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Cuerpo del Deseo, El

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El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovelaThe story features Pedro José Donoso, a wealthy old man in love with a gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo. He dies suddenly, but returns to Earth through transmigration: (the passing of a soul into another body after death), in the body of Salvador Cerinza, a handsome (yet poor) family man. Pedro José searches for everything he lost, uncovering secrets, truths and deceptions. Ultimately, he must set things straight and save those who truly loved him.


Andrés García as Pedro Jose Donoso

Pedro José is a hapy person, as he believes, since to the age of 70 he has achieved a lot in life. After long years of a widower, he is now in love with Isabel Arroyo. And nothing can stop him, neither his only daughter Ángela who is strongly against this love affair, nor the difference in age. Pedro Jose is wealthy and can afford everything in his life apart from health. And he soon dies from heart attack. However, he is assigned to return back to the earth in the new body to reveal lies and secrets his folks used to hide from him.

Mario Cimarro as Salvador Cerinza

Salvador Cerinza is the farmer who sufferes from consequences of the car accident that happened in mysterious conditions. While the wealthiest person in the region, Pedro Jose Donoso, dies , Salvador has to lead his unhappy life with his wife Cantalicia and his son Moncho.

Lorena Rojas as Isabel Aroyo

Isabel is a very sensual and attractive woman. Her high ambitions make her move forward to power and wealth. She is the designer in Pedro’s company. She marries her ex-employer to taste all charms of wealthy life. Isabel loves her husband, at least it is noted by people surrounding them.

Martín Karpan as Andrés Corona

Andrés is one of the employees working for Pedro Donoso whom he trusts. However, Andrés is Isabel’s lover which he keeps in secret. He is double-faced, well-educated, with perfect personal skills to communicate with people and negotiate. His duplicity make him do his best to handover from Pedro Jose Donoso after his death.

Vanessa Villela as Angela

Angela is Pedro’s only daughter. She lives separately, away from her home. Angela takes a dim view of the marriage between her father and Isabel, who is like her in age. Angela has relations with Andrés Corona and she is greatly shocked when she reveals that her lover has an affair with another woman, and particularly with Isabel, her step-mother.

El Cuerpo del Deseo - telenovela

(2005) - Mario Cimarro , Andrés García, Lorena Rojas


Andrés García ... Pedro Jose Donoso
Lorena Rojas ... Isabel Aroyo
Mario Cimarro ... Salvador Cerinza
Liz Coleandro ... Doña Nina
Pablo Azar ... Simon
Andrea Conte ... Non Hispanic Maid
Erick Elias ... Antonio Dominguez
Michelle Jones ... Reporter
Martín Karpan ... Andres Corona
Jeannette Lehr ... Gaetana Charri
Roberto Moll ... Walter
Diana Osorio ... Valeria
Martha Picanes ... Doña Rebeca
Rosalinda Rodríguez ... Cantalicia
Yadira Santana ... Vicky
Anna Silvetti ... Abigail Dominguez
Vanessa Villela ... Angela
Freddy Viquez ... Albeiro Mojica

Writing credits
Julio Jimenez
Iván Martínez

Song: El Cuerpo Del Deseo
Written by: Alberto Slezynger and Abel Ibarra
Singing: Lorena Rojas

Song: Hoy Te Vuelvo A Enamorar
Written by: Alberto Slezynger and Pablo Cáceres
Singing: Diego Vargas

Original music
Abel Ibarra, Alberto Slezinger, Ana Marie Jacinto

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes
Joseph Martínez

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Alejandro García
Alicia Avila

NBC Telemundo Network


Telenovela was filmed in Miami

Remake of colombian telenovela En Cuerpo Ajeno

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Josephine Mary Namiya  - Secretary   |2010-04-15 14:12:56
Very good presentation you people i liked it so much though at times i would be so much caught up that on certain occassions i would feel like dying

But all the same i love it

send us more of your soaps in Uganda - East Africa. We have only watched Woman of My life and Second chance.

Best regards
kathie   |2011-03-24 23:33:35
excellent story idea written by Julio Jimenez
Iván Martínez
and new mind for love!it was great,maybe it's far from the fact but some times we like dreams happen in the real life..i suggest others to see it..i love it's songs too.everything was perfect.
thanks to all ingredient of this telenovela
gloria rodas   |2012-10-12 01:55:49
me gustaria que buelvan a pasar elcuerpo del deseo me gusto mucho plis pasenla de nuevo en telemunto
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