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Dame Chocolate

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Dame ChocolateThis melodrama features an awkward, shy girl named Rosita Amado, who struggles to find love, fulfillment and acceptance. She grew up in the village of Xochilcacahuatel with humble, uncultured relatives who worship Ek Chuah, an ancient idol. When her grandfather Juan Amado  - who was known as "The Chocolate King" - dies, she is the only person left who knows the secret Mayan recipe that built his corporate empire. Rosita falls madly in love with charming chocolatier Bruce Remington, the handsome heir to a candy factory, Chocolate Supremo. Their lives will interlace when Juan chooses her to take his place and teaches her the secret recipe. Rosita finds romance, deception and betrayal as she searches for true happiness in a new world. She learns about the dangers of hatred, jealousy and vengeance. The heroine finds herself caught between two powerful forces: love and chocolate.


Génesis Rodríguez as Rosita Amado

Rosita Amado is a young and beautiful woman with perfect shapes but her face is too dull. She is energetic and too frank, especially with strangers. Sometimes she is too clumsy. Her mother died during delivery and her father left her as an infant baby. She was raised by her grandmother Dulce who loves her as her own daughter and lives with her uncle Diosdado, her aunt Hortensia and the cousin Azucena. Her grandfather always supported her financially. She is introduced to the family secret of Amado chocolate recipe, as her grandfather Juan Amado reveals the secret of the ancient ritual to Dios Maya Ek-Chuah God.

Carlos Ponce as Bruce Remington

Bruce Remington is the person with vicious principles. He owns everything in this life and it is quite logical to lose taste to life and wealth. He is a daydreamer, passionate and impulsive. He is highly competitive in his sphere of business, too overloaded and too stirring all the time. He is the only son of Grace Remington. He is a great womanizer who believes that monogamy is dull. When he feels he can lose everything he has, he reconsiders values though he is ready to do mean things and tricks to rehabilitate his reputation.

María Antonieta de Las Nieves as Dulce Amado

Dulce Amado is Juan’s loving sister. She is not so intellectual though her generous and warm heart compensate other qualities. When she is hurt, she is too revengeful. She is too protective towards her folks.

Khotan as Ángel Pérez

Ángel Pérez is the dual-faced person. He is tender-looking, selfish and too diplomatic when talking to people. Though, he can show his aggressive nature in tight spots. He is very handsome and attractive. As a child he was beaten and left by his mother at the age of 10. He lived with his father, then. He does not expect justice either from God or people. He also believes those who are smart and energetic can be happy. He offers money to Rosita for her love.

Kristina Lilley as Grace Remington

Grace Remington is Bruce’s mother. His father died when he was 6. He has never understood and accepted his step-father and thus, he rejects any man in his life as the image of a dad. He is a great manipulator when achieveing his goals and he is able to do everything he can do physically. When Bruce is 18, Grace comes back to the family to take him to Juan and his choco0late company since she wants him to inherit it.

Dame Chocolate - telenovela

(2007) - Carlos Ponce, Génesis Rodríguez

Genre: Drama


Ricardo Chávez .... Diosdado Amado
Carlos Ponce .... Bruce Remington
Génesis Rodríguez .... Rosita Amado
María Antonieta de las Nieves .... Dulce Amado
Kristina Lilley .... Grace Remington
Mauricio Ochmann .... Fabián Duque
Khotan .... Ángel Pérez
Karla Monroig .... Samantha / Débora Porter
Eduardo Serrano .... Lorenzo Flores
Héctor Suárez .... Juan Amado
Jullye Giliberti .... Julia Arismendi
Rosalinda Rodríguez .... Hortensia Amado
Alvaro Ruiz .... Luis
Adriana Acosta .... Matilde
Gustavo Franco .... Mauricio Duque
Frank Falcon .... Dr. Bob
Pedro Moreno .... José Guttierez
Jose Ramon Blanch .... Ricardo Solis
Jessica Pacheco .... Ligia
Riczabeth Sobalvarro .... Eulalia
Taniusha Capote .... Azucena Amado
Bernhard Seifert .... Eduardo
Zuleyka Rivera .... Betsy
Victor Corona .... Anacleto
Freddy Viques .... Matias
Carmen Olivares .... Carmen
Arianna Coltellacci .... Veronica
Giovanna del Portillo .... Lupe
Xavier Coronel .... Lic. Arturo Bonet
Heidy Serrano .... La Loba
Angely Moncayo .... Maria

Directed by
Luis Manzo
Leonardo Galavis

Writing credits
Perla Farías

Executive producers:
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol

Opening theme by: Carlos Ponce

Original channel : Telemundo

Cinematography by
Joseph Martínez
Juan Pablo Puentes

Language : Spanish
Country: USA


When Telemundo announced Dame Chocolate in May, 2006, the cast included Mauricio Ochmann as Bruce, Zharick Leon as Samantha and Erick Elias as Angel. All three performers moved to other Telemundo serials

Telemundo touted Dame Chocolate as a ratings success, with May 2007 sweeps ratings up 34 percent among Hispanic adults ages 18-34.

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Carlos hopeyemmy hardesa   |2011-04-04 08:01:16
The telenovela is intriguing. With desperation, i enjoyed every scene at first the sight of rosita made me feel sorry. I became my self when she appeared as a starking, elegant and pretty violeta. All cast are excellent
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