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Eva Luna

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Eva Luna telenovelaThis is a story of Eva González, a young girl from the south of California who has to reside in Los Angeles for unknown reasons with her family. Several days to her trip to the big city, she receives a letter from her Aunt Augusta (Sonia Noemí) who writes to her niece that her future is dark and she will meet a man in her life who is a heaven and hell at the same time. It is Daniel Villanueva who is the widower in Los Angeles being a good catch and a womanizer. He succeeds in business and love affairs.

When a person knocks down her father to death and runs away leaving him bleeding and dying, Eva swears to revenge herself upon the person who leaves her without a father. Nevertheless, she has more essential issues to solve like how to survive in a big city and support her sister, Alicia. Alicia González, a sister to Eva, is the typical teenager who is attracted with the crazy life in Los Angeles offered by Tony Santana (Alejandro Chabán), a criminal with a great eloquence and charisma who steals the heart of a woman at first sight with all her financial assets, consequently.

In the big city Eva also yields to temptations and is trapped in love affair. Being touching and romantic person, Eva still examines all situations that might happen to any immigrant as difficulties to find a job without education and concern with her sibling. The girls like Eva tend to go straight to reach goals unlike Marisol (Daniela Schmidt), who has to live with her siblings at the pension. She makes friends with Eva and Alicia, and though she says she is a singer at the night club and, thus, she has lots of money and gifts from visitors, she does the things she is not willing to do as a kind and fair girl. Working as a dancer at the cabaret belonging to Damian, she is forced to prostitute. She is worth a better life, though.

Lupita Ferrer as Justa Valdéz is the only big celebrity, a legendary Venezuelan Queen of soap operas, to appear in Eva Luna. Also such reputed Mexican actors as Susana Dosamantes and Jorge Lavat as Marcela and Julio Arismendi, respectively, the owners of the largest advertising agency that employs Eva as an assistant. Arismendi is married just for the status of the married person and he adds the element of the detective intrigue to the whole history.

Marcela symbolizes evil though she is not the only villain. There are more cruel bandits as “Gallo” (Franklin Virguez), Tony and Renata (Ana Silvetti), sinister housekeeper to Arismendi. Most serious problems and obstacles are created by the Arismendi family members who flout at poor Eva. Julián Gil as Leonardo Arismendi is the major villain in this story. Being a son to Marcela from her first marriage, he lives as a king at the expense of his father-in-law, Julio Arismendi, being an arrogant, irresponsible womanizer. He is a gambler. Once he takes a sports car from Daniel and driving at the full speed he runs across Eva’s father, Ismael. He escapes but the feeling of shame and penance provokes nightmares. He is a lover of light relations and believes Eva will belong to him. He even bets with Daniel to have sex with her. And exactly for this reason he offers a job to her at his place not even suspecting she is a daughter to the person he killed accidentally. However, he is seized with her beauty though his sister Victoria (Vanessa Villela) wants to disturb his plans. Victoria is an official girlfriend to Daniel but she does not love him. The telenovel Eva

Luna is made in all genres as romance, drama and even comedy symbolized in the driver Daniel (Harry Geithner). Eva Luna is broadcast at the daytime at Caracol Television from Thursday February 10 after the TV series "El clon" (Clones). Made in the HD format, this telenovel was greatly accepted in Puerto Rico and the United States of America. The translation rights were acquired by Nicaragua, Salvador, Ecuador, Chili, Honduras and Columbia. 


Blanca Soto as Eva González

Eva González is the woman to dream about and no one can forget her once meet. She is beautiful, sensitive and too attractive. She is sex appealing in everything she does and says.  She is modest, though. Eva is vulnerable and she treats people with love and care. Despite her origin, she is intelligent, intuitive and with a good sense of humor. She is very proud and cannot stand for injustice. She is incisive in what she believes. She loves sweet and is afraid of dogs.

Guy Ecker as Daniel Villanueva

Daniel is very handsome young man from the high society. He is charming, wealthy and well-educated. He takes the authority in the sphere of advertisement. He is liking to invest funds in innovative projects. He is a womanizer and a little bit light-minded in regards of women. Daniel is a perfect poker-gamer. So far no single woman has won his heart.

Julian Gil as Leonardo Arismendi

Leonardo is a better womanizer than Daniel. He collects women and their names as the beer brand labels. He is fascinated with women, casino and yachts. He loves extreme sport. As in basketball, he is oriented to win only. He is a pathological liar who offers the price for everything.

Vanessa Villela as Victoria Arismendi

Victoria Arismendi is an incredibly beautiful woman. A model who strives for fame and acknowledgment at any cost. She is athletic and runs every day. She is a shopaholic named narcissist for her liking to love herself only. Her room is full of mirrors to enjoy herself. She cannot drink alcohol and when she does she tells what she thinks about everyone. She is aimed to get the hostess in Daniel’s house.


