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Capadocia tv seriesCapadocia Program is initiated in the prison for aged women in Mexico City. The women plan to escape. The government comes with the idea to arrange the high-class prison as if they care of their inmates at the highest level. This is because the place is perfect for drug dealing as the route. Teresa Lagos, an ethical judge, specializes in penal right to lead this program. She takes care of her daughter and inmates who never plan to get free due to new reforms.


Alejandro Camacho as José Burian

He is highly specialized in psychology and he is the ideal candidate to be involved in the proh\ject to rehabilitate Cappacodia.

Juan Manuel Bernal as Federico

Federico is an ambitious and callous person. He is the Vice-President of the company that has projected to privatize the prison to use cheap human labor for private purposes. He makes every endevour to make the prison into the ideal platform of application. He serves for mafia which exploits the prison to hide its activity. As one of the influential persons, Federico is able to take decisions that will ruin many lives.

Dolores Heredia as Teresa Lagos

Teresa spent years to facilitate the complex project of rehabilitation for aged women. The mother of two daughters and ex-wife of the governor, she has to solve her own problems, fears and beliefs.

Ana de la Reguera as Lorena Guerra

Lorena Guerra is a good wife, model and mother. She lives in a good house, has a perfect automobile, three charming children and a young and handsome husband. Her dreams might come true as of any ordinary woman, but one day dark forces influenced the course of her life.

Silvia Carusillo as Isabel Clave

Isabel Clave is the Head of Security in Cappadocia. She is raised in the military-oriented family, strong-minded and strong-hearted. Though, as any woman, she has her weak points which make her lose control and do things she has never done due to her firm code of life.

Capadocia -

(2007 - 2008) - Alejandro Camacho, Juan Manuel Bernal , Dolores Heredia


Alejandro Camacho ... José Burian
Juan Manuel Bernal ... Federico
Dolores Heredia ... Teresa Lagos
Eréndira Ibarra ... Sofia
Ana de la Reguera ... Lorena Guerra
Enrique Singer ... Cristobal Saenz
Silvia Carusillo ... Isabel Clave
Cristina Umaña ... Consuelo Ospino 'La colombiana'
Marco Antonio Treviño ... Santiago Marin
Aida López ... Ana Morena 'La negra'
Mariannela Cataño ... Marta
Luisa Huertas ... Doña Magos
Dolores Paradis ... Andrea Marin
Camila Ibarra ... Ruth Marin
Cecilia Suárez ... Aurelia Sosa 'La Bambi'
Emilio Guerrero ... Diputado
Fernando Becerril ... Juez Diego Cedeño
Mariana Gajá ... Santita de la Roma
Oscar Olivares ... Antonia
Paloma Arredondo ... Liliana
Giovanna Zacarías ... Saiko
Marco Bacuzzi ... Policia
Alejandro Calva ... Gerardo
Octavio Castro
Ricardo Polanco
Jimena Sánchez ... Mayte

Writing credits
Guillermo Ríos
Carmen Madrid
Silvia Pasternac

Original music
Camilo Froideval
Raul Vizzi

Cinematography by
Alberto Anaya
Marti'n Boege

Directed by
Pedro Pablo Ibarra
Javier 'Fox' Patrón
Carlos Carrera

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra
Verónica Velasco
Jorge Aragón
Luis Peraza
Andrés Tagliavini

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paolo   |2009-01-13 23:09:32
Muy buena serie, y que hermosa es Mayte
kika  - meencanto   |2009-02-03 05:57:25
les recomiendo la serie,esta buenisima
vi la primera temporada y me dejo impactada,veanla.
nenita   |2009-09-25 21:35:18
cuando sale la segunda temporada de capadocia
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