate about dancing and when she dances everyone around is fascinated and charmed with her talent. She is free in her emotions and is like a tigress that cannot live in a cave but only in nature. Aurora is vulnerable about friendship and she has to grow mature to come out of childish perception of life. She feels free and quiet in families where simple attitude, joy and warmth are prioritized. She is far away from light-minded and prudent young people and she does not care of external looks and well-being for the status. She has come into so tight and confused situations that it takes her strength and moral forces to come to the right decision. She is afraid to fall in love with Martín Lobos since he is a real spit of his father in looks and manners and she also has to protect her daughter Blanca from being close to Martin.

Eugenio Siller as Martín Lobos

Martín is Lorenzo’s son. He is his father’s companion in business. He has a deep and rich voice and his talent in music is obvious. But he is forced to give up music and go to study medicine. All his leisure time he devotes to music and dances. From the early steps in medicine he has been keen on cryogenic science and he is interested to work at the clinics of Doctor Ponce de León. He meets Aurora there and falls in love with her. He is the man of action and his love is sure and strong. Martín feels he can achieve his goals if Aurora is next to him and he, to some extent, has to compete with his father. Blanca is also attracted to him not knowing they are step-siblings.

Jorge Luis Pila as Lorenzo Lobos

Lorenzo Lobos is a plain, handsome and very macho man. He is sensual and eagle-eyed person, at the same time. His movements are polished and smooth since dancing is his weak point deeply hidden inside. He always stands on the side of law and justice when it regards human rights. As a young man, he has a son from Verónica, a girl who left him behind chasing for long and easy money. Lorenzo devoted his life to his son making all his best to provide with everything he needs. Such features as courage, responsibility and reliability for the actions are typical for both Lorenzo and Martín which help them beneficially go out from tough spot. In the beginning of the story he is only 25 being sure that Aurora does want to see him for his lower social status. At the age of 45 he has strong principles about marriage and family but seeing Aurora he feels something can be stirred in his life.

Lisette Morelos as Blanca Ponce de León

Blanca is tender, slim and very beautiful girl. She is stylish and feels perfect in designing and modeling. She is sensual and glamorous, and she is casual, straight-forward in her emotions. A thread of prudence and arrogance with the dominative look make Aurora worried a little. Blanca plays around with male people and she takes advantage to break their hearts. Her secret is that she is frigid. She has no idea of enjoying physical pleasure and love. She believes her parents are Inés and Gustavo, but she arises too little concern about them. She gives up her study and goes to work at the advertisement agency with her mother. She does not know she is Aurora’s daughter though they have too many common features in appearance and way of life. She gets crazy when she has to compete with Aurora for Martin’s love.

Aylín Mujica as Vanessa Miller

Vanessa is seen and noticed by everyone around. She is sensual, elegant; she always looks perfect and blameless. She looks stylish and her hairdos are too perfect to just wear for everyday. She wears precious jewelry for every day to feel wealthy and expensive. She can look as a fate woman wearing the best Cavalli clothes and wearing Chanel next time she behaves differently. She is sure her image is all that is crucial.

Her designer collection make her friends envy her. She is very sensitive to scents and wears only expensive and legendary fragrances. Vanessa is very intelligent, though. She studiees cases and learns from every life situation. She is a great puppeteer to manipulate people with a naïve smile and honest eyes. She has two things she could not achieve so far, it is Lorenzo’s love and possibility to feature in love telenovela as a protagonist.


Aurora - telenovela

(2010) - Sara Maldonado, Eugenio Siller, Jorge Luis Pila


Sara Maldonado .... Aurora Ponce De León
Eugenio Siller .... Martín Lobos / Lorenzo Lobos (young)
Jorge Luis Pila .... Lorenzo Lobos
Lisette Morellos ....Blanca Ponce De León
Aylin Mújica ....Vanessa Miller
Pablo Azar .... Cesar Lobos / Julio Cesar de la Vega
Sonya Smith ... Angela Amenabar
Lisette Morelos ... Blanca Ponce De León
Braulio Castillo .... Dr. Gustavo Ponce De León
Ismael la Rosa .... Federico Álvarez De Toledo
Sandra Destenave .... Natalia Suarez
Karen Sentíes .... Inés Ponce De León
Melvin Cabrera .... Ernesto
Vanessa Pose .... Victoria "Vicky" Hutton / Vanessa Miller (young)
Tali Duclaud .... Nina Lobos / Natalia Suarez (young)
Mónica Franco .... Dr. Elizabeth Oviedo
Rubén Morales .... Roque
Miguel Augusto Rodríguez .... Dr. Williams
Carla Rodríguez .... Dr. Liliana Rosales
Zully Montero .... Catalina Perez-Quintana
Angélica María .... Pasion Urquijo
Carolina Tejera ... Clara Amenabar
David Chocarro .... Christian Santana
Adela Romero .... Rosario
Adriana Oliveros
Ana Carolina Grajales .... Charlotte
Andrea Escobar
Anthony Correa
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Anzalotta
Carlos Cuervo .... Eduardo Hutton
Carlos Farach
Catalina Mesa .... Tete
Claudia Caicedo .... Claudia
Cyril Serrao
Dennis Mencia
Eduardo Caprile .... Chris
Elizabeth Baron
Emily Alvarado .... Aurora Ponce de León (young)
Ernesto Tapia .... Emilio Gobo
Esmeralda Toubia
Fernando Sanchez .... Aston
Fidel Perez Michel .... Francisco Perez
Gladys Yañez .... Margarita Oviedo
Guadalupe Hernandez
Héctor Fuentes .... Dr. Parker
Henry Zakka .... Ignacio Miller
Humberto Rossenfield
Isaniel Rojas .... Beto
Jalymar Salomon
Jessica Cerezo .... Paula Parker
Jenny Marie Marrero
Jorge Luis Portales
Jossie Taulbee
Juan Carlos Baena .... Saverio Perez
Juan Cepero .... Anibal Lopez Garcia
Julio Torresoto
Kimary Carrero .... Ingrid Perez
Leslie Stewart .... Veronica LaSalle
Luis Arturo Ruiz
Manny Hernandez
Maria Jose Gatica
Markel Berto .... Andy
Martha Velazco
Michelle Vargas .... Daniela
Mirella Grisales
Kevin Aponte
Natalia Baretto
Nicolas Teran .... Joaquin Geller
Daniel Duarte
Omar Santana .... Carenio

