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Desire telenovelaTwo brothers, Alex and Louis Thomas, open a small restaurant in New Jersey with their mother, Rita. On their opening night, Louis sleeps with the daughter of a notorious and very ruthless mafia boss, who burns down their home and restaurant, forcing the Thomas family to flee to Los Angeles. There, Alex and Louis find work at a prestigious Beverly Hills restaurant, where they both fall in love with the same woman, Andrea, the beautiful daughter of the restaurant's wealthy owner. This sets off a chain of events and now their lives will never be the same again. As the intrigue mounts, and the mafia is hot on their trail, Alex and Louis are faced with added danger, as the bonds of brotherly love are threatened by betrayal.


Michelle Belegrin as Andrea Zavatti
Andrea canot choose between Alex and Louis. She is the daughter of a the rich and influential restaraunteur. She is young and beautiful and soon she is attracted by the Thomas brothers. These two young men are ready to live as enemies for Andrea’s love.
Kelly Albanese as Cara Gamarra
Cara Gamarra is a very crafty and prudent woman. She lies to her father to take advantage of the family business telling she is in relationship with Louis. She is not at all hesitant to make this intrigue since the amount involved is the fortune of her father.
Tomy Dunster as George
George is a restaurant manager. He is a great schemer, foreseeing steps of other people to take advantage. He is Andrea's boyfriend and it is easy for him to deal with his intentions. He is after her money that is her father’s fortune, actually. Along with his half-sister, Victoria, George has to pretend they are wealthy and influential people, even though they have no money left to survive.
Derika Abraham
as Kate
Kate is Andrea's friend, grudgingly caught in a cheat.  She is so innocent to find herself involved in the schemes and intrigues made to take away the money from Andrea. She is the perfect tool to manipulate.
Eliana Alexander as Rita Thomas
She is the mother of Alex and Louis. She devoted her life to them after she is left behind by her tricky husband. As a brave single mom, she has to do a lot to survive and as the result she has her family restaurant in New Jersey revived and succeed. Unfortunately, the restaurant will get on fire due to careless and vacillating behavior of Louis.
Vivian Gray as Suzy Edwards
Suzy Edwards is a great scheming seductress. She is the best friend to Andrea. She is okay to seduce her friend’s boyfriend since the couple reveal they chase the same goal. Together, these two make the scheme to steal Andrea’s fortune and leave her poor and unhappy despite her good attitude to both of them.

Desire - telenovela

(2006) - Eliana Alexander, Nate Haden, Zack Silva, Michelle Belegrin, Tomy Dunster, Kelly Albanese


Eliana Alexander ... Rita Thomas
Kelly Albanese ... Cara Gamarra
Michelle Belegrin ... Andrea Zavatti
Vivian Gray ... Suzy Edwards
Al Bandiero ... Peter Evans
Nate Haden ... Louis Thomas
Zack Silva ... Alex Thomas
Tanisha Harper ... Heather
Gregg Strouse ... Cully
Joe Tabb ... Marco Manetti
Alexandria Schlereth ... Jessica
Chuti Tiu ... Detective Rachel Lin
Will Rolland ... Det hawkins
Josh Kelly ... Felix
Xavier Tournaud ... Christoph
Ron Gilbert ... Harold Zavatti
Ray Van Ness III ... Narrator
Ray Galletti ... Richard Barrett
Jessica Kinney ... Simona
Janora McDuffie ... Agent Abbott
Leslie Durso ... Blair
Kristen Kerr ... Claudia
Kaleti Williams ... Louis' Bodyguard
Eric Beck ... Agent Stotridge
Jessie Ward ... Penelope
Ashley Greene ... Renata
Mark Ivanir ... Ustin
Fiona Hunter ... Erika
Stephen Walters ... Cara's Guard
Judy Ho ... Makeup Artist
Kamal Marayati ... Dr. Bhatia
Tomy Dunster ... George
Sofia Milos ... Victoria Marston
Daniel Bernhardt ... Vincent
Cyril O'Reilly ... Asher
Paul J. Alessi ... Police Officer Jackson
Ben Belack ... Maurice Hutz
Alicia R. Cole ... LA Desk Nurse
Chris DeRose ... Joey Gamarra
GiGi Erneta ... Casey
Leif Holt ... Busboy
Chad Olson ... Officer Windell
Otto Michael Penzato ... Fritz Wexler
Joseph Savant ... Nurse Charlie
Brennan Taylor ... Elliot
Brien Perry ... Louis' Bodyguard
Jared Aaker ... Lousy Waiter
Thomas Alan Beckett ... Police Officer
Norman Black ... Paramedic
Brandon Broeffle ... Gamarra's Guard
Alan Conn ... Paramedic
Ben Corey ... Tonica Officer
Thurman Dalrymple ... Sommelier
Greg Dehm ... Tim Harris
Reggie De Morton ... Frank Spencer
Scott Elrod ... Daniel
Michelle Fabiano ... Blonde Executive
Justin Foley ... Man on the Beach
Fabiola Francesca ... Alistair's Assistant
Gene Galassini ... SWAT Officer
Lisel M. Gorell ... Soccer Mom
Tom Hoeck ... Beverly Hills Cop
Jawara ... Bouncer
Alison MacInnis ... Bella Waitress
Theodore R. Mercer Jr. ... Security Guard Brent
Angelo Middione ... Gamarra Family Guard 1
George Mims ... FBI Agent
Scottie Nic ... Gamarra Family Guard 3
Marat Oyvetsky ... Sammy
Michael Toland ... Alistair
Alan Ursillo ... Lucio
Zadran Wali ... Louis Guard
Roy Werner ... Lawyer Michael
D. Elliot Woods ... Dr. Carl Miller
Michael C. Valiant ... Gamarra Family Guard
Joseph Romero ... Gamarra Family Guard

Writing credits
David Coggeshall
Christian Jean
Lori Evans Taylor
Nora Zuckerman
Heather Mitchell
Kyle Buchanan
Guy Busick
Jason Carvey
Matt J. Popham
Jeremy W. Soule
Mimi Zora

Song: Always On Your Side
Written by: Sheryl Crow
Singing: Sheryl Crow

Original music
We 3 Kings

Cinematography by
Tom Jewett

Directed by
Terry Cunningham
Dennis Dimster
P. David Ebersole
Alex Wright

Produced by
Crystal Fambrini .... producer
David Coggeshall .... producer
Gregg R. Simpson .... producer
Christian Jean .... producer
Adam Zuvich .... producer
Lori Evans Taylor .... producer
Joan Etchells .... producer
Tom Jewett .... producer
Heather Mitchell .... producer
Matt J. Popham .... producer
Jeremy W. Soule .... producer
Mimi Zora .... producer
Nora Zuckerman

My Network TV


The Parents Television Council filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, saying that the word "shit" was used in scripted dialogue during the September 21st broadcast. The group also said the show was rated "TV-14" without the "L" descriptor that notes strong language. It argued that MyNetworkTV was "deliberately breaking the indecency law" and deserves "stiff fines"

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miz jay  - my opinion   |2010-03-06 15:26:48
i dont know about u but i wanted andrea to end up with louis.
Michael C. Valiant  - Actor   |2010-08-28 04:42:05
Thanks for making sure everyone involved in this telenovela was in the credits!
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