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Flor Salvaje

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Flor Salvaje telenovelaThe story of Amanda ve Nueva Esperanza who stays responsible for her three little sisters after their parents die. She arrives to the settlement New Hope that seems to be lost in the middle of nowhere and in time upon hearing stories of the incredible wealth to acquire once oil deposits are discovered there. Rafael Urrieta is the one to manage the settlement who acts and behaves as if everything has its price to buy. And only Amanda seems to be brave to contradict Rafael. It happens so that Amanda is parted with her sisters but she does all possible endeavors to be by them again. And she has to scarify her true love for the sake of her sisters.

Amanda has never learned to read or write since she is the street girl after her mother’s death. She always had to earn money to survive and to care for her sister. On arrival, Amanda gets to know to two more men: Sacramento, the young man, brought-up by the priests discovers sincere and virgin young soul inside Amanda’s inner world, Pablo Aguilar who is the passion and crazy for Amanda. Unfortunately, Rafael Urrieta also shows his liking for Amanda and she has to work at the night club as a prostitute to save her sisters but her only and permanent lover is Rafael who can dispose of her body not soul. Finally, she has to make a choice between the naïve and innocent pure love to Sacramento and the relation that ensures power and wealth to help her sisters.


Roberto Manrique as Rafael Urrieta

He is greedy, ambitious and to arrogant person who believes he is the God and the one to dispose lives of the villagers. He is cold-minded and shows only liking to personal wealth. He has nothing to show sympathy to orphans or common people in need. On the contrary, he puts high hopes to take advantage of people and situation. He horrifies everyone in the village but Amanda who is strong-minded to confront him.

Mónica Spear as Amanda

Courageous and undaunted, Amanda is ready to happen in circles of hell just to ensure safety and comfort to her sisters since she is the only one to take care of them. Amanda finds New Hope as the place where al her hopes can come true and her sisters get more insured. Amanda is subtle gentle young woman with beautiful features, slim and tender, with a beautiful smile that attracts men around her.

Roberto Manrique as Sacramento

Sacramento is very attractive and athletic man in his 30s. he seems to be oriented to people, deliberate and honest. He is the one who reveals all the roses in Amanda’s soul leaving alone her beauty.

Norkys Batista as Zahra

As sensual and gracious as a panther, Zahra knows she can work on her sexual appeal to make men do what she wants. She is confident and irresistible. Zahra is the kind of woman who makes men crazy throughout centuries to forget about family and house. she is slim and slender; with a shock of luxury smooth hair and perfect shapes.

Flor Salvaje - telenovela

(2011) - Mónica Spear, Roberto Manrique


Mónica Spear ... Amanda Monteverde
Roberto Manrique ... Rafael Urrieta
Gregorio Pernía ... Mariano Azcárraga
Tony Dalton ... Don Rafael Urrieta
José Luis Resendez ... Pablo Aguilar
María Elisa Camargo ... Catalina Larrazabal de Urrieta
Juan Pablo Raba ... Emiliano Monteverde
Geraldine Zivic ... La Mina
Norkys Batista ... Zahra
Angeline Moncayo ... Correcaminos
Indhira Serrano ... Olguita
Carolina Gaitán ... Alicia/Malicia
Claudia La Gatta ... Clara Mariano's Girlfriend
Viviana Corrales ... Rocío/Trepadora
Pedro Palacio ... Piruetas
Alex Gil
Francisco Bolivar
José Luis Paniagua ... Don Raimundo Rojas
Laura Torres ... Susana Monteverde
Susana Rojas ... Ana Monteverde
Sara Quintero ... La Beba
Alejandro Tamayo
Alfonso Rojas
Carlos Fernandez
Christian Gomez
Flor Barrera
Jose Luis Paniagua
Jose Quiroga
Juan Carlos Solarte
Julio Echeverry ... Abelardo Monteverde
Lina Restrepo
Linda Lucia Callejas ... Calzones
Manuel Busquets
Marta Calderon ... Dona Brigida Rojas
Monica Ossa
Rocio Mora
Tania Falquez ... Lourdes
Tim Janssen ... Peter

Writing credits
Laura Restrepo (original story)
Perla Farias (adaptation)
Basilio Álvarez
Rossana Negrín
Jose Vicente Spataro

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Agustín Restrepo
Mario Mitrotti

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer



Adaptation of Laura Restrepo book "La novia Oscura" (1999)

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catherin  - hola   |2011-12-01 14:27:21
hola Tim Janssen actuas buenisimo en la novela flor salvaje guao te felicito por hacer papel de peter en novela flor salvaje
fdgfdg  - flor   |2011-12-24 23:09:06
my mom sees flor salvaje every day she loves the show . good job. kip up the good show
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