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Inocente De Ti

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Inocente De Ti telenovela Florecita is a young sweet girl who lives in Miami with her siblings and her drunk good for nothing father. Florecita is poor unaware that her mother who she abandoned her father is a big time movie actress in Miami. Florecita sells flowers on the street and cleans cars. When Raquel meets Florecita she realizes that she wants to give her money to her when she dies and not her money hungry twin sister Rebeca. When Raquel dies everyone is in shock when all of her money goes to the flower seller. Destiny puts Florecita in Rebeca's way again when her son Julio Alberto falls in love with Florecita. Through evil schemes and with the help of Nuria Rebeca steals the money back from Florecita. Now Florecita and Julio Alberto must fight against Rebeca's hate and Nuria's obsession to be together.


Abraham Ramos as Efraí

Efraín is Alberto’s younger brother. He is arrogant, merciless and too mean. He is ambitious as his mother Rebecca and he likes tormenting others. He goes after any woman near him, even if she is his brother’s wife. Het sets goals for his own sake and never mind how they are achieved.

Camila Sodi as Florecita Gonzalez

Florecita Gonzalez is a humble and modest girl. She is too young to work to support her sister and grandmother, though she is about to take care of her folks. People who know her easy-going and open temperament, tend to like her. She is a good piece of victim for villains, though for her tenderness and naivity.

Lupita Ferrer as Gabriela Smith

Gabriela is mother of Florecita. She suffers from her memories of cruel abuse from her husband’s side to her children. Now she is a successful and reputed person at TV and she is married to a producer.

Altair Jarabo as Isela

Isela is Florecita’s younger sister. She is too changeable and too arrogant unlike Florencita. She speaks good English and feels her advantage over her sister. She aspires to live a wealthy life without problems and she is getting older with this thought.

Valentino Lanús as Julio Alberto

Julio Alberto is a kind but weak person since he is raised by his mother only. He is short in expressing in avtions or words as a real man. Though, he is strong enough to resist intrigues and whizzes from Rebecca to prevent Florencita inherit her fortune. He realizes he loves her very much.

Carolina Tejera  as Nuria Salas

Nuria is the ex-girlfriend of Julio Alberto. She is beautiful, too capricious though attractive and seductive.  She stands between Florencita and Julio Alberto for his love.

Helena Rojo as Raquel

Raquel is Rebecca’s twin sister. She inherited a large fortune from her husband though she becomes so tight and inflexible. She feels lonely, her sister hates her. When she realizes it’s time to make a will, she leaves her fortune and assets to Florencita, not because she loves her but only to take revenge of her twin sister.

Inocente De Ti - telenovela

(2004) - Camila Sodi, Valentino Lanús


Camila Sodi .... Florecita
Valentino Lanús .... Julio Alberto
Helena Rojo .... Raquel / Rebeca
Salvador Pineda .... Ruben
Leonardo Daniel .... Filemon
Alma Delfina .... Lupe
Lupita Ferrer .... Gabriela
Virna Flores .... Virginia
Karla Álvarez .... Aurora
Carla Monroig .... Gloria
Abraham Ramos .... Efrain
Carolina Tejera .... Nuria
Toño Mauri .... Sebastian
Marisela Buitriago .... Fe
Yul Burke .... Douglas
José Bardina .... Armando
Luis José Santander .... Sergio
Ariel López Padilla .... Gomez
Carlos Yustis .... Candido
Marita Capote .... Coromoto
Irene López .... Gema
Elodia Riovega .... Chalia
Manolo Coego .... Zacarias
Miguel Corcega .... Licenciado Riveroll
Katie Barberi .... Mayte
Altair Jarabo .... Isela
Elodia Riovega .... Chalia
Miguel Loyo .... Rodrígo
Eleazar Gómez .... Víctor
Fred Valles .... William
Catalina Mesa .... Violeta
Dayana Garroz .... Gladis
Pilar Hurtado .... Carmela
Ariel Díaz .... Manolo
Michael Scalli .... Benigno
Patricia Reyes Spíndola
Ricardo Blume
Tania Vázquez .... Pilar
Ismael la Rosa
Gustavo Franco

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)
Tere Medina (free version)
Julio Garibay (script editor)

Song: Inocente de Ti
Singing: Juan Gabriel

Song: Algo mas
Singing: La 5a Estacion

Set decoration
Arturo Zapata

Chiefs of production
Maritza Guine
Gabriel Abu Samra

Alfredo Frutos

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas
Jesús Acuña Lee

Directed by
Miguel Corcega
Leonardo Daniel

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Nathalie Lartilleux
Alfredo Schwarz

Televisa and Fonovideo


"Inocente De Ti" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Rina"
2 version: telenovela "Rubi Rebelde" (Venezuela, 1989) with Mariela Alcala
3 version: telenovela "María Mercedes"
The lead actress Camila Sodi is a niece of Thalía, the daughter of Thalía's sister Ernestina Sodi.


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vera  - is this in english?   |2008-11-15 10:05:29
i love this soap but i dont speak im wondering if there is an english version of this novela?
Mary   |2010-10-21 03:03:36
if you love it so much how did you understand it??
kim   |2011-02-13 17:02:27
LOL! i, too, watch spanish novelas without understanding the language, still, i understand(i think). well, not just some of the details... it's a bit challenging...
Brandy   |2008-12-03 01:04:17
I love this show and I speak very little Spanish and wonder if there is an English version?
Brandy   |2008-12-03 01:14:01
I believe the title means "the innocence of you" Is there an english version of the song?
Thank you
fatie  - I really love inocente de ti!!!!....   |2009-01-25 16:38:23
i really love inocente de ti, so much!!!! camila sodi and valentino lanus, you are the perfect match!!!! believe me!!! eventually, i'm studying your language. so that, you two can chat with me in my mail!!! love ya guys, take good care!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!
aaron2010  - My first complete telenovela   |2010-02-01 04:10:59
Inocente de ti was the first telenovela that I saw from first episode to last.
I remember when it first aired on Univision back in 2005. About a year and a half ago, Telefutura reaired "Inocente de Ti, but I didn't watch much of the reairing. I hoping there is a DVD version, because I would like to see what footage was left in and which footage was edited out for the DVD.

Saludos, Aaron A.
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