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Bella Calamidades

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Bella Calamidades telenovelaConvinced that she brings misfortune to everyone, Lola shies away from other people. When her hiding place is discovered, she returns to her home town, when a series of freakish events inevitably lead to tragedy. Heartbroken and fearing for her life at the hands of the superstitious villagers, Lola loves hope one man's love and another's generosity change her life. In a place ruled by superstition, no one trusts her, except for the man who truly loves her.

Everybody calls a girl Lola but her given name is Dolores. Her mother dies at a delivery and her father passes away when she was only 11. Lola has been chased by misfortune and sorrows from the birth. As an orphan, she is accepted by her Aunt, abusing and oppressive Marta who treats her as if she is a maidservant. All the time she spends at her place is perceived as offensive and humiliating. Being sick of such attitude and after a serious incident with her Aunt Lola escapes to the place where she is born. She finds a shelter at the village cemetery where she hides in the daytime and appears at nights wandering around.

In spite of her looks of a person living in the street Marcelo Machado finds Lola as the most beautiful girl in the world and there is a feeling burnt between them. People surrounding them are greedy and envious and they try their best to prevent their love affair.


Danna García as Lola Carrero

Lola or Dolores Carrero is a very beautiful girl with the quiet voice and luxury hair. In spite of her street life, particularly in the area of cemetery, she is silent, clever, lovely and very responsive. In spite of all life difficulties she tries to look and go forward. She feels comfortable alone in the bare nature that cares her better than people. She believes most people are arrogant and tries to avoid them. When she appears in the house of her Godmother Lorenza Machado, Lola meets her love, Marcelo Machado, there. Priscila and Silvana who also have liking for Marcelo try to part them doing mean tricks and letting Lola down. Lola is not feeble; however she does not reveal her feelings to endure eternal carping the servants make to put her in tough situation. She never complains and never opens her inner thoughts to other and sometimes it makes events intriguing since all of them are confused with what they see but the hidden motive of what they do is not revealed.

Segundo Cernadas as Marcelo Machado

Marcelo Machado looks as an ideal prince. He is young, handsome, and well-set. Al the womanaround him dream of being by his side. He is adored by his cousin, Priscila. Marcelo realizes he isattracted by women for some features though he never abuses it. He is good at study, he plays a guitar and he thinks life is wonderful to enjoy its every moment. He has never thought he is wealthy to afford everything. He has a girlfriend in the capital, but when he arrives to his mother’s place atvacation he falls in love with Lola.

María Helena Döering as Lorenza de Machado

Lorenza de Machado is Lola’s Godmother. She is a woman in her 40s. She is believed to be strong-minded to manage a diary farm after her husband dies. Lorenza lives in a big house supported by maidservants. There are always too many people in her house who sometimes disturb the life to others. She lives in the neighborhood with Regina de Galeano and they fight to the extent they hate each other and such a negative attitude exists in relations to children of both families. Some time backthey were best friends, though. And deeply in her heart Lorenza still loves Regina but she carries it off very well since she does not want to divulge her emotions. Her highest concern in her life is to see Marcelo happy.

Gustavo Angarita as Aquiles Barraza

He is cruel and unsociable and that is the reason why he is lonely. He has his house settled inmountains and he is occupied in rearing pigs. By the way, his pigs smell better than him. Aquiles nevermakes friends with anyone and he is so niggardly to wear trousers darned many times. The citizens believe he is a miser and that is why he manages to keep a fortune for many years secretly from others. Old Barraza shows spite and hatred his heart is full of. Lola manages to break the shell he is housed in, and reveal a person who just wears a mask since it is comfortable to behave in the society.

Diana Quijano as Regina de Galeano

She neighbors with Lorenza and she is her rival since both of them keep diary farms. Her husband dies in a car accident along with Lorenza’s husband. She has four sons to control over all their actions and behavior as a commando in the army. As any mother she is proud of them and finds them most handsome, intelligent and strongest she has met ever.

Katie Barberi as Silvana Barbosa de Cardona 

She is too lazy and she has no idea of what conscience is. She lives in the house of her sister-in-law, Lorenza, and to the expense of the latter at ease. She is skilled to make a lie that looks frank to believe. She is proud of her society level and her elegance though people around her interpret all her attempts to look gracious as the plain taste of style of an average woman with low IQ. She believes inmaterial things only and she is light-minded. She is used to bother people and obtrudes her opinion to others, including her daughter Priscila and Lola, either.

Adriana Campos as Priscila Cardona

Priscila is repulsive, fickle and arrogant. She is a moderate girl who dreams of getting married to hercousin Marcelo to dispose of his fortune. She believes she is a princess as well as her mother does, but actually they have nothing to be proud of. Her mother squanders the assets of her husband for expensive dresses, costly travels spending huge amount of money. Priscila lives in the house of Aunt Lorenza together with her mother and she is the bitter enemy to Lola.

