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Corazón Apasionado

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Corazón Apasionado telenovelaAs a teenager, Patricia was shocked that her father was about to sell her out for his gambling debts. She was in great despair and seeing no way out of that horrible situation, she tried to escape with her boyfriend, a poor boy Leonardo but it happened that Leonardo died saving his beloved.

The girl’s father is in the jail but it does not make her life happier. From a naïve and tender girl Patricia grows into a cold-minded and closed-hearted young woman.

Patricia has always tried to resemble her grandfather Ursula who was so strong-willed and somewhat bossy. She tries to pave her way as her grandmother but she differs from her, anyway.

Patricia seems very cold and reserved but she often cries at homein lonely evenings remembering her love. Patricia is afraid to fall in love with anyone to be hurt again and when she meets Armando Marcano, a nice-looking mature man, a businesslike, manly and cynic person.

She despises him for his behavior at the ranch but he makes every attempt to make her believe in him. She emotionally confronts him but gradually the couple is getting closer to each other.


Marlene Favela as Patricia Campos Miranda

Patricia is a young girl, so beautiful, sensual and attractive though she prefers to stay alone. She masters riding since she is used to living at the ranch with her gradmother Ursula and the skill helps her when she has to manage Ursuls’s ranch.

Guy Ecker as Armando Marcano

A bossy, abusive but very attractive, athletic mature man who has his own principles and way in life. He is a specialist in engineering and when he arrives to the ranch he gets a master.

Susana Dosamantes as Doña Ursula

Abusive, bossy and too tough old lady who does not yield to men when it comes to protect herself or the ones she takes care. She has done a lot to make the reputation of the woman with an icy heart but she committed to bring-up a kind and responsive heart with Patricia. She is intolerant to people’s mistakes and wrong opinion. She believes her words to be listened and her recommendations done and when it goes the wrong way she gets furious.

Jessica Mass as Fedora

An antagonist. Sensual, too spicy and attractive woman with the special taste of style. In spite of being a villain and doing harm to Patricia, she attracts attention with her chic and elegant look.

Marcelo Buquet as Bruno

Bruno is Patricia’s father. A good gambler, a bad father. His debt was so huge that he was flashed with the thought to sell his daughter to pay his way out. A gambler needs only money to gamble and the rest of his life is not essential. Spoilt to the end.

Corazón apasionado - telenovela

(2011) - Marlene Favela, Guy Ecker


Marlene Favela ... Patricia Campos
Guy Ecker ... Armando Marcano
Luis José Santander ... Ricardo Rey
Susana Dosamantes ... Doña Úrsula
Natalia Ramírez ... Sonia De Marcano
Carlos Augusto Maldonado ... Ramiro Meléndez
Carlos Guillermo Haydón ... Diego Lozada
Lorena Meritano ... Virginia Campos Miranda
Daniela Navarro ... Marielita Campos
Jessica Mass ... Fedora
Adrián Carvajal ... David Campos
Jose Guillermo Cortines ... Marcos Pérez
Raúl Izaguirre ... Ignacio Meléndez
Dayana Garroz ... Emperatriz Ferrer
Fernando Carrera ... Alejandro Gómez
Gaby Rivero ... Teresa Rivas
Christian Carabias ... Jonnhy Gómez
Patricia De León ... Carmen Rosa
Héctor Soberón ... Álvaro Martínez
Eduardo Ibarrola ... Melquiades López
Paulo Quevedo ... Felipe López
Beatriz Arroyo ... Lorena Sánchez De Marcano
Scarlett Gruber ... Rebeca Marcano
Carlos Yustis ... Domingo Domínguez
Kevin Aponte ... Juan José Rey
Lara Ricote ... María Rey
Beatriz Monroy ... Ramona Pérez
Patty Álvarez ... Graciela Núñez

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez (original story)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by

Produced by



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dario   |2011-12-15 01:06:34
hola me gustaria felicitarlos x la de chile...sufró de una enfermedad llamada mielomeningose,veo todos los capítulos de la teleserie muy buena,ojala pueda conoser a los actores a cada uno de ellos....felicidades
kasterin  - kasterin de la cruz   |2012-07-23 23:29:28
hola me llamo kasterin de la cruz y soy una de la mejores fans de marlene favela y de guy eker lo kiero atodos felicidadez esta novela es muy buena la veo todos los dia a proposito padian ponerme el capitulo final no pude verlo enterro solo pude ver una pate porque tuve k salir gracias tengo 12 años
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