Eva Luna - telenovela

(2010) - Guy Ecker, Blanca Soto


Guy Ecker ... Daniel Villanueva
Blanca Soto ... Eva González
Julián Gil ... Leonardo Arismendi
Alejandro Chabán ... Tony Santana
Vanessa Villela ... Victoria Arismendi
Susana Dosamantes ... Marcela Arismendi
Jorge Lavat ... Julio Arismendi
Anna Silvetti ... Renata Cuervo
Lupita Ferrer ... Justa Valdéz
Harry Geithner ... Francisco Conti
Franklyn Virgüez
Sonia Nohemí
Raúl Xiques
Sofía Lamas ... Alicia González
Carlos Ferro
Jose Guillermo Cortínez
Leticia Morales
Daniela Schmidt ... Marisol
Carlos Yustis
Gabriela Borges ... Laurita
Christian Vega
Eduardo Ibarrola
Frances Ondiviela
Greydis Gil ... Claudia
Patricia Ramos ... Sabrina
José Guillermo Cortines Bruno

Writing credits
Leonardo Padrón (original idea)
Alex Haddad (adaptation)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by

Produced by
Dulce Terán



Remake of telenovela "Aguamarina" (1998) with Ruddy Rodriguez and Leonardo García

Filmed in Southern California

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ArthurVelasquez  - "Eva Luna" telenovela   |2010-12-16 22:27:30
that lady Guy Ecker aka "Daniel" is suppose to marry Daniel anyway all I got to say she is a very good actress because in the movie I hate her but this morning I saw her on Disperta American I just fell in love with her she is so sweet in her real self
Elizabeth   |2011-01-30 18:03:28
I would like to say this is a so so so good novela. That I love it he is cute and she is a very pretty Lady they looke good together.I want them together on the show that he well take her back an she well go back with him I dont like the other women any thank you for leading me write my commentif they even write back please write in English I dont read spainsh
minerva schlamowitz  - eva luna   |2011-02-10 04:54:43
es la mejor telenovela que han hecho ultimamente,Blanca Soto es muy bonita y buena actriz y Guy Ecker tremendo actor ,los dos hacen bonita pareja.Univision y Venevision hicieron tremendo HOMERUN,felisidades a las dos empresapor el exito de EVA LUNA
Debbie Myers  - Eva Luna   |2011-02-19 21:34:07
When is this telenovela scheduled to end? I have been watching it since November on Univision.
waka   |2011-02-20 04:43:50
poqueria de novela eva se ve mejor con leonardo
bella   |2011-02-28 21:30:39
Yo veo Eva Luna todo los dia y si melo pieldo yo la veo por ondemand!!!!!!!
rosita m. landa  - novelas   |2011-03-02 00:45:26
Love all EVA LUNA novel the best/ ellana de amor is also great
Bethany   |2011-03-06 00:06:35
como es que ustedes vean eva luna y no hablan ni escriben ni nada en espanol?
eva luna  - eva   |2011-03-09 01:34:23
esta novella es muy bonita . quando se va cabar? leonardo esta guapo.
Anonymous  - re: Eva Luna   |2011-03-20 00:33:08
Debbie Myers wrote:
When is this telenovela scheduled to end? I have been watching it since November on Univision.
Roger Ramos   |2011-04-05 16:59:27
Eva Luna es una novela incredible, una de las novelas mas interensantes wue e visto. Eva Gonzales(Blanca Soto),es una bueno y bonita actriz. Y ami me gusta Laurita(Gabriela Borges),la nina es muy bonita la nina actriz mas bonita que e visto tanbien. Bueno es una novela muy buena.
Aylin   |2011-04-09 12:46:21
Eva Luna, esta tenelova representa una historia del amor verdadero. Me encanta esta telenovela porque todo el cast se saben su lineas y actuan increible acen todo lo posible para que nosotros disfrutemos, y hacen un buen team work. Muchas gracias por este trabajo y mi deseo es que algun dia yo los puede conocer en persona:) Keep it good guys!!! Ohala puedan hacer otra telenovela;)
Chantale W  - Eva Luna   |2011-05-17 18:05:26
A beautiful and exciting story which captivates its viewers demonstrating the joys and perils in life. The love story outlines how human nature combined can be so complex. It can be destructive simply because of jealousy and greed. Human nature can be generous and naive. The story shows a contradiction between the rich versus the poor, struggle for survival amongst the stongest and cruelist humans, marriage and divorce, children, family values, family feuds, deception and the good, bad and ugly of all situations possible in the lives of the people in this story. Whenever the viewer believes that the story will have a happy end, the story takes a twist, and once again the viewer/audience is in suspence, continued anticipation of each new scene of "what will happen next?". The actors in this novela are superb, colorful in their characters, attire. The entire story keeps us spellbound. Congratulations on a captivating novela, from the beginning to the end! My husband, Joaquin and I simply love this novela and have never missed any scene!
Anonymous   |2011-05-28 11:28:44
colors speak in this serial.very beautiful and wonderful colors.although the story is very weak and like Indian movies,it is worth to follow.Eva is wonderful and other actresses and actors.
mina  - eva luna serial   |2011-08-15 08:39:43
My name is mina.Iam iranian. This serial very beautifu.I Waching from farsi one chanel
Aa  - Best   |2011-11-13 02:23:15
Leonardo muy bien. He is my favourite charcter
delsa   |2012-04-17 23:44:17
Iam fan of this novela Eva Luna ,the two main acters are very good in what they do,keep up the good job Guy and Blanca ,you guy's make a wonderfull couple.
Daniel  - eva luna   |2012-05-03 12:03:43
She is naive and very beautiful.Everyman wants to be with her.
eunice  - eva luna   |2012-05-17 11:59:20
she is very good in acting i mean blanca nd very pretty,she shd keep entertaining us.
urbanas kilonzo  - .   |2012-05-26 10:20:57
eva luna is a a very sweart story about love.i love its characters especially Tony,eva$marcela.
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