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Juramento, El

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El Juramento II telenovelaThis is the story of Santiago, a dashing hero who sets out to avenge the death of his brother, Diego. He discovers that Diego killed himself after the beautiful Alma, a depraved gold-digger, aborted a child that she falsely claimed was Diego's and refused his marriage proposal via a "Dear John" letter. Thanks to the village inhabitants - who at first are hostile but become friendly - Santiago discovers pieces of the puzzle that led to the tragedy. Yet all he knows of the mysterious woman’s identity is a necklace, a gift from Alma and her cousin Andrea’s late grandfather. The two cousins own identical necklaces each of which has a gold letter "A."


Harry Geithner as Diego Platas

Diego is a young businessman. He is 32 only, and he is romantic, impulsive and very diligent. He put so many time and efforts to succeed. He is step-brother for Santiago and in the place of Don Teodoro he meets Alma and gets crazy about her so much that he is willing to commit a suicide for her mean attitude and lies.

Héctor Suárez Gomís as Esteban

Behind attraction and nice manners the double dealer is concealed. He is intelligent enough to act as the public wants him to do though he makes every attempt to set goals and achieve them at any cost. He is a man in his early 30s, athletic, attractive, loving to get everything at ease. He tends to avoid problems and troubles in everyday life. He has opportune options for any situation. His charm hides his viciousness and he is rotten-hearted. He is not aware of ethical values and he believes he should use only beneficial opportunities of life. The person he loves let him down once and becomes his bitter enemy.

Héctor Bonilla as Teodoro Robles Conde

Teodoro is the person who honors the family, honesty and justice as the base for the happy future life, in his 60s. He is married to Luisa. He is successful, diligent and intelligent man who devotes himself to his family, to the integrity since family is everything for him.

Teodoro is Juan Pablo’s biological father though his heart is loving and he is too kind to two girls, Andrea and Alma. He prefers Andrea for her honesty, disinterestedness and easy-going personality.

Teodoro is the founder and President of one of the biggest hotel networks in the country and he commits to create the empire to be influential and the first person in this industry.

Natalia Streignard as Andrea Robles Conde de Landeros

Andrea Robles is a young and beautiful woman in her late 30s. She is strong-minded and impulsive and she advocates her revolution and restless ideas to people. She is faultless in her moral principles. She is a qualified vet and her passion for horses is known to everyone. She can ride well. She is devoted to her family though her cousin Alma causes too many troubles to her.

Susana Dosamantes as Luisa Robles Conde

Luisa is Teodoro’s wife, she is in her early 60, though she is still elegant and still struggles for her son’s love. She believes she knows how her son should live his live and her vision of his happy future is with a woman of his class. Along with her sister Silvia, she is in charge of all events and measures arranges for the purposes of hotel network owned by her husband.

Luisa is well educated, though conservative with tough moral principles. She is sure Alma is a woman devoted for her son though she concerns about Andrea, either. She dreams of a wedding of her son with Alma and only she learns of all tricks Alma does towards her son and her, she realizes she was too mean and unjust to Andrea.

Pablo Azar as Juan Pablo Robles Conde

Juan Pablo is a young man in his late 20. He is the child of hotel company magnate. He is used to hospitality and tourism management in his family. He is a noble young man, with firm life position. He is under his mother’s dominance which makes him repressive and he feels a little bit effeminate by her. She is aware of his future wedding with Alma though he is fascinated with Andrea.

Dominika Paleta as Alma Robles Conde

Alma is a 27-year old gorgeous and stylish woman from high society. She is ambitious and whimsical blind with jealousy, ambitions and hunger for power. She is interested in cash only, and she is not bothered with remorse or ethical values. She is a cook in specialty though she does not work  as others ubut use it for her own sake. She is absolute liar and hypocrite. She constantly competes with her cousin Andrea and envies for her personality and beauty. She competes for Juan Pablo attention.

El Juramento II - telenovela

(2008) - Natalia Streignard, Osvaldo Ríos


Natalia Streignard .... Andrea Robles Conde de Landeros
Osvaldo Ríos .... Santiago de Landeros
Dominika Paleta .... Alma Robles Conde
Susana Dosamantes .... Luisa Robles Conde
Héctor Bonilla .... Teodoro Robles Conde
Pablo Azar .... Juan Pablo Robles Conde
Héctor Suárez Gomís .... Esteban
Salvador Pineda .... Priest Salvador
Tina Romero .... Silvia
Harry Geithner .... Diego Platas
Kenya Hijuelos .... Mirta
Maria Zaragoza .... Refugio
Hugo Acosta .... Castillo
Carlos Torrestorija .... Demian Martain
Esteban Soberanes
Ricardo Chávez .... Justo Romero

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams

Produced by
Mary-Kathryn Kennedy
Rafael Uriostegui



Gaby Espino left due to pregnancy and Natalia Streignard took her place

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Doraima  - El Juramento   |2009-06-02 02:38:34
Las mejores actuaciones de Osvaldo Rios y de Natalia Streignard...En terminos actorales, la mejor telenovela en mucho tiempo....
danime2003   |2012-01-09 21:42:32
Se les olvido poner en la sipnosis que es un remake de La Mentira de Televisa.
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