Tiberio Cruz as Romano Galeano

He is the eldest of the Galeano brothers. He is strong, hard-working and he fights for what belongs tohim. He is attractive, able to seduce women to use all his strong points to make village girls to fall in love with him. Thanks to his mother, he grows to be a kind young man who is not able to injure people. He is going to conflict with Marcelo fighting for Lola’s love, though.

Pablo Azar as Renato Galeano

Renato is another son to Regina. He is close to Romano and all together they fall in love, play around with village girls, and do whatever young men do at that age. Renato is not that purposeful asRomano. He is a romantic daydreamer though he does not want to be caught by people on showinghis real feelings to avoid mocking. He is also in love with Lola.

Santiago Gómez as René Galeano

René is the youngest of the brothers. He is homebred genius and Regina is very proud of him. She helps him to enter the history as the greatest scientist. He is always in process of inventing something and in most cases he inventions come as senseless appliances which blow up at testing. He is veryexacting and he aspires to get the best. He never stops on doing something until he goes to the endunlike others. He honestly believes that Lola will fall in love with him based on his inventions.

Rosmery Bohórquez as Virginia Vidal

This is a woman without age. She does not count years to mature. Virginia is anti-wrinkle soldier to look incredibly in spite of her age. She is afraid to get old and miserable since then she will not be able to get attraction of young men. She tries her best to keep perfect shapes to hide her age using bright makeup, exaggerated attires, accessories and doing what a teenager-girl does which looks too ridiculous to others.

Claudia Rocío Mora as Juana Palomina

Juana is a maidservant and a trustee to Lorenza de Machado. She is faithful and devoted to Lorenzathough she is a great gossip woman. She is afraid that Lola can replace her in the house as the righthand to Lorenza. That is why she intends to make Lola leave the house defaming her in variousoccasions. Later on Juana experiences a case when she realizes that Lola is not her enemy and soon she goes to support her.

Alejandra Miranda as Marta Carrero

Marta is Lola’s aunt. She is aged maiden disappointed in the whole life and she enjoys humiliating Lola instead of showing warm attitude to an orphan. She treats her poorly and makes her works as aservant in her house. Several years later Marta gets punished to be left in the street without her fortuneand she comes to Lola begging for help.

Telenovela Bella Calamidades - Photos

Bella Calamidades - telenovela

(2010) - Danna García, Segundo Cernadas


Danna García .... Dolores "Lola" Carrero
Segundo Cernadas .... Marcelo Machado
Gustavo Angarita .... Aquiles Barraza
Katie Barberi .... Silvana Barbosa de Cardona
Rosemary Bohorquez .... Virginia Vidal
Tiberio Cruz .... Fortunato Román Galeano
Adriana Campos .... Priscila Cardona
Claudia Rocio Mora .... Juana Palomino
Gary Forero .... Fabián Poncela
Mimi Morales .... Esperanza Capurro
Herbert King .... Elias Romero
Pedro Roda .... Pablo Avila
Daniela Tapia .... Nicolasa Fragoso
Maria Helena Doering .... Lorenza de Machado
Ilja Rosendahl .... Rody Walpole
Diana Quijano .... Regina de Galeano
Pablo Azar .... Renato Galeano
Santiago Gómez .... Rene Galeano
Jonathan Islas .... Ricardo Galeano
Rodolfo Valdes .... Nacho Mendoza
Alejandra Miranda .... Martha Carrero
Sasha Valentina Molina .... Lola Carrero
Leonardo Acosta .... Jose Carrero
Andres Felipe Ospina
Ricardo Saldarriaga .... priest
Luis Fernando Bohorquez .... Samuel
Alejandra Miranda .... Martha Carrero
Ximena Duque .... Angelina
Leonardo Forero
Jhosep Abadia ... Ovidio
Isabel Chaparro
Luz Angela Leiva
Andres Bermudez
Tirza Pacheco .... Custodia
Vilma Vera .... Pamfila
Ulises Colmenares
Irlan Rubio
Javier Felipe Rodriguez
Daniel Rocha
Juan Camilo Sabato
Javier Gustavo Cabrera
Edilberto Claro
Hernan Sanchez
Alexander Garibello
Flor Barrero
Rey Vasquez .... Don Teodoro
Maria Margarita Giraldo
Alberto Zornoza
Lorena Aragon
Alejandro Tamayo
Juan Carlos Garcia
Lina Restrepo

Writing credits
Julio Jiménez (original story)
Iván Martínez Lozano (adaptation)

Song: Hoy me voy
Written by: Juanes
Singing: Juanes

Original music
Nicolas Uribe
Oliver Camargo
Jose Carlos Maria

Cinematography by
Eduardo Carreño
Alfredo Samudio

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Mauricio Cruz
Agustin Restrepo

