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El Fantasma de Elena

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El fantasma de Elena telenovelaYoung and beautiful, Elena and her widowed father manage a small but excellent hotel on the ocean shore. Raised in her father's shadow and shielded from the maternal side of her family, Elena has never known true love. That is until Eduardo washes up on her shore after his yacht is shipwrecked, and Elena falls hopelessly in love as she nurses him back to health.

The rich, young businessman is equally passionate, and they're married in an impromptu ceremony on the beach. Elena joins Eduardo in his mansion, a grand castle on the edge of a cliff, where he resides with several family members and household staff. From a photograph, Elena learns about Eduardo's deceased wife, also named Elena, who died in a tragic accident on her wedding day. The new bride isn't given the warmest of welcomes to the castle, but it's the screams and moans coming from the castle's tower that most terrify Elena. The twists and turns of the oceanfront locale mirror a storyline intertwined with secret loves, unusual characters and a mysterious aura.


Elizabeth Gutierrez as Elena

Elena is a perfect horse-rider. She is passionate and romantic. She has never loved and she believes only horses are able to be close to humans and love them.

Her mother died during delivery and her father taught her everything. With her father she lives in a small hotel they own and they look forward to new changes in life. She is too strong-minded to just exist and she finally meets a person who shakes her mind and thoughts. She finds Eduardo in the forest and takes him home to take care. They fall in love with each other and she marries him. When she moves to his place she has to face too many odd people and events.

Segundo Cernadas as Eduardo

Eduardo is the ysterious person who attracts hearts. He is wealthy, intelligent and too mysterious for other women. He is lonely and is keen on horses and riding. His parents died when he was a child and he was raised by his Uncle Francisco de Paula Girón, his teacher in life. He is deep in the world of horses, away from reality without happiness, destructive thoughts and nightmares he cannot control.

When Eduardo falls in love, he changes his life. He marries his cousin Elena Calcaño who soon dies at the wedding day. Eduardo feels depressed again and he feels guilty for the death of his young wife. Elena brings the hope for the happy life and he finally revives.

Ana Layevska as Elena

Elena is the cousin to Eduardo Girón and a woman left at the altar before the marriage. She is too passionate about Eduardo whom she wants to marry anyway. She has a twin-sister Daniela, and they bother were playing with Eduardo. Finally, Eduardo chose Daniela and that made Elena for other tricks. Elena has always been stronger and smarter as compared with Daniela.

She is cool, arrogant and huffish in spite her parents died and no one supports her. Latoya becomes a woman, the central point of her family. The family keeps its secrets.

El fantasma de Elena - telenovela

(2010) - Elizabeth Gutierrez, Katie Barberi


Elizabeth Gutierrez ... Elena
Segundo Cernadas ... Eduardo
Ana Layevska ... Elena
Fabián Ríos
Maritza Bustamante
Carlos Montilla
Elluz Peraza
Katie Barberi ... Rebeca Santander
Zully Montero
Henry Zakka
Eva Tamargo
Braulio Castillo
Gerardo Riverón
Adrián Carvajal
Marisol Calero
Freddy Vízquez
Juan Pablo Llano
Víctor Corona
Beatriz Monroy
Wanda D´Isidoro
Jessica Mass
Liannet Borrego
Michelle Jones
Yuli Ferreira
Leslie Stewart
Isabella Castillo

Writing credits
Kiko Olivieri (original idea)
Isamar Hernández
Humberto M. Olivieri

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
David Posada
Nicolás Di Blassi

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol



Remake of the venezuelan telenovela "Julia" (1983) with Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano

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Pedro Silva  - Why?   |2010-09-18 23:13:35
I wan to know why don't you put the credits in the beginning of the Chapter, so we can know the names of the actors, etc.
Anonymous   |2010-12-02 02:24:38
do any of you quys know the song that they play in the begging

the one where is says dont know your name or voice or something like that
yanetxis rengel   |2011-02-18 18:58:19
hola como estas soi yanetxis vivo en el pao de varselon soy nueva enesto mepueden alludar
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