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¿Dónde está Elisa?

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¿Dónde está Elisa? telenovelaThe lives of the Altamira family will change forever. Their lives will go around the events in the disappearance of Elisa, one of the daughters of the marriage between Mario Altamira and Danna Correa.

Once she disappears, we begin to learn the secrets of every member of the family and friends; the paranoias start, histories from the past, themes that were supposed to be buried and the recriminations among family members start.

All these events lead us into having a long list of suspects, among them family members (uncles, cousins, and including her parents), fellow students, former workers of the Domínguez and several friends that used to go to the same places she was going before disappearing

Mariano Altamira is the ex-executor and recently he has become the brilliant entrepreneur. He is very charismatic and his looks is perfect. As every millionaire makes the fortune using dirty methods, Mariano has to consider many things to behave safe.

Most of his happy days in marriage with Dana relates to his sussessful projects, trips to other places together, but his three daughters, Elisa, Cristina and Olga, is his biggest project in his life.

Mariano celebrates his birthday in Malibu with the family and friends. His daughter Elisa and her cousin Flor want to go to the party at the local club.

Later, when the parents to the club to pick Elisa up home, she is not found there. She does not pick her phone.

The family is ready for everything to have their daughter back home. Altamira Riggs is obsessed with the investigation on finding her. Versions on her disappearances vary from person to person saying that Elisa escaped by herself from supervision of parents.

Mariano and Dana come with the idea to develop their own scheme of investigation to find their daughter apart from police searches, sometimes to go beyond the legislation.

In the course of investigation the theory of kidnapping is considered. The second theory refers to sexual relations between Elisa and her cousin Santiago with involvement of their relatives, Mario and Flor.

The third theory is based upon the sexual violence. Elisa is the victim of the one who wants to satisfy personal needs.

Mariano and Dana put everything to sacrifice to know the truth when their trust to each other, their love and family values have been under frustration to endure and survive.

Together they go forward to the truth though it might be thousand times tougher than they expect it.


Vanesa Posse as Elisa Altamira

Elisa is the daughter to Mariano and Danna, and sister to Olga and Cristina. She is bright and impulsive, very attractive and close to her family.

She has abstracted a little bit in her teenage period when she was considered a little girl.

Elisa is an excellent daughter and sister; she is generous and outgoing. She has made progress in study to win respect and delight with friends. When she disappears, her personality is related to as rebellious and mysterious.

Gabriel Porras as Mariano Altamira

The father to Elisa, Olga and Cristina. As the Director General of the Conglomerate, Mariano is proud of his achievements and his capacity.

He is respected for his nobleness and quiet temper. He adheres to the laws and does not behave inadequately. He adores his wife and daughters. Elisa is his favorite daughter and they treat each other with greater love and trust roughly interrupted when she goes away.

Cristóbal Rivas hates the police for their slow performance. While Mariano looks for keys to grab and bring to Elisa, Cristóbal will seek for details to explain the disappearance of nice and modest girl.

Catherine Siachoque as Cecilia Altamira

Cecilia Altamira is the mother to Mario and Flor and sister to Mariano and Ana. She is strong-willed and is known for managerial skills. She is elegant by nature and has the style in what she does.

She is the Marketing Manager and together with her brother she manages to increase te quality and prestige of vineyards over the world. Her father gets a little disappointed with Ana’s nature and personality and he has never been strict and demanding to her.

Cecilia keeps the household with the same drive and love and trust as she runs her business anxious about her family. She adapts to the selfish personality of her husband and she ignores some of his adventures to keep the stable family.

Roberto Mateos as Bruno Cáceres

Bruno Cáceres is highly proud of his achievements and believes he does everything in this life. He knows the volume of work to do to stay in line. He is charming and enjoys the life doing it nicely and elegantly.

Ismael La Rosa as Nicolás del Valle

Nicolás del Valle is a very frustrated person and he cannot sit still. He is shamed for his parents for their changeable temper. He is immature but incredibly charming.

When Nicolás was a student, his girlfriend gets pregnant. He does not marry her but later he marries twice, Karla and Betty, both models with four kids on the whole in two marriages.

He has always been obsessed with Cecilia, for the emotions rather than for sex. When she is upset with her grief, he comes to calm her down. He thinks of taking revenge upon her.

Karina Mora as Gisela Cruz

As the deputy, Gisela is professional politician who believes in what she sees and trusts only in herself. She has never expressed her willing to get married even when the consequences were so serious for that. She thinks she does not need it.

When Gisela worked under supervision of Rivas she was deeply in love with him but she will die rather than she tells about it.

