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Guilt, The

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Collin and Fred are friends and business partners. They plan to construct a luxury hotel complex together. Alan van Buren, the famous Environment Activist, thinks the local establishments threaten the environment of the local wildlife preservation. He makes every attempt to prevent their project development. Kendal, Collin’s daughter, plans to arrange the charitable event.

Alan van Buren is also invited to participate. Colin, in spite of Alan’s attempts, does not intend to give up. Rachel Mckenzie is concerned on other issues. She hopes her son will get the grant to study at the university. Michael and his friend study at Kendals University where he gets to know Hope. They are attracted to each other which is not appropriate for Carl, Fred’s son and Hope’s friend.


Suzanne Davis as Hope Cornell
She is so merciful, tender and hopeless in spite of her name. Feeling sympathy to all vulnerable, she deals with charity actions. 
Beverly Adams as Vivian Cornell
She is a real lady. She behaves gracefully in what she does and speaks, in the way she walks and talks.
Phil Peters as Fred O'Donnel
Fred is a mean and practical person. He can do for his own sake only. He always insists on his opinion. He is cynic and selfish and all his wealthy is made illegally.
Paul Michael Robinson as Carl O'Donnel

Carl resembles his father. He does know anything about respect to a woman and surrounding people. He is not used to listen to other’s opinion. When he faces problems, the only way to solve is money.

The Guilt - tv series

(1996) - Beverly Adams, June Chandler


> Beverly Adams .... Vivian Cornell
June Chandler
Marisa Coughlan
Suzanne Davis .... Hope Cornell
George Hamilton .... Alan Van Buren
Cynthia Hunter
Peter Kenney
Debbie McLeod
Phil Peters
Paul Michael Robinson .... Carl O'Donnell
Franc Ross
Anneliza Scott
Tava Smiley
Robert Frank Telfer
Edward Michael Trucco
Anthony Alvarez
James Wellington

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor



"The Guilt" is an English version of telenovela "La Culpa".

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Priya   |2009-10-14 20:50:44
I love this show, I wish I can watch it again...I try googling but there isn't much on it :(
lovly urey  - the guilt   |2010-03-24 09:21:02
i will readly love to see this movie i saw it along time ago went i was in africa how can i watch it again
lovly urey  - this tv series is call the guilt fox tv show it fr   |2010-03-26 00:43:59
i will like to know if this tv series is on dvd and how can i buy it because i readly want to see it i watch it aby 10years ago went i was in africa
fatima  - the guilt   |2011-02-28 10:41:21
i will like to watch this film again why will i get one or where can i watch please
judy  - the guilt   |2011-12-29 00:01:03
i loved watching this movie but i was too young at the time to understand everything. i will really like to watch it again. how can i get it to watch
ST Narh  - Mr.   |2013-03-17 22:07:57
How can I get the tele novella series on "the guilt"
keren   |2012-01-14 21:53:40
how do I wacht a soap here?
MARTINE  - Watch or Download the guilt   |2012-06-30 08:59:20
I really like this show when i was young but now can't remember it too much pls if someone can upload it it would be great.

Esther  - The guilt   |2013-02-01 09:38:59
I watch the guilt and is my favorite please how do I get to watch it again
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