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Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas, Los

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Los caballeros las prefieren brutas telenovela Cristina is a young and attractive woman, independent and clever. She’s got everything she can wish: successful career, good friends and her prince charming to spend the rest of the life with. But her life gives her a strike her boyfriend turned out to be completely stupid one. Her perfect world collapsed and she feels a vacuum in the result, which she strives to fill in with her career ambitions to be satisfied by all means. What is the secret of success? What problems can occur in the life of smart and successful woman? Why does it become so difficult to succeed now? The matter is that the gentlemen prefer brutal people.


Valerie Dominguez as Cristina Oviedo
Cristina becomes more skeptic and cynic since she has to sustain rational as compared with her boyfriend who is a real idiot. She is not willing to make a mistake, especially in her emotions. Her heart is empty and the only way is to get deeply involved in career and make great money. On one hand, she is afraid to fail but she intends to climb as far as it needs. She will face lots of obstacles but she is the one to get them over to stay as she is now.

Ángela Vergara as Pamela Dávila
Pamela is a lonely woman. She is hysterical and tends to manipulate other people, especially her friends, to get sympathy. She dreams of getting married an old man and enjoy the whole life waiting for the time when the spouse dies and she inherits his fortune.

Diego Cadavid as Daniel Franco
Daniel is a psychotherapeutist whom Cristina visits to get her peace back. They both get attracted to each other. Revealing her feelings Cristina loses her psychotherapeutist who could listen to her but acquires a new person in her life. Sooner they part, though, in spite that he is loyal, tender and friendly.

Michelle Manterola as Gracia Oviedo
Gracia is a well-organized and self-motivated person. She prefers to have everything monitored and arranged. She loves adventures. Gracia lives in "La Vida Loca" which allows free life style. She has never had that. Neither simplicity in relations, nor life full of events. The list of adventures that Gracia is involved is expensive, from having sex with a woman in exchange for her boyfriend, learning tantric sex concepts, having sex with a punk guy the same night she gets to know him, sing a song “karaoke” in public places getting tequila drunk. She is really crazy and that’s the life she loves.

Los caballeros las prefieren brutas - telenovela

(2009-2010) - Valerie Domínguez, Juan Pablo Raba


Valerie Domínguez ... Cristina Oviedo
Juan Pablo Raba ... Alejandro Botero
Michelle Manterola ... Gracia Oviedo
Patricia Castañeda ... Hannah de la Esperiella
Mijail Mulkay ... Rodrigo Flores
Gustavo Ángel ... Miguel Ferraro
Ángela Vergara ... Pamela Dávila
Juan Pablo Espinoza ... Eduardo Santodomingo
Rodrigo Candamil ... Guillermo Jacome
Ana María Trujillo ... Eshter Castro
Patricia Bermúdez ... Roberta Avendaño
Rita Bendeck ... Alma de Oviedo
Gerardo de Francisco ... Justo Oviedo

Writing credits
Isabella Santodomingo (original story)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Carlos Moreno
Juan Felipe Orozco
Alessandro Angulo
Henry Rivero

Produced by
Alessandro Angulo

Nana Velásquez

Sony Pictures Television
Laberinto Producciones
Caracol Televisión


Based on the book of Isabella Santodomingo "Los caballeros las prefieren brutas"

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Mia Mesquita  - Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas   |2011-05-12 04:33:10
Is the show available on DVD??
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