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Gata Salvaje

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Gata Salvaje telenovelaGata Salvaje is a story of a young and poor Rosaura who has to fight hard to get back her happiness. She falls in love with Luis Mario, the heir of a wealthy Arismendi family. They get married, but Eduarda, Luis Mario's sister, and Eva, an evil woman obsessed with Luis Mario, do everything to separate them and finally reach their goal. Later Rosaura inherits the fortune of her Grandmother and becomes rich herself. Now she will use her money and power to get a revenge and destroy everybody who made her suffer in the past.

But soon Rosaura discovers that trying to take revenge of everyone else was a bad idea, since she lost her second child, as well as the first one. After living in the house that now belongs to her evil husband, Patricio, Rosaura decides that once she find her missing daughter, she and Sylvano, another man who is in love with Rosaura, will get married and go somewhere else. Patricio, who is obsessed with Rosaura, now has to give back the baby girl that Rosaura has been caring for all along in order for Rosaura to stay. The father of the baby is Luis Mario, who just freed himself from Maribella, who had been pretending she was blind in order to have Luis Maria married to her. Everyone waits in anticipation waiting for the right donor for Rosaura's sister, Karina, who has a deadly disease and is about to die. Calidad, the house maid to the Arizmendis, has been run over by Eduarda, yet everyone only has suspicions that it was her. There are still many secrets that must be revealed, including the fact that Camelia, Patricio's lover, is actually Patricio's wife, therefore making it as though the marriage between he and Rosaura never happened. Also, it still needs to be proven that Eduarda and Eva killed Rosaura's unborn first child and Rosaura's father.

Rosaura comes with the idea that no judge for other people is better and she decides to live her quiet but happy life than struggle with other for illusional goals and let her family down.


Marlene Favela as Rosaura Ríos

Rosaura is a young cheerful girl who is ready to work diligently to earn money. She sells lunches for the Arismendi farm workers. She incidentally faces and gets acquainted with Luis Mario and she believes she has met a person to love to the end of her life. As a young and unsuspecting girl, she is too vulnerable and open to people. When she loses her children, she realizes what the core of life was there. Yet, it takes the time to discover secrets and hidden intentions.

Carolina Tejera as Eva Granados

Eva is a millionaire. She is light-minded and rather impulsive and demanding. Eva is extremely beautiful and her sensitive nature is too loud to appeal to all men around. She uses all her charm and other tools in reserve to achieve her goals and just whims. If she wants to buy a husband, she can really acquire a husband, suitable to all her requirements. She can afford it. She is in love with Luis Mario, though. And all her attempts made towards conquering Luis Mario are pointed to destroy Rosaura, either.

Ariel López Padilla as Patricio Rivera

Patricio Rivera has been the enemy to Luis Mario for many years and he is war condition trying to demolish him and everything related to him. Patricio is married to Rosaura but she does not love him. And it is revealed then that Patricio is married to another woman and he only encroached upon Rosaura’s fortune. Patricio let himself go down when he kidnaps Rosaura’s baby to make her unhappy but give it back to her when he sees she is ready to go away to find her kids.

Mario Cimarro as Luis Mario Arizmendi

Luis Mario has not recovered from the death of his beloved wife. He returns to his rancho in the State of Florida with the deep feelings to burry in work. He cannot even expect that his sister has made up the marriage of convenience. She acts as if she wants to make him unhappy. But fortunately, ignores all the attempts to ruin his personal life and stays quiet until he finds Rosaura again.

Gata Salvaje - telenovela

(2002 - 2003) - Marlene Favela, Mario Cimarro


Marlene Favela .... Rosaura Ríos
Mario Cimarro .... Luis Mario Arismendi
Adamari López .... Karina Rios
Frances Ondiviela .... Maria Julia Rodriguez
Ariel López Padilla .... Patricio Rivera
Carolina Tejera .... Eva Granados
Mara Croatto .... Eduarda Arismendi
Marjorie De Sousa .... Camelia Valente
Charlie Massó .... Rodrigo Valencia
Sandro Finoglio .... Maximiliano Robles
Sergio Catalán .... Gabriel Valencia
Silvana Arias .... Jimena Arismendi
Rodrigo Vidal .... Guillermo
Norma Zúñiga .... Caridad Montes
Hada Bejar .... Dona Cruz Olivares
Ana Karina Casanova .... Luisana Montero
Carlos Cuervo .... Profesor Fernando
Jessica Cerezo .... Silvia Granados
Julio Capote .... Samuel Tejar
Julio Alcázar .... Anselmo Rios
Carlos Mesber .... Campesino Carlos
Ágatha Morazzani .... Charito Lander
Juan A. Baptista .... Bruno Villalta
Elías Rima Nassiff .... Francisco Colmenares
Marisela Buitriago .... Claudia Olivares
Fernando Carrera .... Rafael Granados
Luisa Castro .... Griselda Ortiz
Ismael De la Rosa .... Ivan Rios
Yoly Dominguez .... Valeria Montemar
Virna Flores .... Minerva Palacios
Dayana Garroz .... Wendy Torres
Aura Cristina Geithner .... Maribella
Pilar Hurtado .... Martha Acuna
Sandra Itzel .... Mayrita Rios
Ismael La Rosa .... Ivan Rios
Silvestre Ramos .... Julio Aldama
Osvaldo Ríos .... Silvanoa
Liliana Rodriguez .... Panchita Lopez
Cesar Roman .... Imanol Lander
Angie Russian .... Laurita Montemar
Jose Val .... Abel Tapia
Vivana Gibelli .... Jackline Tover
Angelica Arenas
Cristina Dieckman .... Estrella Marina
Ana Lucia Dominguez .... Adriana
María Dominguez
Elisabeth García
Fernando Lozano .... Larry Bueno
Gustavo Franco
Nelro Mavares
Isabel Moreno

