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Doña Bárbara

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Doña Bárbara telenovelaBárbara is an attractive woman raised in the thick jungle by a band of Venezuelan smugglers. She was madly in love with the handsome Asdrubal until tragedy smashed everything. When dome bandits rape her and butcher her beau, a mad desire for vengeance against men overtakes her.

Bárbara seduces the wealthy landowner Lorenzo Barquero and steals his fortune. Grief-stricken, he descends into misery and alcoholism. Their destructive relationship produces a lovely daughter, Marisela, who is forced to live in despair with her tormented father.

Fifteen years later, Lorenzo’s dashing cousin Santos Luzardo opens old wounds. This ambitious doctor from Caracas returns to claim ownership of the family land. He soon discovers Doña Bárbara controls the area with an iron glove, using sorcery and seduction to force her will on the locals.

Santos refuses to surrender and fights to save his cousin and educate young Marisela. Bárbara falls in love with Santos. As a result of her love, she is driven to do anything, as long as it means that Santos will be by her side.


Christian Meier as Santos Luzardo Vergel
Santos Luzardo is the one to represent civil life and sophisticated world. He is humble and intelligent. A doctor who graduated from the University in Venezuela. He is the person with the wide mind and generous heart. He struggles against orruption and for the justice. He is the inborn lawyer. He hates violence because he has grown in the abusive environment and believes for law and justice.

He is very optimistic and honest, cheerful and outgoing. He decides to serve for liberty and civilization and Donna Barbara is the woman with whom he has to battle to teach to live a new life. His emotions and feelings fluctuate between the hatred and love to Bárbara.

Edith González as Bárbara Guaimarán
Bárbara is a beautiful mestizo, plain, ill-mannered and ill-educated. She symbolizes the savageness. Her heart is broken and her feelings are eliminated after she was raped. She prefers to be cruel, merciless, fickle and impulsive. She hates men being hurt and deeply humiliated by the band of those who wronged her. However, she lived with one of men who raped her and she has a daughter from him. She manipulates people with the help of violence and seduction. She lives on her hatred and revenge. She never missed the chance to tell her daughter that she was born in hatred and Bárbara was even ready to sell her. She is ambitious since she lived with Lorenzo B for the sake of his money and then she threw him away. She is ingenuous in that she can make people do harm and fight with each other.

Génesis Rodríguez as Marisela Barquero Guaimarán
Marisela is the good flexible “product” to produce everything according to civil life. She is Lorenzo Barquero’s daughter.  She is born in loveless relations and saved by Luzardo when she is found in miserable condition. She is the one Luzardo intends to care about. She suffers from being abused but later she is the one to defend her.

Doña Bárbara - telenovela

(2008) - Christian Meier, Edith González, Génesis Rodríguez


Christian Meier ... Santos Luzardo Vergel
Edith González ... Bárbara Guaimarán
Génesis Rodríguez ... Marisela Barquero Guaimarán
Humberto Arango
Katie Barberi ... Cecilia Vergel
Paula Barreto
Jimmie Bernal ... William Danger
Arap Bethke ... Antonio Sandoval
Martha Isabel Bolaños ... Josefa de Mujikita
Felipe Calero
Hermes Camelo
Jencarlos Canela ... Asdurbal
Marcelo Cézan .... Florencio Quitadolores
Bibiana Corrales
Jaime Correa
Tiberio Cruz
Naren Daryanani
Edgar Duran
Gary Forero
Raul Gutierrez ... Colonel Pernaalete
Herbert King
Roberto Manrique
Errssell Marca
Andres Martinez
Lucy Martínez ... Eustakia
Roberto Mateos ... Lorenzo Barquero
Hernan Mendez
Luis Mesa
Mimi Morales ... Altagracia
Amparo Moreno
Alejandro Muñoz
Nicolas Niño
David Noreña
Andres Ogilvie Browne
Julio Pachón
Esmeralda Pinzón ... Federica
Enrique Poveda
Paulo César Quevedo ... Balbino Paiba
Pedro Rendón
Iván Rodríguez ... Melezio Sandoval
Maritza Rodríguez ... Asuncion Vergel de Luzardo
Alejandra Sandoval ... Genoveva
Adriana Silva
Daniela Tapia ... Jervacia
Alberto Valdiri ... Mujikita
Lucho Velasco
Nicolas Votteler

Created by
Rómulo Gallegos

Writing credits
Valentina Párraga
Rómulo Gallegos

Song: Dame tu amor
Written by:
Singing: Estela Díaz

Produced by
Hugo León
Marlon Quintero
Brendan Fitzgerald
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI)
RTI Colombia


This is the third telenovela based on Rómulo Gallegos' heroine

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sandra/ de tierra del fuego u  - me en canta la novela doña barara   |2009-05-12 20:32:43
hola... que que buena que sta la novela doña barbara, me facina soy muy muy fanatica de barbara guaimran..

es una historia muy fuerte que en mi caso,refleja parte de mi pasado. esta novela alimenta mi alma..

esta buenicimos todos los muchachos muy lindos todos........
ana  - bueniiiisima   |2009-05-16 14:57:18
nunca miro novelas pero ésta es geniiiiaaalllllll,Bárbara espléndida,Maricela re bien,Santos se hace el pavo y entusiasma a todas jajaja,lorenzo,Mujiquita,Elena en fin todos muy pero muy bien excelentes.besos ana
Lilit   |2009-10-19 19:24:37
The film is very good in fact,my favorites are Marisela and Santos,because they love each other very much.idont like barbara
jasmin  - dona barbara   |2009-11-04 14:54:42
esta telenovela es muy diferente de las otras,y por eso me gusta mucho.y es muy yo fuera dona barbara me comportaria en la misma maniera...
hrarpy  - dona barbara   |2009-12-04 13:08:48
i love this movie its really beautiful and nice ...
daniela galvez  - Los Felicito a todo elenco de Ana Barbara   |2009-12-12 23:44:43
esta novela es muy siferrentes que las otras. los felicito a todo. me gusto como trabajo Christian Meier, Edith Gonzanles & Genesis Rodriges poque Cristian Meier es peruano como yo. y todo peru y tambien todos los latinos estamos orgullosos de tener un maravillosos actores y actrices como ellos sigen para adelante con su novela y estoy orgullosa de ser latina. carinos de Daniela
nora  - me gusta la novela   |2010-02-06 15:10:56
esta novela me gusta mucho porque es demaciado diferente y eso no es comun en una novela y tambien me gustan los actores como Roberto Mateos poque yo lo admiro mucho y que a todos les deseo muchos exitos con cariño Nora
E   |2012-01-18 23:01:41
I have gotten addicted to this show butI don't speak very good spanish, but the men are muy caliente!!!
plamena   |2012-07-31 10:50:21
me encanta la novela yo siempre la veo no me pierdo ni un capitulo ademas la doña es muy linda i su ija maricela tambien auque se lleven fatal i de sanntos que puedo decir.
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