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Herederos del Monte, Los

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Los herederos del monte telenovelaLos herederos del Monte or Monte's Heir is a Spanish language-based telenovela produced by Telemundo, the US -based TV network and RTI Colombia. The telenovel was released on January 10, 2011. It is the story about five brothers who were adopted to live a happy and quiet life that changed when their father died.

Five brothers, Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar and Lucas, have been involved in land occupation throughout years and their parents have lived to honor the title of the most respected and influential people in the region. The brother put all attempts to increase the assets to grow to prosperity after their father dies. This day comes and the father dies leaving a will. Accompanied by the loyal and faithful servant, Modesto, who lives with them for long time, the brothers go to meet with the lawyer who is ready to announce the will.

The adopted brothers cannot even imagine how their life will changes when they find out what is there in the will. When the lawyer is about to read and show the last video made by don Emilio del Monte, their father, addressing to them, all of a sudden a stranger woman appears, Paula Del Monte. She is a biological daughter to Emilio who comes to receive her part of inheritance and inform all of them on her plans about the property.

Since then everything changes there. Paula is a woman ready for everything to achieve her goals. She wants to return everything she thinks she is worth having. She is ignored by her father’s family, though. She sets goals to get the key to the heart of every brother and seduce each of them to have support from every one of them. She never suspects that she is caught in her own romantic trap. Paula del Monte never expects that she will find love in the place where she wants to reign and dispose everything and everybody. Love rooms in her heart. And for the first time she is not able to control her feelings and emotions. The love in her heart smoothes her plans and she starts thinking of other things but ruining brother’s life. Her plans are almost destroyed but her mother, Sofía Cañadas, tries her best to make Paula keep her promise to seize and own all assets of del Monte.


Juan del Monte (Mario Cimarro)

He is the eldest of the brothers. He is a man of word, attractive and friendly, he has leadership skills beinga plain fellow. He is restricted and never shows emotions. As a child, when he arrived to his new home in Punta Arenas he was impressed by Emilio del Monte, his new father, who taught him to take responsibility for his farm. So, he grows to become a farmer and now he is all for keeping the rights of the leader and owner of lands. Throughout many years he keeps strong relations with Julieta Millán though appearance of the sister, the new daughter to his father, drastically changes his life. They are attracted to each other and their relations are like a burst. And since then he is parted with the feelings whether to treat Paula as a sister who appears after many years or accept her disastrous passion that destroys everything.

Paula del Monte (Marlene Favela)

Paula is just a biological daughter to Emilio del Monte who was born a natural child denied by her father. The only woman in the family of del Monte, suffering from loneliness and ignorance from parents, she grows to be cold-minded and prudent. She does everything to achieve her goals and she does not know what fear is like. She is beautiful and her beauty seizes everyone she contacts. She once loved but she did not afford loving someone for she felt just offence and lack of attention to her life. And now it is her turn to show who is who and nothing stops her. She arrives to La Rinconada del Monte provoking strong negative reaction and reveal passion. She is planning to throw away all the brothers from the house and none of them can say a word to her. Suspecting she is in love with Juan, she feels her plans of revenge are destroyed into pieces.

José del Monte (José Luis Resendez)

José del Monte is a person who makes impression with his looks. He is the region leader. He is not sociable, but ambitious with a strong will. He is thankful to be adopted though he remembers his childhood spent in the children’s home provoking strong emotions he tries to hide. He is silent though his eyes speak for himself, when he wants to hide his long-lasting competition with Juan, his elder brother, to whom he feels a strange mix of love and hatred. He has the advantage to be loved by women. He knows weak points of them and knows how to do with them. He has a secret love affair to Beatriz which results in difficult consequences revealing all the terrible secrets to everyone to shock.

Pedro del Monte (Ezequiel Montalt)

Pedro del Monte is a young playboy out of five brothers, charismatic enough to be supported by everyone. He does everything to unite brothers. At the farm he is responsible for the mechanical equipment used in the farm at fields. As a child, he is left behind by his mother born in an adulterous relationship between an ordinary woman and an influential member of the high society. Since then he blames high society which denies him as part of it. He is not happy in love. In spite of his impressive look, he plays around with women not feeling love to them. This ever-forever womanizer has a secret to hide from everyone that he is deeply in love with Julieta Millán, a girlfriend to his brother. He tries to suppress his feeling to her but he fails. Thus, he does not find a way out of this situation but drink alcohol to sink his disappointment. When Paula arrives, the most incredible intrigues arouse to prevent the marriage between Juan and Julieta. And Pedro announces his plans openly to Juan, in spite of the fact that Julieta does not love him. Moreover, he is ready to make some dirty things like using video camera to shot some scenes of Juan with Paula to show to Julieta.

