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Bajo las Riendas del Amor

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Bajo las Riendas del Amor telenovelaMontserrat is sure her habit to spy after her sexy neighbor Juan José, who is deemed a womanizer, is just the curiosity since she wants to be with her boyfriend only, Victor. However, when she gets him in bed with her cousin Ingrid she gets furious. She decides to make some lessons for him.

Montserrat meets Juan José at the college and learns he is the professional photographer. She kisses with him to make Victor jealous. Juan José knows everyone dates in the college and he decides to support Montserrat in her play and pretend he is her boyfriend. He is hesitant, though. He does not like mean tricks, especially in relations between the two.

Maripaz is new among the university students. She supports students who are not popular paying no attention to intrigues and love affairs so popular in the university. She is Don Lupe’s granddaughter, the school guard, who takes decision to study with the hope for the best future. Maripaz falls in love with Daniel, Montserrat’s brother. When Daniel asks her to date, she has no idea that he takes an advantage of her to make his girlfriend jealous. Montserrat is the part of the University horse-riding team. One day she is terribly injured while she is riding (due to Ingrid’s fault) and she is confined to a wheelchair. That’s the time when Juan José proves his love to her giving a hand and supporting her in her depression during a long rehabilitation process. Maripaz would like to find out who loves her greater, Daniel or Juan José though she is hurt a lot to believe any of them. Even in depression, she cheers others and is happy to be with friends. Intrigues made by Ingrid and Veronica threaten the happiness of these two who try to be happy in future which is vague so far. These ladies will never stop doing bad to Montserrat and Juan José with intentions to stop them unite.


Adriana Fonseca as Montserrat Linares

Montserrat is a young and large-hearted girl. She is firm about the manners. She is adventurous, impulsive, naughty and a little bit fickle when it comes to her wishes. She defenses to be free from any barriers. Her pride is her main drawback. She refuses to admit that she loves Juan José.

Géraldine Bazán as Verónica Orozco

Verónica Orozco is Ingrid’s friend. She is attractive, with nice shapes but she is too coquettish, light-minded and self-interested. She enjoys her life style and she gets everything too easily to appreciate.

Gabriel Soto as Juan José Álvarez

Juan José Álvarez  is a professional photographer. He is humble, diligent and hard-working person. He tries to survive. He is passionate and frank. Juan José is attractive and winning with women though he has never been in love. Montserrat is the first woman he feels something greater than primitive love to.

Víctor González as Rodrigo Corcuera

Rodrigo Corcuera is a feather-bedded boy from the well-to-do family. He has good manners and perfect look. He is too irresponsible and cannot appreciate love and good relations.

Víctor Cámara as Antonio Linares 

Antonio Linares  is a successful businessman. He sets priorities towards family. He loves children and is still in love with his wife. He is devoted and passionate dad.

Ximena Herrera as Maripaz García

Maripaz is a young and joyful girl. She is naïve and sincere so far in everything she does. She loves her grandfather who provides her a happy life with him. Maripaz is not impressed by wealth and good manners of men, though.

Eduardo Rodríguez as Enrique Fernández

Enrique is a young man from wealthy family who bought an apartment in the same condominium where Montserrat lives for the studio purposes.

Adamari López as Ingrid Linares 

Ingrid Linares  is a young but too ambitious lady. She is selfish and she envies Montserrat for family. Ingrid is about to go to the end to ruin her life since she is in love with men who love Montserrat and that is too bad for her.

Ariel López Padilla as Joaquín Corcuera

Joaquín Corcuera is a doctor. He holds a clinic. He is unhappy in marriage and soon he starts love affair with the young and attractive Claudia. It’s interesting that his son Sebastian is also in love with her and they have to compete for her.

Bajo las Riendas del Amor - telenovela

(2007) - Gloria Aura, Pablo Azar


Gloria Aura ... Chiquis
Pablo Azar ... Daniel Linares
Géraldine Bazán ... Verónica Orozco
Jonathan Caballero ... Benny
Melvin Cabrera ... Paco
Víctor Cámara ... Antonio Linares
Elías Campos ... El Pelos
Alma Delfina ... Rosa Nieto
Adriana Fonseca ... Montserrat Linares
Alejandro Speitzer
Víctor González ... Rodrigo Corcuera
Rosina Grosso ... Carola
Ximena Herrera ... Maripaz García
Raúl Izaguirre ... Profesor Urrutia
Adamari López ... Ingrid Linares
Ariel López Padilla ... Joaquín Corcuera
Paloma Márquez ... Pili
Toño Mauri ... Bruno
Stella Oliveros ... Hospital Nurse
Elluz Peraza ... Victoria Román
Abraham Ramos ... Sebastián Corcuera
Carla Rodríguez ... Yolanda
Eduardo Rodríguez ... Enrique Fernández
Julieta Rosen ... Eloísa Corcuera
Héctor Sáez ... Don Lupe
Alberto Salaberry ... Checo
Rossana San Juan ... Claudia García
Evelyn Santos ... Norma
Kathy Serrano ... Wendy
Gabriel Soto ... Juan José Álvarez
Alejandro Speitzer ... Antonio 'Toñito' Linares
Rolando Tarajano ... Gonzalo
Thauro ... Profesor Gonzalez
Vannya Valencia ... Jimena
Norma Zúñiga ... Amelia

Writing credits
Katia R. Estrada
Enna Márquez
René Muñoz

Song Junto a Tí
Written by: Kiko Campos, Elías Campos and Gloria Aura
Singing: Alexandre Pires and Kika Edgar

Original music
Alejandro Campos

Cinematography by
Ricardo Merchan
Diego Salazar
José Luis Velarde

Directed by
Leonardo Daniel
Édgar Ramírez
Eduardo Said

Produced by
Gemma Lombardi
Ignacio Sada
Alfredo Schwarz

Fono Video Productions Inc.


The theme song to "Bajo Las Riendas del Amor" has gone through some title changes. First, Kika Edgar and Efrain were to sing "Bajo Las Riendas del Amor", but she met Alexandre Pires and did a duet with him titled "Junto A Ti`" (With You By My Side).

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jazmin  - jazminn   |2008-11-04 00:00:00
buenoo pues buelban a poner esa novela es mi preferida la quiero bolber a ver
Marie  - nice   |2008-11-30 18:08:16
I love this film i am thinking that i want to take a part in this movie but i cant its far...
aaron2010  - A very good novela!   |2010-03-31 06:18:47
Bajo las riendas del Amor was the fourth novela that I saw from Televisa that took place in Miami. Both Adriana Fonseca and Gabriel Soto put in good performances and the rest of the cast was good as well. This novela was also the "comeback" novela for Adamari Lopez.
As for the novela itself, it was a very good novela. And just as much as I like the Venevision telenovelas that take place in Miami, I also like the Televisa telenovelas that take place in Miami as well.

Saludos, Aaron A.
u payne  - bajos las riendas del amor   |2011-09-28 20:35:25
where can I buy this series on DVD?
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