Jorge Luis Pila as Cristóbal Rivas

Cristóbal Rivas has not recovered from the death of his wife and daughter in the accident caused by drug traffickers. He was supposed to introduce the LAPD Drug Struggle Brigade. He missed the chance to save his family and since then he lives with the taste of grief and guilt. Presently he is employed at the Department of Kidnapping.

Alone hermit, Cristóbal lives in the suburbs of the city with his dog Baltazar. He is in charge to investigate the case about Elisa and he is really frustrated and hesitated. His daughter, Sofia, would have been the same age if she lived. And so, he takes the case to heart so vulnerably.

When Cristóbal meets Danna, he fels her grief and sorrow as if he lost his daughter.

Sonya Smith as Danna Riggs

Danna Riggs is the mother to Elisa, Olga and Cristina. She is devoted to her family and kids, being a generous and kind soul.

She puts high hopes that Elisa is alive. Completely exhausted, Mariano shows no support as expected from him since he holds investigation on his own. Danna sets relations with Cristóbal, the person who experiences the same emotions. During his investigation, Cristóbal reveals a love affair between Mariano and his secretary. Disappointed in her husband, Danna comes to have an affair with Cristóbal.

¿Dónde está Elisa? - telenovela

(2010) - Vanessa Pose, Gabriel Porras, Sonya Smith


Vanessa Pose ... Elisa Altamira
Gabriel Porras ... Mariano Altamira
Sonya Smith .... Danna Riggs de Altamira
Roberto Mateos .... Bruno Cáceres
Ismael La Rosa ....Nicolas del Valle
Jorge Luis Pila ... Cristóbal Rivas
Omar Germenos ... Jose Ángel Rincón
Catherine Siachoque .... Cecilia Altamira
Ivelin Giró ... Viviana Del Rincon
Melvin Cabrera ... Ricardo De La Fuente
Karina Mora ... Gisela Cruz
Claudia Moreno ... Isabel Ríos
Rubén Morales
Carlos Augusto Maldonado ... Esteban Briceño
Carmen Aub ... Flor Cáceres
Mauricio Hénao ... Eduardo Cáceres
Jason Canela ... Santiago Rincón
Gabriela Serrano
Tania Nieto

Writing credits
Pablo Illanes (original story)
Perla Farias (adaptation)

Written by:

Original music
Joaquín Fernández Fernández

Cinematography by
Argemiro Saavedra
Joseph Martínez

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Leonardo Galavís
Nicolás Diblasi

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Jairo Arcila
Martha Godoy



Filmed in Miami

Remake of chilean telenovela "¿Dónde está Elisa?" (2009)

The inspiration of the story comes from the real life drama of British native Madeleine McCann in Portugal, but unlike the McCann story, in the soap opera it is a youngster that disappears and not a little kid