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez
Rosa V. Perez
Ivette Rivero
Omaira Rivero

Song: Gata Salvaje
Written by: Rudy Pérez, Adrián Posse, Cynthia Salazar
Singing: Pablo Montero

Original music
Alejandro Campos

Cinematography by
Eduardo Dávila
Reinaldo Figueira

Directed by
Yaky Ortega
Freddy Trujillo

Produced by
Ileana Hurtado
Gemma Lombardi
Arquímedes Rivero
Alfredo Schwarz
Elizabeth Suarez
Cecyl Szomstein

Fono Video Productions Inc. Univision Network


Remake of telenovela "La Gata Salvaje" (Venezuela) with Rosalinda Serfaty and Eduardo Luna which has never been aired

It also became the first telenovela to use an American landmark as a setting; the Florida Everglades were used as a setting in the final episode.

To date, it is the most sold telenovela ever for Venevision surpassing the sales of another successful telenovelas like Cara Sucia and Secreto de Amor (also filmed in Miami).

It was co-produced by Venevision, Fonovideo (now called FV Productions) and Univision. It lasted 252 episodes.

Gata Salvaje is also aired in the Philippines.

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magdala charles  - gata salvaje   |2009-04-13 05:39:37
yo no abla espanoil muuybien.I love this novelas i will do anythink 2 C it again please i can buy it or see it en univision otraves please please i am baging ur tha was the fist think i wach in spanish I love all ur novelas this one gata salvaje & velo denovia thats me favorita thank u call me at(772-323-5493
moreen  - mariene is wow   |2009-05-13 10:15:44
i have never watched gata salvage but i know its interesting if marien and cimarro are acting
aaron2010  - Is there a DVD version of this telenovela?   |2010-02-01 03:58:58
Although I never got to watch "Gata Salvaje", I do remember when it aired on Univision back in 2002-2003. This was the novela of how I heard of actors Marlene Favela, Mario Cimarro, and Ariel Lopez Padilla. I've been wondering if there is DVD version of "Gata Salvaje" because I would like to see it and if there is a DVD out where I can I find it because most Venevision telenovelas on DVD are rare to find in stores like Best Buy or FYE.
Saludos, Aaron A.
moraima  - Dvd gata salvaje   |2010-07-05 19:12:17

I will also buy this novela where can I bye spanish novela DVD ??????

Monica G. Pica  - Adonde esta? Quien la vende?   |2011-01-20 18:56:28
La busque por todos lados ....y no la encuentro...Quiero comprarla, (Gata Salvaje).....Porque carajo Univision no la saca a la venta?
Jennifer  - Gata Salvaje DVD   |2011-01-25 01:54:23
I would like to know when this novela is coming to DVD. It is one of my favorite stories and i would love to own it.
Charles Broomfield  - Gata Salvaje   |2011-02-11 20:31:20
Want to know if Gata Salvaje is or will be on DVD, it is one of the very best Novelas I have ever seen. Please let us know.

Charles Broomfield
L  - Gata Salvaje DVD!!!   |2011-10-20 18:07:27
Would like to purchase this novella. Especially with English subtitles. Hope they do it soon!!!
Dannah  - Gata Salvaje   |2013-05-03 15:07:32
i love this telenovela i've watched this before here in philippines and i wanna watch this again. Is there anyone there knows where can i watch the full episodes of gata salvaje with english subtitle please help me! thank you
Alexander Kish  - Gata salvaje DVD   |2014-04-26 10:10:46
Dear All!

If somebody knows, how I can get Gata Salvaje on DVD, please don't hasitate to contact me (prefured language: english,
german, hungarian)!


A .K.
marjorie auguste  - la gata salvaje on dvd   |2014-06-03 09:10:08
i would like to watch this novela.Is it on dvd with english subtitle? please let me know
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