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Grachi telenovelaGraciela, aka Grachi, is a teenager who moves to a new city and she meets hew people and makes new friends at the school. Once she opens magic power about her which makes her shocked and stunned. It really makes her life more complicated since problems she faces go far beyond the teen troubles. At school she falls in Daniel who is loved by Matilda also. The story tells about teen life full of riot of colors, joy and love, progress and success.

Long-long time ago a wicked cursed a couple that their first female child will be a wicked as her. With the lapse of time Grachi was born and she has now to get to know to her new skills. It’s hard, especially when she faces school problems as a new comer. She is a common teenager, at a glance but her magic power can help and hurt her, at the same time. Her relations with Matilda ends in that she is willing for the fight of invocations between two of them.


Isabella Castillo as Graciela "Grachi" Alonso

Graciela is a daughter of Francisco Alonso, a widower, whom she lives with together in a new house. She loves dancing and dreams of becoming acknowledged as a great dancer.

Andrés Mercado as Daniel Alejandro

A womanizer, a champion in swimming, athletic and handsome teenager. He also loves Grachi but Matilda is his friend.

Kimberly Dos Ramos as Matilda

Matilda is a very beautiful, slim and haughty friend to Daniel. She dominates in school to other girls for her beauty and stylish tendency to live. She also has a magic power that she uses to struggle for Daniel with Grachi.

Mauricio Henao as Antonio "Tony" Gordillo

A school nerd who loves Grachi.

Sol Rodríguez as Mercedes "Mecha"

The best friend to Grachi even before they start studying at Escolarium.

Grachi - telenovela

(2011) - Isabella Castillo, Andrés Mercado


Isabella Castillo ... Grachi
Andrés Mercado ... Daniel
Kimberly Dos Ramos ... Matilda
Lance Dos Ramos ... Chema
Sol Rodríguez ... Mecha
Mauricio Henao ... Tony
Carlos Arrechea ... Sebastian
Ramiro Fumazoni ... Francisco
Katie Barberi ... Ursula
Adriana Cataño ... Cristina
Alexandra Pomales
María del Pilar Pérez
Sharlene Taule
Lianet Borrego
Lino Martone
EvaLuna Montaner
Andrés Cortino
Cristian Campocasso
Manuel Carrillo
Martha Pabón ... La Señora Directora
Marisela González

Writing credits
Mariela Romero

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Yuldor Gutiérrez

Produced by
JC Acosta, SVP CFO & Ejecutivo

Nickelodeon Latinoamérica
Aisha Enterprises


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amirah  - grachi?   |2011-03-21 22:51:02
i wanna see it!!!
and it says cristian campocasso!!!
hes in my class hes like famous
i lvoe him
cristian campocasso  - grachi   |2011-04-18 03:11:18
thanks lets hope this tv show goes around the world
Hertty  - grachi 2   |2012-10-30 19:23:38
please we want grachi part 2
Hertty  - grachi   |2012-10-30 19:25:06
we have being waiting for it so long. am a grachi funny please
Williams paul  - I so much love d series   |2013-01-18 04:49:35
Hey i so much love watching this series, please how can i buy it, i want to know is a part or season.
queen  - i love grachi and daneil   |2013-01-20 13:29:53
grachi i love ur film it really inspired me every time i watch it grachi can i be ur friend can u write ur phone no here
Rosemary  - Grachi and Daniel   |2013-02-03 21:26:22
I love u both on dis series plz cn we be frinds plz
DAMILOLA  - WELL lets see if we get it   |2013-02-25 07:17:29
WE don't know when
Amisco  - Grachi   |2013-03-06 13:40:22
i love dis movie so much dat am bein 2 tink myself as grachi bcus of daniel.hmm lolz
temmy   |2013-03-09 17:45:36
Wow u guys really tried keep it .
Anonymous   |2013-03-14 13:56:51
i luv u guys grachi and daniel
victoria  - grachi   |2013-03-31 23:55:23
Great movie grachi nd daniel, love you and your acting,I wanna be your friend. Thanks
Tasha Baquir  - Love It!   |2013-04-24 10:47:08
I love It!!! The Series is Great Im so glad that your director is so smart doing that!! But matilda keeps grachi away from daniel..I wonder whats Season 2..
Mercy  - scrpits   |2013-06-23 15:22:23
wish i culd read a full plot frm S1-S3....make it cum 2 pass!plzzzzzz
Anonymous   |2014-01-20 23:25:13
I lov danielandgrachi,u both are meant 4 each other u are my hero,i cant even for d film 2 b out in dis but i missed d show on ontv becos of school hour
sheba   |2014-04-13 20:53:38
grachi i really love u,am nw tinkin myself as grachi but am only waitinf for magic to use. i so love u and mecha.u guys are the best. keep it uuu
sparkle  - love it   |2014-05-17 17:11:41
I love u both daniel and will be so nice if u were both together.i lpve this telenovela.
Pinky  - I luv dis movie   |2014-06-06 13:23:16
I luv dis movie n wana knw if its in season or part nw
Sofia   |2014-06-06 20:39:11
I love grad hi very much especially can't wait for season two
Sofia   |2014-06-06 20:40:56
I love brachial very much especially I can't wait for season two
Anonymous   |2014-07-12 21:34:08
I luv u guys grachi and daniel. U ar meant for eachother nd mecha is meant for chema. Grachi nd daniel forget abt mia. U guys looks gud together. I luv d way u kiss eachother. Hw i wish i m grachi bcuz of daniel.
sofia   |2014-07-18 10:44:12
I love this season especially the song. it is so amazing.
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