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Gitanas telenovelaJovanka, the only daughter of the patriarch of the gypsies, returned to the town of Malarribo to take a revenge for the offense that she suffered in her youth. Deep in her heart she keeps the resentment and bitterness because she gave her body and soul to a "gayo" (nongypsy man), Rafael Domínguez, son of the richest and powerful family of the town, but he humiliated her, leaving a mark in her heart forever. But her appearance of the cold and arrogant woman will change when she meets Juan Domínguez, brother of Rafael, who will wake up her feelings that she believed dead. Jovanka returns to the town with her 3 adoptive daughters: Maria Sashenka, Maria Salomé and Maria Magdalena whom she is determined to defend at the cost of everything, so they don't undergo her same destiny. But ironically Maria Salomé will also fall in love with a "gayo", Sebastián, son of Rafael Domínguez. Maria Salomé and Sebastián will live an intense and pure love and in spite of everything, they will defend their love until the end.


Dolores Heredia as Jovanka

Jovanka is a 37 year-old Roman woman who bears a misery in her heart for over 20 years.

As a young girl she felt in love with Rafael, a young man, but not Gipsy, who promised to marry her and protect from beliefs and views of two cultures. Later on, she finds out Rafael is married with a little son. When he is claimed with pretenses, he opts to insult and humiliate Jovanka.

Within 20 years Jovanka achieves her life goals but still, she keeps all those humiliating words she has been told by Rafael and she comes it’s high time to take revenge for suffers.

She soon meets Juan, Rafael’s brother, who awakes warm and tender feelings in the heart of Jovanka.

Ana de la Reguera as María Salomé

María is a cheerful and pretty 19 year-old girl, the daughter of Jovanka. She has rebellious nature and her heart is the only thing she listens and obeys.

She falls in love with Sebastián and now she is to choose between the traditions of her nation to follow or to obey to her heart knowing it will bring troubles only.

Mariana Gaja as María Sashenka

She is another daughter of Jovanka. Unlike María Salomé, María Sashenka is an extravert and she prefers revealing all her feelings at once and in public. She seduces everyone looking at her. But she is the real daughter of the Roman nation and she adheres to all their traditions. 

Carlos Torres Torija as Rafael Domínguez
Rafael is a proud and haughty person who is used to order and cause people obey. His family is the most influential and wealthiest in the region. In spite of all safety and reliability the status provides Rafael is a weak person, deeply inside his soul, since he lives under dominance and pressure of his mother, Victoria.

Rafael was greatly in love with Jovanka but his mother made him leave her for the sake of Elizabeth recommended by his mother again. Rafael believes all his troubles come because of his mother and he betrayed Jovanka in fear to Victoria.

But the betrayal takes place and he is to take responsibility for the consequences of his indelicate actions.

Saúl Lisazo as Padre Juan Domínguez

Juan is the younger brother to Rafael. He is strong-minded, reliable and devoted to his God and his nation.

He is willing to give a hand to all those who are in need, in suffer or troubles. Unlike his brother and mother, he feels sympathy to Romans. He has known to Jovanka and her father, who saved his life, for many years and their friendship is based strong good relations.

Juan is an intermediate person between Romans and other members of the society.

Gitanas - telenovela

(2004) - Manolo Cardona, Ana de la Reguera


Manolo Cardona .... Sebastián
Ana de la Reguera .... María Salomé
Dolores Heredia .... Jovanka
Saúl Lisazo .... Padre Juan Domínguez
Sabi Kamalich .... Victoria Lambert Domínguez
Carlos Torres Torija .... Rafael Domínguez
Mariana Gaja .... María Sashenka
Karina Gómez .... María Magdalena
Erick Elias .... Jonás
Marco Antonio Treviño .... Vanya
Martha Higareda .... Jovanka young
Gastón Melo .... Escudero
Gabriela de la Garza .... Sandra
Luisa Huertas .... Pasca
Itari Marta .... Milenka
Luis Koellar .... Rafael young
Esteban Soberanes .... Rodrigo
Arturo Rios .... Drago
Manuel Balbi .... Mirko
Pablo Laffite .... Ianko
Luis Gerardo .... Claudio
Carmen Madrid .... Ofelia
Fabiola Campomanes
Enrique Singer .... Alfredo
Verónica Terán .... Adela
Francisco Bernal .... Baldomero
Chao .... Branco

Writing credits
Sergio Bravo (original story)
Alejandro Cabrera (original story)
Laura Sosa (script)

Song: Gitanas
Singing: David Bustamante

Directed by
Jorge Fons

Telemundo and Argos


Remake of telenovela "Romane" (Chile, 1999) with Héctor Noguera, Blanca Lewin and Claudia Di Girolamo

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marty17129  - Gitanas   |2009-08-17 15:42:56
Gitanas me gustaron muchisimos, en especialmente cancion principal que canta David Bustamante, es tremenda cancion :-)
mca   |2011-07-11 01:51:06
gitanas es una de mis novelas favoritas
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