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Clon, El

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El Clon telenovelaThis is the remake of the O Clone, a Brazilian telenovela originally aired in 2001 on Globo and in 2002 on Telemundo. The plot is just similar to the original though there are some changes made to the plot. First, the events occur in the recent time unlike those of the O Clone; the theme of Islam, the conflict between the Islamic values against the western culture and traditions, love triangle is traced throughout the story along with the issue of drug addiction, though the latter social problem is not that intensely revealed in the remake. The names of the most characters are the same but Leo from the O Clone is now Daniel.

Jade leaves USA in 1987 for Morocco when her mother dies. She arrives to the place of her father and meets there the twins. She falls in love with Lucas, more romantic and caring young man. He also loves her but their love is deemed forbidden and they feel they have to part. Life gets them parted when Diego, Lucas’s twin brother dies, and the family is obsessed with that grief.  Her uncle Ali confronts the idea of loving and marrying Lucas. In the meantime, Diego dies which makes his father broken and depressed. 20 years later the couple Jade and Said has a daughter, as well as Lucas and Maysa. In the meanwhile the clone of Lucas, called Leo, is 20 years younger and he meets Jade. She feels herself go back 20 years ago and her emotions get overwhelming. She realizes she still loves Lucas but he has no idea of having a clone, twenty years younger than him.

Finally, the couple is together, Jade and Lucas, while the clone Leo escapes with Albieri to the desserts since the scientist has been accused of illegal scientific activity.


Mauricio Ochmann as Diego Ferrer/ Lucas Ferrer/Daniel

Diego has a twin brother Lukas but they are completely different in personality though look similar in appearance. Diego is blissful and feels satisfied with what he has in this life. He is fascinated with the future perspective his father promises to him. His life positions are set clearly and precisely and, thus, he knows perfectly what he seeks for and how to get it. He is practical and born to deal in business. As one of the twins, he is dominative.

Lukas is the man of retro time. He is romantic and very sensitive. In appearance he looks like his twin-brother but they are too different worlds. He tries to identify himself with Diego after his death to the extent he marries Diego’s girlfriend. Due to the sense of pain and despair he becomes a tough, cruel and merciless person losing sensitiveness and tenderness.

Daniel “El Clon” will never get identified himself. He is the blend of Lukas’ personal features, with some special details and part of the memory but the set of new personal features dominate that makes him adventurous and lonely. Daniel cannot find the base of his origin living with his mother Dora and Albieri, a wealthy abusive person.

He is wobbly and shaky to gain in this life but his courageous and impulsive nature make him get stronger and experienced.

Sandra Echeverría as Jade

Jade feels conflict to the outer life and the inner part of her world. She has shifted from one culture to another, completely different in every detail expressed. She feels she cannot take one culture completely and devote herself to it. And that is her main problem.

She is impulsive and decisive. Inside her she is romantic, dreaming and gentle. She is smart enough to understand and perceive all the difficulties women face in Muslim families.

Carla Giraldo as Latifa

Carla Giraldo is Jade’s cousin. Unlike Jade, she is perfectly adopted to living in Morocco. She takes in that living in a Muslim country, a woman canot be so daring and rebellious as those in western countries. Yet, she comes to the idea to use her own weapon allowed to Muslim women against men, that is trickery and caress to win. She is still romantic and very attractive.

Geraldine Zivic Brex as Cristina

Cristina Miranda is an impulsive and a little bit weird woman living a happy life. she is not educated, she has no good manners, she has no perfect challenges to reach, but she has a good and generous heart. She was engaged in spheres where she did not have the chance to star and beam, like being a model, a porter, a saleswoman. She loves Leonardo and dreams of a romantic love for ever.

El Clon - telenovela

(2009) - Mauricio Ochmann, Sandra Echeverría


Mauricio Ochmann ... Lucas / Diego / David
Sandra Echeverría ... Jade
Saúl Lizaso ... Leonardo Ferrer
Roberto Moll ... Albieri
Geraldine Zivic ... Christina
Andrea López ... Marisa
Juan Pablo Raba .... Said
Daniel Lugo ... Alí
Lucy Martínez Tello
Carlos Barbosa ... Abdul
Luz Stella Luengas ... Zoraide
Muail Mulkay Bordón
Adriana Romero
Andrea Montenegro ... Nazira
Carla Evelyn Giraldo ... Latiffa
Pedro Telemaco
Indhira Serrano
Abel Rodríguez
Álex Rodríguez
Stefanía Gómez
Sofia Stamatiades .... Mel
Christian Tappan
Lucy Martínez Tello
Adriana Romero

Writing credits
Glória Perez (original story)
Roberto Stopello (adaptation)
Sandra Velasco (adaptation)

Directed by
Jayme Monjardim

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

TV Globo
RTI Colombia


Based on brazilian telenovela O Clone (2001 - 2002) with Murilo Benício and Giovanna Antonelli

Christian Meier was considered to play the leading role

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ada esparza   |2009-05-28 00:07:18
genesis will be great for the paper she has the talent and the is going to be a hit
aless  - The clon   |2010-03-11 23:40:36
I like THE CLON ( mexican version) it is much better that the brazilian version. The actors are more "alive" and hansome, and the women more beautiful
Anonymous   |2010-05-02 19:11:04
not all the actors are Mexican, actually there more like venezualian, and columbians doing this new version I think the only Mexicans are the main actors Lucas and Jade.
jen  - el nuevo clon   |2010-03-30 20:41:18
no version brazilena fue mucho mejor mas colorida cada personaje tenia su propia luz i vida .especialments jade lo siento pero sandra echevarria no a portado nada al papel, pienso que genesis rodriguez hubiera sido mucho mejor pues tiene "chispa" que es lo que le falta a sandra de mauricio ochmann "lucas" me parece que fue el unico que fue bien escojido para el papel pienso que lo esta haciendo muy
bien lastima que el resto del elenco no funcione...bueno esa es mi opinio!
Mex83   |2010-04-17 06:46:37
I like this version since I didnt see the original but I think that they extend it a lot... Is the original one long algo? I want the clon to grow up already and all that stuff to happen.
nonna   |2011-05-09 13:05:57
jade and lucas make a cute couple and i dont think that the clon has less personality than lucas.
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