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Casa de al Lado, La

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La casa de al lado telenovelaPilar Arismendi, a sweet and charming young woman, is married to Javier Ruiz, Gonzalo Ibáñez’s  business partner. Pilar and Javier have a neighbor who is a widow named Ignacia. Gonzalo, who is successful lawyer, meets Ignacia and becomes enamored of her. But Ignacia has baggage.

Her defunct husband is the widow of Adolfo, a man who died under strange circumstances. Gonzalo proposes to Ignacia within only a few months after Adolfo’s death. Following the wedding, the couple moves to the house next to Pilar and Javier, and it is there that Gonzalo starts uncovering many truths that, until then, were unknown to him. One of them is that the house is inhabited by Leonardo, Adolfo’s twin brother.

With that revelation, Gonzalo begins to realize that nothing is as it seems in that house, and starts to discover layers of intrigue connected to that mysterious death, in which everyone around him is a possible suspect. The more he looks into the supposed “accident” that took Adolfo’s life, the more he realizes that everyone holds a very well-kept secret.


Maritza Rodríguez as Pilar Arismendi

Pilar is the sweet and delicate woman in her late 20s who is eager to acquire the best for her family. She is married to Javier Ruiz with two children. She has the appearance of an actress but she is the psychologist only and she had the challenge to build professional career before her second child was born and after she decided to devote herself to family and kids.

Gabriel Porras as Gonzalo Ibañez

Gonzalo Ibañez is the lawyer by specilty and just a very succesful person who has lived beyond the US for many years. He falls with and marries to Ignacia, who he intends to make a happy woman in the world. He incidentally becomes involved in the investigation of Adolfo’s death, the first husband to Ignacia.

Catherine Siachoque as Ignacia Conde

Ignacia is a very subtle, gentle and delicate woman with the appearance of an angel who’s lost in the common world. She is talented in painting and she spends long hours in her shop in the garden of her house. She married to Adolfo who died strangely and she married again to Gonzalo who loves her a lot. 

Miguel Varoni as Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz is the exclusive lawyer for Renato Conde and husband to Pilar. He looks attractive, and he is the exemplary husband, good husband and a successful lawyer. He keeps a tremendous house and lives a well-arranged and routine life. All his negative emotions and business he hides since he is not willing to have a competitor, leaving aside an open enemy.

Karla Monroig as Rebecca Arismendi

Rebecca Arismendi is quite a successful lawyer with the educational backgound based on European studies. She is the step-sister to Pilar. She is beautiful and elegant, but her cool-heart and common sense make her look unattractive. She is obsessed with the thought that Pilar has everything in this world and she makes all attempts to penetrate the world Pilar lives a happy life.

David Chocarro as Adolfo Acosta

He is the first husband to Pilar who dies in suspicious circumstances. Adolfo was an open-hearted person with a great invasive charisma and charm. He was a man of few words. He preferred to listen and act instead of sharing thoughts and ideas. Even his nae-Adolfo- symbolizes mystery, secrets and danger.


La casa de al lado - telenovela

(2011) - Maritza Rodríguez, Gabriel Porras


Maritza Rodríguez ... Pilar Arismendi
Gabriel Porras ... Gonzalo Ibáñez
Katherine Siachoque ... Ignacia Conde
David Chocarro ... Adolfo Acosta / Leonardo Acosta
Ximena Duque ... Carola Conde
Miguel Varoni ... Javier Ruiz
Karla Monroig ... Rebeca Arismendi
Gabriel Valenzuela ... Emilio Ñonde
Sofia Lama ... Hilda González
Felicia Mercado ... Eva Spencer
Daniel Lugo ... Renato Conde
Alexandra Pomales ... Andrea Ruiz
Vivian Ruiz ... Yolanda Sanhueza
Héctor Fuentes ... Nibaldo González
Rosalinda Rodríguez ... Karen Ortega
Andrés Cotrino ... Diego Ruiz
Frances Ondiviela
Sofía Stamatiades
Raquel Bigorra
Roberto Plantier
Sandra Martínez ... Andrea Ruiz-Tagle
Héctor Soberón
Nora Salinas ... Karen Ortega
Andrés Mistage
Diana Franco
Roberto Manrique ... Benjamín Fabres
Andrea Montenegro
Carlos Augusto Maldonado ... Ricardo Merino
Alejandra Gutiérrez

Writing credits
Jose Ignacio Valenzuela (original story)
Minú Chacín (script)
Ivette Rivero (script)

Written by:

Original music
Tulio Crenisini

Cinematography by
Miguel Angel Font
José Luis Velarde

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Luis Manzo
Ricardo Schwarz

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Jairo Arcila
David Posada



Remake of chilean telenovela "La familia de al lado" (2010) with Maria Elena Swett and Álvaro Rudolphy

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Ann  - The Book   |2011-10-16 01:26:19
Is there a book about this soap opera in spanish or english please let me know
yolanda oseid  - la casa de al lado   |2011-10-25 23:25:30
por favor dejame saber si el libro la casa de al lado ya esta publicado y par la venta
vania rodrigues  - "la casa el al lado"   |2012-06-12 18:53:35
Vivo em Portugal e gostava de saber se existe a versao do livro "El casa de al Lado" a venda em Portugal....Qual o Escritor e Livraria.....Obrigado
Annette R.  - la casa del al lado   |2011-10-27 08:41:11
Though I think rthe book la casa del al lado is not true, I have to ask! Is it? I've looked all over & nothing. Please hwlp I'm going nuts
diojeidi  - la casa de al lado, the book   |2011-10-29 01:34:34
i want this book so badly! i watch this soap opera everyday ! AND I JUST LOVE IT!
Iván  - anonimo   |2012-03-06 06:52:37
estan en Guaadalajara los niños de córdoba pero no lo van aencontrar
Adeyeye A  - behind closed dooooors!!!!!   |2013-10-02 14:29:07
I love the plot of this series! Is it available on CD/DVD? I need it.....!!!!!!!
liwly   |2013-10-03 19:11:11
I love this series
kathleen dzene  - behind close doors   |2013-10-07 16:19:25
i love this but u are confusing me
Tjiuti Hiiko  - It makes me angry   |2014-02-26 15:02:01
Why is Gonzalo always getting away with muder?
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