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lola  - ??   |2010-02-20 01:45:08
when will this novela start? cuz it got me mah interested /cuando ba a comenzar esta novela pork se ve interesante
Anonymous  - re: ??   |2010-04-29 04:00:27
lola wrote:
when will this novela start? cuz it got me mah interested /cuando ba a comenzar esta novela pork se ve interesante
Aida De Jesus  - Donde esta Elisa   |2010-03-16 03:29:40
yo qisiera saber si santiago es jen carlos se da un parecido mucho y no a podido ver su nombre verdadero se ve muy flaco y muy nino.att. aida
jerika  - jayson canela   |2010-04-09 04:59:41
el que dices que si es jen carlos canela no es el es el hermano jayson
Yolanda Irene  - lo que paso con elisa fue;   |2010-03-20 04:33:53
creo que el amante de cecilia , se entendia tambien con elisa, esta quedo embarazada y por eso necesitaba ausentarse del colegio, el certificado logicamente se lo consiguio isabel, por peticion del amante de elisa y de la tia(es que no recuerdo el nombre del personaje), y este mismo fue quien mato a elisa, porque ella tal vez se entero que el estaba tambien con la tia y lo estaba presionando, aunque creo que la primita de elisa tiene su participacion en esto, aun no se porque, pero me parese que esa niña odiaba a su prima.
Anonymous  - re: lo que paso con elisa fue;   |2010-04-29 04:12:25
Yolanda Irene wrote:
creo que el amante de cecilia , se entendia tambien con elisa, esta quedo embarazada y por eso necesitaba ausentarse del colegio, el certificado logicamente se lo consiguio isabel, por peticion del amante de elisa y de la tia(es que no recuerdo el nombre del personaje), y este mismo fue quien mato a elisa, porque ella tal vez se entero que el estaba tambien con la tia y lo estaba presionando, aunque creo que la primita de elisa tiene su participacion en esto, aun no se porque, pero me parese que esa niña odiaba a su prima.
Juanita Solis   |2010-03-23 15:02:26
Santiago no es Jen Carlos Canela, sino es su hermano menor. Por eso el personaje de santiago se parece mucho a Jen Carlos Canela!
raquel  - Elisa   |2010-03-27 03:43:10
Yo no soy persona de ver novelas por mi tiempo y..algo mas ,Pero ?Donde esta Elisa me tiene cautivada ,quisiera saber si en algun dia no la puedo ver ,como sigo la trama.Gracias
ANA MARIA JADYN   |2010-03-29 09:05:30
la telenovela donde esta elisa me gusta mucho.yo no tengo tiempo de ver muchas telenovelas
iveth  - 252010   |2010-04-10 20:52:14
telenovela donde esta elisa;yo creo q la secretaria es la que secuestro a elisa la amante de mariano.
tay  - donde esta eliza   |2010-04-11 02:50:20
yo no creo que eliza este muerta, me encanta esta novela y me gustaria saber como puedo ver los capitulos que pierdo, se que hay alguna manera por pero tendre q prestar mas atencion cdo den la informacion en la tele
fabiola   |2010-04-13 15:29:31
yo creo que la secretaria tiene algo que ver ya que elisa sabia de la relacion de mariano el papa
rita ascencio  - donde esta elisa   |2010-04-15 08:33:15
yo piene con su papa y la secretaria, y tenia miedo que la mama se enterara del romanse de su papa,y desidio ir y hacer como que la secuestraron, pero si creo que hay complice,y ellos son los que piden el dinero,quisa ella les ofrecio dinero al que los esta ayudando y quien sabe que sea lupita.
mayra  - donde esta elisa   |2010-04-17 03:42:12
el que secuestro a elissa es el mismo papa para q no hable del romance q mantenia con su secretaria...
candida caputo  - Donde esta elisa   |2010-04-17 04:19:44
La verdad que esa novela ,me tiene en una sola desesperacion.
Jenny Espinal  - Jenny- Donde esta Elisa   |2010-04-21 04:38:22
Pienso que a Elisa la tiene secuestrada su papa con su secretaria. y ustedes que creen?
Nora   |2010-05-17 23:47:57
yo tambien pienso q la tiene la secretario junto con nicolas!
mari  - ¿donde esta elisa?   |2010-09-17 19:24:23
creo que elisa se enamoro de bruno y el dia de la fieta elisa se fue cuando todos los primos estanban entretenidos con otra cosa y aprovecho a irse para la playa se cambio y se fue como a una pulperia se metio en el baño y se corto el pelo y se lo pinto cuando ya se habia hecho todo eso fue a una cabaña agarro un hacha y quebro una ventana despues llamo a bruno...
Martina  - Donde esta elisa   |2010-04-22 04:59:04
ESta super buenisima la novela me tiene loquita para saber que pasa capitulo a capitulo
ovidio vela  - donde esta elisa   |2010-04-22 08:18:47
por fin una novela con una trama diferente,interesantes actuaciones y sobre todo que te mantiene en suspenso, felicidades a los creadores de este proyecto!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gaby  - gabbi kano0 donde esta elisa   |2010-04-22 20:37:44
esta bien imteresante la novela gracias a los ke la escribieron i a los productores ; creeo yo ke es sospechoso numero uno ke la secuestro x ke elisa se estero del romense ke tenia con su secretaria
gaby donde esta elisa  - donde esta elisa   |2010-04-22 20:39:17
creo ke el ke secuestro a elisa es su papa x ke elisa se entero del romense ke tenia con su secretaria
ANGELICA  - Donde esta Elisa?   |2010-04-23 02:34:13
Es la primera vez q veo novelas en telemundo ,es una novela diferente felicidades a todos los del proyecto.No nos perdemos ningun capitulo toda la familia.
brenda ''la morena''  - donde esta elisa   |2010-04-23 04:34:26
felicito a telemundo por tan buena programacion,pero esta serie de donde esta elisa me encanta aunque me desvele un poquito,me encanta la relacion que esta surgiendo entre danna y cristobal.aunque en la vida real se que es pareja de mariano altamira que tambien hacen muy buena pareja que bien por ellos son mis preferidos que sigan triunfando mucho
Anonymous  - re: donde esta elisa   |2010-04-23 04:40:01
ovidio vela wrote:
por fin una novela con una trama diferente,interesantes actuaciones y sobre todo que te mantiene en suspenso, felicidades a los creadores de este proyecto!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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