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Daniela telenovelaA young and beautiful girl, Daniela Gamboa, dreams of becoming a ballet dancer and find her real love. But the life makes her dreams postponed when her mother dies and she stays an orphan. She has to live for the city capital to her father Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Gamboa and his wife Enriqueta Montijo. When she arrives to her father’s place she faces her step-mother who hates Daniela because she is the baby of love between Poncho and his beloved but not Enriqueta. Her step-sister, Marilyn, is not happy with Daniela, either. She gets jealous and envious when she finds out that Andres falls in love with Daniel. 

Marilyn loves him for a long time already. Daniela’s father travels a lot and Enriqueta and Marilyn arrange the case to let Daniela down humiliating her. She is treated as a servant being reproached and obsessed with every possible occasion. Daniela has to choose between two young men, Andres Miranda and the millionaire Mauricio Lavalle. These two young and handsome men struggle seriously for Daniela’s love and affection becoming bitter enemies. They have no idea of the horrible secret that changes the situation drastically.


Litzy as Daniela Gamboa

A beautiful humble young girl who feels she must be brave and purposeful to live but not survive. She differs for her modest nature and sensitivity that captures men around her. Daniel has the strength deeply inside her that helps her endure the pressing and humiliation she experiences in the new place without her mother. Daniel loves Mauricio.

Osvaldo Behavides as Andrés Miranda

Andrés Miranda is the son of Isabel. He is a very attractive young man. He is athletic, well-mannered and well-groomed. He falls in love with Daniela.

Rodrigo de la Rosa as Mauricio Lavalle

Mauricio is the son of Regina and Armando. He is handsome, confident and purposed man in his early 30s. He feels strong affected by Daniela when he meets her for the first time.

Daniela - telenovela

(2002) - Litzy, Osvaldo Benavides


Litzy .... Daniela Gamboa
Osvaldo Benavides .... Andres Miranda
Rodrigo De la Rosa .... Mauricio Lavalle
René Gatica .... Alfonso 'Poncho' Gamboa
Marta Zamora .... Enriqueta Montijo de Gamboa
Elvira Monsell .... Isabel Miranda
Ximena Rubio .... Paola Arango
Teresa Tuccio .... Gabriela Arango
Rodrigo Oviedo .... Rafael Valdez
Gustavo Navarro ..... Larry
Tara Parra .... Chelito
Magali Boysselle .... Nena
Alexandra de la Mora .... Brandon
Masha Kostiurina .... Marilyn
Virgilio García .... Fabián
Elizabeth Fuindi .... Regina
Marco Antonio Treviño .... Osvaldo
Roberto Escobar .... Armando
Alma Frether .... Camila
Pilar Mata .... Laura
Luis Cardenas .... Federico
Claudia Lobo

Writing credits
Pablo Serra (original story)
Erika Johnson (original story)
Delia Betancourt (literary director)

Song: Sobrevivire
Singing: Litzy

Cinematography by
Mauricio Meneses

Directed by
Javier Patrón

Produced by
Carlos Pagán
Epigmenio Ibarra
Patricia Benitez Icaucin (executive producer)
María Ausiliadora Barrios (associated producer)

Argos Producciones and Telemundo


"Daniela" is a remake of telenovela "La Rica Vicky" (Peru)

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ergiemae  - hello there!   |2008-10-28 15:07:18
i want your telenovela daniela since i was child..hope to see u sOon..
Sergio  - theme song   |2012-01-31 16:10:46
I madly like the theme song. How do I get it?
zohal raza khan  - love u rodrigo   |2012-04-08 15:11:42
i love rodrigo or mauricio in daniela...
daniela  - dn one   |2012-08-28 21:14:04
i really like u telenovela and this plot ,maybe becouse u have my name and a little of my story .
very good!
gladysLilian  - Daniela   |2012-09-17 07:29:39
This telenovela is breathtaking keeps you up all the night, en Intrested. I love it. Wonder how I can get it.
candylicious  - daniela   |2014-08-01 18:06:26
this movie is sooooo dramatising
liza   |2014-08-03 04:52:36
this was my favorite mexican drama...hope I can watch it again online with english sub title
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