Gaspar del Monte (Fabián Ríos)

The fourth son of del Monte comes from the north. He undertakes for the stock-farm but all his leisure time he spends training young horses and participating at riding. He is the one to be the closest to his mother out of five of them. He loved her much and the love to her is still in his heart. He is the most caring and kind among brothers showing good intentions, though he is known for explosive behavior. He is in love with Guadalupe, a daughter to the restaurant owner Charrasqueado, with whom he wants to marry and hold a family but they cannot. The undisclosed competition between Mardones and del Monte prevent from keeping relations with Guadalupe open to others. Through struggle and secret relations the couple comes to the happy end.

Lucas del Monte (Jonathan Islas)

Lucas del Monte is the youngest of the clan who is responsible to feed the cattle. He has always been a student in progress, a person with a good personality and he finds his happiness in caring after horses in the fields. Until now he feels Juan as the influential person to respect and admire. Passionate about farming, he is close to Juan, Amador and Guadalupe. Paula arriving to their place turns his life upside down since for the first time he feels sexual appeal to his sister which evokes conflicts between siblings. Such a wrong love prevents from expressing love to Rosario Millán who loves him silently.

Los herederos del monte - telenovela

(2011) - Marlene Favela, Mario Cimarro


Marlene Favela ... Paula del Monte
Mario Cimarro ... Juan del Monte
José Luis Reséndez ... José del Monte
Roberto Mateos ... Modesto Mardones
Margarita Muñoz ... Julieta Millán
Fabián Ríos ... Gaspar del Monte
Jonathan Islas ... Lucas del Monte
Ezequiel Montalt ... Pedro del Monte
Alejandra Sandoval ... Guadalupe Mardones
Carla Giraldo ... Rosario Millán
Margarita Reyes ... Beatriz Pereira
Pedro Rendon ... Efraín Mardones
Juan Pablo Obregón ... Johnny Delgado
Karina Cruz ... Consuelo Millán
Emerson Rodriguez
Natasha Klauss ... Berta Soto
Didier Van Den Hove ... Eleuterio Mardones
Margarita Durán ... Rosa Cifuentes
Diana Quijano ... Sofía Cañadas
Javier Delgiudice ... Miguel Millán
Julio Del Mar ... Emilio del Monte
Andres Felipe ... Martinez Don Gustavo
Joaquin Ujueta
Arturo Lopez

Writing credits
Víctor Carrasco (original story)
Cristina Policastro
Gloria Soares

Song: Dame tu Amor
Singing: Paola Vargas

Song: Desde Que Estas Aqui
Singing: Salvatore Casandro, Paola Vargas

Song: Me Cuesta Tan Caro Quererte
Singing: Marco Flores

Original music
Nicolas Uribe
Oliver Camargo
Jose Carlos Maria
Marco Flores

Cinematography by
Alfredo Zamudio
Carlos Arango

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Rodolfo Hoyos
Agustín Restrepo

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer
Andres Santamaria



Remake of chilean telenovela "Los Hijos del monte" (2008) with Maria Elena Swett and Jorge Zabaleta

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Anonymous   |2011-06-25 14:47:31
me encanta esta novela es diferente alas otras tendrrian que poner mas tiempo y me gustaria que pusieran la telenovela Corazon Salvaje me apasiono y tambien que habia mucho esterior .
Isabel   |2011-06-30 02:08:31
Who do l the horses belong to on the novela los herederos del monte
joyce alexander  - re: who do horse belong to on herederos del monte   |2011-07-19 04:33:40
they belong to singer, actor Vicente Fernandez and his son
Isabel wrote:
Who do l the horses belong to on the novela los herederos del monte
ana rodriguez  - los herederos del monte   |2011-07-19 01:24:58
me gustaria ver la ultima parte de esta novela, que no la vi, que no sea viernes. graciaS
Liisa  - los herederos del monte   |2012-01-23 10:38:29
This is very good novela :)
I like Paula and Juan love story :)
Anonymous   |2013-10-05 05:24:35
Where can I watch this telenovela with English subtitles??
jessilyn novely  - the del monte   |2014-01-21 18:30:11
i love paula too much
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