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Corazón Partido

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Corazón partido telenovelaAura, a young and beautiful girl, gets pregnant at the age of 16. She does not know for sure who is her baby’s father, her boyfriend or her cousin Sergio who once raped her. Her grandmother Virginia gets her locked in the barn to avoid the disgrace but Aura's younger brother let her go away. While escaping Aura has an accident and her grandfather dies while helping her; her brother is paralyzed due to the incident. Aura is taken back to the rancho where she is about to give birth to her baby. Virginia accuses Aura of killing her husband incidentally and she decides to take revenge taking the baby away from Aura.

Aura tries to forget these life episodes for many years but unfortunately; she only suffers and gets exhausted. Thus, she decides to come back to Mexico to take her baby back. The fate intriguingly plays with her letting her meet Adrian. She falls in love with him and she has no guess that he is the person who adopted her son and named him Esteban.


Jose Angel Llamas as Adrian Rinkon

Adrian meets Aura when he is about to divorce with Nelly, his wife with whom he adopted a baby eight years ago. He is happy again about having Aura in his life but life gets complicated when he learns who she is actually.

Danna Garcia as Aura Echarri

Aura is 24-year old professional photographer. She is looking for her baby whom she lost eight years ago. She meets Adrian but he is like an angel and the torturer for her.

Ximena Rubio as Nelly

Nelly works as the seller of women wear and art works. When younger, she made several abortions and thus she cannot have children. They adopted Esteban and she loves him as her blood baby.  She lives in fear that Esteban will learn the truth one day about his mother.

Khotan as Sergio

Sergio is a wicked and mean step-brother of Aura. He might be the father of her child. His mean act was ignored once but he still fancies about her. He is a successful lawyer, thinking of satisfaction of his needs.

Corazón partido - telenovela

(2005) - Danna García, José Ángel Llamas


Danna García ... Aura Echarri
José Ángel Llamas ... Adrián
Ximena Rubio ... Nelly
Saby Kamalich ... Virginia
Ana Ciocchetti ... Fernanda
Carlos Torres Torrija ... César
Alejandro Calva ... Tanque
Khotan ... Sergio
Alejandra Lazcano ... Claudia
Ángeles Marín ... Ernestina
Enrique Singer ... Rogelio
Carlos de la Mota ... Germán
Evangelina Martínez ... Chelo
Giovan D'Angelo ... Nelson
Gizeht Galatea ... Rocío
Juan Carlos Barreto ... Erasmo
Juan Luis Orendain ... Gregorio
Karina Mora ... Alejandra
Luis Gerardo Mendez ... Ignacio
Paco Mauri ... Amador
Patricia Marrerro ... Filomena
Tony Helling ... Bethina

Writing credits
Pablo Illanes
Laura Sosa
Luis Zelkowicz

Original music
Jorge Drexler

Cinematography by
Esteban de Llaca

Directed by
Pablo Gómez Sáenz
Epigmenio Ibarra
Moisés Ortiz Urquidi

Produced by
Daniel Camhi
Epigmenio Ibarra
Carlos Payán

Telemundo Communications Group Inc.


Remake of chilean telenovela "Destinos cruzados" (2004) with Aline Küppenheim and Álvaro Rudolphy

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