Produced by
Hugo Leon Ferrer



Bella Calamidades is the remake of:
1st version: colombian telenovela “Dulce ave negra” (1992) with Marcela Gallego and Fernando Allende
2nd version: colombian telenovela "Lola Calamidades"

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zuhra  - great   |2011-04-02 20:16:28
This is great but I just want to know what will happen after she owns things because her grandad died.
Can you please tell me?
We are all desperate to know
want to see a better overview  - bella calimandes   |2012-05-22 09:46:36
love the soap but stop censoring everything gosh
miria kyoshabire  - calamidades   |2012-05-25 10:09:47
its really good and interesting i like it
kyoshabire miria  - greetings   |2012-09-11 11:24:29
hi thx getting alot out of that God bless u all
Sharon  - Love   |2013-06-16 13:20:30
I love this telenovela.kudos to u all
kyoshabire miria   |2012-09-11 11:25:28
very interesting keep up do not relax please give us more
Simon  - own   |2012-05-26 09:58:06
Hi guys

I really love the shows on TV and i wish i could get them on DVD


Simon King from Uganda
Joyce Cheruiyot   |2012-08-24 14:26:56
[i]thanks am grateful to earn this opportunity to share my comments about this show my daughter loves it.
Brian Odero   |2012-09-07 09:04:50
mmmmhhh i luv dis soap n i don't miss any of it.ok lola gets all tha riches of her grandpa n sae turns to be a rich lady n they meet wit marcelo coincidentally n she promises him they'll meet will they meet n when?will horneros peole discovet soon who lives in that mansion in anveil?how will priscilla n silvana react?is marcelo's romance wit lola work again?i detest tha censoring too but my opinion is marcelo n lola wud be a cute pair in reality if there cud be a chance mmmh
Anjelica Forbes  - Need the full story pllls   |2012-11-02 18:17:19
The story is beautiful and this waiting drives me nuts,
BRENDA  - beatiful but unlucky   |2012-11-05 12:53:49
its a good soap in that any one can watch, thks.
THE TRUTH  - Lola Garcia   |2012-11-16 19:04:43
Men this soap na correct telenovella Lola is such a great actress, Also watch Hidden passion it's really interestin.

Beautiful But Unlucky showing every Wednesday - friday 5:00 pm.

It's GOOD..
Analoo Ibadin  - beautiful but unlucky   |2012-11-21 17:27:22
I so love this telenovela, I never get tired of it....danna and segundo are marvelous guys are soooooo cute *wink*
nordinehadef  - vujhgj   |2012-11-22 18:47:43
I so love this telenovela
edom  - can i downlod the pictures for my face book   |2012-11-29 15:08:20
ilove this movie
dana garcia is so beautiful that she is my favorite actress i am crazy for her i love this movie so much
Rena  - Great   |2012-11-30 20:25:13
Does Any body know the village And country the she acted in ???
shamsudeen  - calamides   |2012-12-11 17:47:40
Like (LOLA).....iz vry intrested I like the series
Shuaib maryam  - Bella callamidades.   |2012-12-31 06:16:02
Pls where can i get the dvd of bella calamidades? I will 2 watch the parts i missed.
Julius Ibirot  - LOLA THE BEUTY   |2012-12-15 19:22:30
That is very nice.
Why would I even suffer if a person like Lola pours me such love.

She is the best actress I have lived to see.
patrick ruyondo  - akillis barasa   |2012-12-17 18:11:58
hhhhhhhhmmmmm i am real so happy about akillis barasa and i wish that i could be like him in ma old days .. hahahahaha though the man puts on ugly and ruged clothds he owns tooo much and i am real glad that he acted that part mwa akillis barasa.............i wish i9 can meet you but i am just too far from you
Ely  - Danna Garcia and aquilis Baraza   |2013-01-10 07:05:31
Danna u r such a great actor you love what you do, have watched you In many soaps just like the passion you truly inspire me. And when it comes to Baraza woo u have such a temper and character . Am a woman I wish I could dress like you but I will smell but still it's a good lesson for us to learn from you not to be extravagant.
Anonymous   |2013-01-26 20:33:42
Hi am Benon i really this..lots of love from Uganda..
triza tsige  - wow   |2013-01-27 09:09:26
hey guys am really in love with this film and i start the movie at summer while i was just waiting for placement of work an now am far from my family and am living alone and i don't have tv but i just go to neighbours to see this movie just only coz am in love with this movie and i hope i will have tv onbe day and see the movie confidently but till zen i will go to neighbours...... lola is an incredable woman and i saw my self in her a little bit but i hope she will stay stronger and safer untill she gets what she want and good luck with u'r love life
hind   |2014-06-21 23:43:25
I am dainna garaice just say lola but thank u this is me for real . but me in marcela like each other in the movie only and I havent seen him in a long time about 3 years ago but I am married to the person I lived
ylvia imani  - danna garcia   |2013-02-02 20:42:19
i so love this soap danna garcia is so beautiful l.o.l
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