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Exitosos Pérez, Los

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Los Exitosos Pérez telenovela Martín Pérez, an arrogant manipulator, is one of the most popular TV news presenter in the country. He worked at the Global News Channel for some years. It was this job that has made him famous. Franco Arana, the owner of the competiting channel MS News found out that Martin’s job contract is terminating soon. And he gives a very attractive offer to Martin Perez, which the latter was going to accept.

Martin informs the owner of the Global News Ms. Roberta Santos, about his retirement. This news irritate Roberta much and she started a quarrel to Perez, during which she pushes Martin. He falls down and lose consciousness. Being scared her to kill the most famous TV presenter in the country Roberta leaves the office in panic.

Being in panic she doesn’t notice a man on the road in front of her car knocks him down. The victim appeared to be an actor named Gonzalo González who looks exactly like Martin Perez. Roberta Santos catches her chance for happy end and makes a deal with Gonzalo. Roberta pays for his Mortgage credit, and Gonzalo plays a part of Martin Perez for this. Gonzalo signs the contract without even a look at it and starts his life on behalf of Martin Perez.

Being Martin Gonzalo understands the Perez family is just a fiction. They are friendly on cameras, but ignore each other in life. Martin Perez turned out to be a gay. His boyfriend is Tomás Arana (he is a son of Franco Arana – the channel owner). Martin’s wife Sol knows about it, and she lives with her own life. She has relations to Diego, Global News Chronicle Presenter.

But Gonzalo falls in love with Sol and tries to contact her on behalf of her husband Martin. Sol knows Martin’s orientation and realizes that Martin needs her just to have a good look for career. So she rejects his courting.

As Gonzalo likes women, moreover, he likes this very woman, Gonzalo does his best to show Sol his real feelings. Look the end of the intrigue at “Lucky Perez”.


Jaime Camil as Martín Pérez/Gonzalo González

Martín is too arrogant and prudent person manipulating others in his professiona in private life. He is the well-known broadcaster in the country. He worked for the Global News Channel for many years and proved to be a professional. The owner of MS News Channel, the competing channel, makes a secret proposal to him after he terminates the labor contract with Global News Channel and he accepts it.

As Gonzalo he looks very pompous and glamorous. His hair and manners and style of wear are different from what Martín was used to. However, he is able to attract sympathy and he even makes more solid and strong relations than Martín.

Ludwika Paleta as Soledad Duarte de Pé

Soledad Duarte de Pérez is a young and elegant woman. She is very confident in her appearance and intelligence which make her succeed in her profession.

Verónica Castro as Roberta Santos

Roberta Santos is a very wealthy, elegant looking woman in her 60s. She is well-mannered and she always knows what she plans and wants to achieve. She owns the MS News Channel and he makes attempts to hire away best professionals from the competitor agency. She succeeds in everything she starts since she thinks and considers every detail which is typical to solid-minded and confident people.

Los Exitosos Pérez - telenovela

(2009) - Jaime Camil, Ludwika Paleta


Jaime Camil ... Martín Pérez/Gonzalo González
Ludwika Paleta ... Soledad Duarte de Pérez
Verónica Castro ... Roberta Santos
Rogelio Guerra ... Franco Arana
Mark Tacher
Mauricio Mejía ... Charlie
José Ron ... Tomás Arana
Paty Díaz ... Amanda Olivera
Marco Méndez ... Diego Planes
Susana González ... Alexa Rinaldi
Ana Martin ... Renata Manzilla "Rosa"
Africa Zavala ... Liliana "Lily" Cortez
Dalilah Polanco ... Daniela
Pablo Valentín ... Sergio Méndez
Gaston Ricaud ... José
Ivan Espeche ... Ricardo
David Chocarro ... Nacho
Santiago Ríos ... Álvaro

Writing credits
Esther Feldman
Alejandro Maci
Sebastián Ortega

Song: Loca
Written by: Aleks Syntek
Singing: Aleks Syntek

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Benjamín Cann

Produced by
José Alberto Castro

Televisa Internacional


Remake of argentinian telenovela "Los Exitosos Pells"

Filmed in Argentina

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