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Corazón Valiente

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Corazón Valiente telenovelaThis is the story about two women who have known each other from their childhood. Ángela Valdez is a poor, modest and humble girl whose parents work for the influential and powerful family of Sandoval. Samantha Sandoval Navarro is a girl from the rich family where Angela’s parents work for, and she is the one to try and possess anything she wants. As a daughter of the wealthy person in the town, she has a bodyguard, Miguel Valdez. One day Samantha is kidnapped and they have to struggle to free her. 

They pay with the death of Samantha’s bodyguard and this incident make these two girls believe they have to be strong and brave enough to defend themselves and protect other people. They vow to be together and protect the weaker and more vulnerable. But the life is that the girls have to get parted and they finally lose each other.

Years lapse and Samantha becomes the best bodyguard, recognized and well-paid in the area. As for Angela, she is not on her way to achieve what she had to swear and she devotes her life to baking and cooking; she studies to become a nurse, at the same time. Unfortunately, she marries Luis Martinez, a gangster and ex-drug trafficker and they have Violeta, their daughter, in the marriage. Angela lives with Luis for the sake of Violeta only.

Meanwhile, Samantha searches for Angela and eventually the friends meet each other. Samantha prepares Angela to become a bodyguard, either to get free from any ties. So, Angela starts working as a bodyguard to protect the daughter of the person with whom she falls in love. Juan Marcos also finds her attractive though their love is infeasible to live since he is married to Isabel, the selfish and stupid alcoholic. After events, Juan Marcos has to fire Angela to avoid from any harm and she gets a job with Fernanda.

Samantha works as a bodyguard for Willy, her love from the teenage age. Willy del Castillo is a womanizer, his only thoughts are to get entertained and avoid responsibility.
So, both friends have to be courageous and too disciplined and responsible to perform as they should do and not to let their hearts overwhelm.


Adriana Fonseca as Ángela Valdez
Ángela Valdez is a beautiful, impulsive and edgy woman. She is self-confident and too proud of herself. She is strong-minded and courageous enough to perform even when she is exhausted and. She is very decisive and never stops what she starts until she comes to end.
Angela’s beauty make her possess a person and one should be careful not to fall in love with her long legs, shiny hair, sensitive look. Angela was born in the family lower than the middle class and she has to distinguish against the crowd to achieve what she wants. She is a good mother for little Violeta for whom she is extremely responsible. She is married to Luis, though she soon meets a person who turns her life upside down.

Ximena Duque as Samantha Sandoval Navarro
Samantha Sandoval is a woman of incredible beauty and elegance. Her high-class manners, her look and big purse, and her cats make people envy her.
Samantha looks very simple and open-hearted, so easy to conquer and seduce. Though, sometimes she can act cold-heartedly. She does not allow anyone enter her private life.
Samantha convinces people she is not a millionaire and she acts to protect people. She protected celebrities and reputed politicians. And now she has Willy del Castillo near attracted by her.

José Luis Resendez as Juan Marcos Arroyo
Juan Marcos Arroyo is a handsome man who is able to make a woman happy making her wishes come true. He is a millionaire, seductive, intelligent and very athletic.
He is married to Isabel but he is unhappy in marriage leading a dull and ruitine life for some reasons. He finds love in Génesis.
Juan Marcos is a born businessman. He owns an automobile business and he escapes from the reality collecting retro cars.He is a well-educated to be able to talk and discus anything. The personal tragedy that he experiences make his life twisted.

Aylín Mujica as Fernanda Del Castillo
Fernanda Del Castillo was a friend of Juan Marcos as they were schoolchildren. She is the example of how an ungly geek becomes an elegant and beautiful woman.
She is glamourous, of too complicated temper, prudent and cool-hearted. She is wicked and she always bears in mind mean tricks and plots.
She is lonely, she seems to be free from any emotions. She still loves Juan Marcos Arroyo and she is willing for any adventures to be with him.



Corazón Valiente - telenovela

(2012) - Adriana Fonseca, José Luis Reséndez


Adriana Fonseca ... Angela Valdez
José Luis Reséndez ... Juan Marcos
Ximena Duque ... Samantha Salazar Navarro
Jorge Luis Pila ... Miguel
Sonya Smith ... Isabel
Aylin Mujica ... Fernanda del Castillo
Manuel Landeta ... Bernardo del Castillo
Fabián Ríos ... Willy del Castillo
Katie Barberi ... Perla
Gabriel Valenzuela ... Bruno
Vanessa Pose ... Emma Arroyo
Gilda Haddock
Eduardo Rodríguez ... Luis Martínez
Jon Ecker ... Pablo Peralta
Lino Martone
Paloma Márquez ... Sol
Tatiana Capote
José Guillermo Cortines

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol




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anna  - question   |2012-07-26 19:38:05
when will Corazon Valiente finish in the US?

Melissa  - Luis Martinez?   |2012-11-01 02:30:55
I have watching this show for a long time, not from the beginning, but for a long time, and i never really got to know of what happened to luis? So can you explain to me of what happened to him? is he dead? and if he did die then how?
jay  - hey   |2013-02-20 19:32:27
the novela will be air in france ?
monica  - corazon valiente   |2013-08-11 21:28:41
i love the novela it is so cool lol
Anonymous   |2014-06-13 19:43:30
i love corazon valiente it so cool.
royline charlie  - corazon valiente   |2014-07-02 01:57:18
i love corazon valiente
Myma  - Corazon valiente   |2014-08-16 22:19:07
it's so awesome
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