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Fashion House

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Fashion House telenovelaFashion House focused on greed, lust and ambition surrounding a violent corporate takeover of the business's hottest company. It starred Bo Derek as the ruthless head of the business and Morgan Fairchild as her long-time arch-rival. The show was known more for the leads' hair-pulling, name-calling, and vase-throwing than for its romance, passion and drama.

Fashion House - telenovela

(2006) - Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild


Robert Buckley ... Michael Bauer
Natalie Martinez ... Michelle Miller
Nicole Pulliam ... Nikki Clark
Garrett Swann ... Harold
Bo Derek ... Maria Gianni
Joel Berti ... William Chandler
Morgan Fairchild ... Sophia Blakely
Tony Tripoli ... Hans
Taylor Kinney ... Luke Gianni
Erika Schaefer ... Lexi
Mini Anden ... Tania
Donna Feldman ... Gloria
Meggan Anderson ... Model
Mike Begovich ... Lance Miller
Jordi Vilasuso ... Eddie Zarouvian
Mark Totty ... Dr. Russell Woods
Daniel Chalfa ... Alek Thompson
Ethan Erickson ... John Cotter
James Black ... Rodney
Ron Rogge' ... Jake
Antonio Jaramillo ... Manny
Blake Lindsley ... Narrator
Jim Holmes ... Congressman Spangler
Tisha Vaculin ... Secretary
Ben Reed ... Dr. Mathew Evans
Daren Scott ... Goon
Mark Gadbois ... Douglas Eisner
Tippi Hedren ... Doris
Melissa Tan ... Suku Waitress
Paul Eggington ... Nigel Hamilton
Charley Rossman ... Carlos Pierce
Jennifer Dorogi ... Amanda Bhandarkar
Ken Garcia ... Goon
Paul Ganus ... Clive Meyer
Jasmine Dustin ... Model
Duane Daniels ... Detective Gerardi
Bettina Adger ... Candy
Sierra Fulcher ... Model
Filly Gaines ... Model
Tracey Heggins ... Model
Katie Leclerc ... Sara
Megan Morrison ... Model
Carmen Pope ... Model
Charity Rahmer ... Assistant
D. Candis Paule ... Sarah McCracken
Jennifer Austin ... Attorney
Jon Briddell ... Dr. Burns
Richard Bulda ... Doctor
Demetrius Graham ... Model
Stefanie Hunter ... Model
Claudia Martin ... Model
Christina Russo ... Giuliana Morgan
Jaysen Waller ... Director
Sydney Wheeler ... Model
Misha Harris ... Dr. Jenny Kagel
Wendell Gregory ... Officer
Kimberly Stanphill ... Dr. Burwick
LeAnna Campbell ... Savannah Moffet
Scott DeFalco ... Shift Officer
Nathalie Geld ... Det. Conte
Denise Gossett ... Nurse
Ashley Hearn ... Model
Jeff Kunard ... Atttendant
Marcos Lubos ... Model
Stuart McLean ... Joe McManus
Jeremy Meinecke ... Model
Tara Nichols ... Model
Natazha Pang ... Model
Alex Scarlis ... Alexander Wright
Greg Sestero ... Model
Seema Sueko ... Claudia - Maid
Jacquelynn King ... Eileen
Josh Temple ... Bill Plimco
Griff Furst ... Mr. Hofacre
Gwendolyn Oliver ... Tranese

Writing credits
Ted Koland
Colet Abedi
Richard Andreoli
Edward J. Bedrosian
Christian Jean
Nirvana Adams
Wendy Hunter

Song: Good At Being Bad
Singing: Chester White

Cinematography by
Tom Jewett

Directed by
David Hogan
Jeremy Stanford
Alex Hennech
James Slocum
Alex Wright
Gregg R. Simpson
Debrah LeMattre

Produced by
Adam Zuvich
Ted Koland
Joseph Oliver
Stu Segall
Joan Etchells
Brian Ladd Zagorski
Richard D. Arredondo
Alex Wright
Paul Buccieri
Christian Jean
Colet Abedi
Josh Oliver

20th Century Fox Television
Gone Fission
Stu Segall Productions


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babsie  - fashion house   |2011-04-09 09:43:01
wow!i love fashion house.i love the action ,the drama's just super cool.big thumbs up for maria,sophia,michelle,luke,lexi,nicky,michael,lanc e,gloria and the guys really do know how to are the best.keep it up and you will reach the stars.
shanice  - fa   |2011-07-17 14:38:42
i really do like it. It has everything in it. I love the hatred,passion,drama everything and i think the producers couldn't have chosen anyone better.i love you all and "BIG THUMBS UP"
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