Osvaldo Strongoli .... Priest Patricio Doren
Pedro Telemaco .... Tomas Vallejo
Rafael de la Fuente
Ramon Morell .... Doctor
Raul Arrieta .... Professor
Reinaldo Cruz .... Dr. Gabriel Jimenez
Roberto Huicochea .... Doctor of Pasion
Rosalinda Rodriguez .... Pilar
Salim Rubiales Lucho .... Mechanic
Sandra Eichler .... Mercedes Geller
Scarlett Gruber .... Jenny
Tony Feijoo Doctor
Zuleyka Rivera .... Diana del Valle

Writing credits
Marcela Citterio (original idea)
Marisa Milanesio
Claudia Morales
Clemencia Silveyra

Song: Aurora
Written by: Marcos Flores
Singing: Eugenio Siller

Original music
Marco Flores

Cinematography by
Argemiro Saavedra
Pedro Avila

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Tony Rodríguez
Otto Rodríguez

Produced by
Alicia Ávila
Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll




Vivir Sin Ti :

Han pasado muchos dias,
Para mi han sido eternos
Todo aquello que vivimos,
No ha quedado en el olvido
Me pregunto donde estas?
Ya he ensayado tanto como reaccionar
Si te fuera a buscar o si un dia voy por donde vas…

No quiero encontrarte en otros brazos
No quiero que me hayas olvidado
No quiero fingir, que no me importas
Quiero que me tomes muy fuerte y que me digas temblando
No puedo vivir… Sin ti.

Han pasado muchos dias, lo he intentado todo para olvidar,
Cada aroma que has dejado,
Se ha quedado en cada espacio
Me pregunto donde estas, ya he ensayado tanto como reaccionar
Si te fuera a buscar o si un dia voy por donde vas…

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Maya  - fan of Lisette Morelos & Pablo Azar   |2011-12-02 18:55:50
This novel is one of the best I have ever seen, produced by Telemundo.Many thanks to the directors and producers of the novel. It's cast is splendid. Best of all I've liked the acting of Pablo Azar(Cesar Lobos) & Lisette Morelos(Blanca Ponce de Leon).The idea of the film is also perfect.I've followed to all the series of the novel and I don't want it to finish:(:( I hope that such novels will be produced more and more. Telemundo is the best among the others!!!
Bryan  - Help with name of song in Aurora   |2012-04-01 09:15:54
The lyrics sound like

1. Guys who's calling I'm ready for tonight
2. Looking so fine I came here to party
3. Take me on a drive by then you must arrive
4. Take me for a cruise and make you spend money
5. Everybody lookin cause they know I'm a hottie
(a few words then a skip)
6. Put your hands up, Put your hands up, Put your hands up
7. Cause you know I can decide I wanna get to know ya
8. Better yet boy just tell me if you wanna
9. Take me to your crib I wanna see (goes away, but sounds like "your" something)

In the background I hear things like "I lose control."
mina  - aroura   |2014-01-04 12:34:57
Aroura the ice princess passionate about dancing awesome personality and the one with beautiful eyes wow I can't describe her beauty lorenzo must be lucky I love[you aroura
Prince Stanley  - Aurora   |2014-01-15 08:49:20
Hello, this story of Aurora has made me to like telenovelas. I really like but just that don't have chance to watch everyday so it will be great if the whole story is sent to my mail so I can know the full story. Thanks
modie  - Aurora   |2014-02-10 11:32:31
I just love Martin an guys' storyline is a love story yet to be written. I have never seen such profound love and affection...hope there is a season 2 3 4 etc.
Drew  - Aurora   |2014-02-26 20:50:48
Aurora got me glued to telenovelas...and now I'm in a bit of a bind I need to know a site that I can watch the final episode of Aurora...any help please?
tamia sithole  - the best   |2014-04-02 13:41:37
Aurora will always be my idol , I wish to marry a guy like lorenzo , when I die I'd wake up from death to see her burying me , I will shed tears when she dies " to death always be my idol "
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