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Ladron de corazones

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Ladron de corazones telenovela "Ladron de Corazones" is a thrilling story of Gustavo Velasco’s and Veronica Vega’s forbidden love. He was forced to become a thief and she’s an undercover police officer. Fate brings them together to destroy a drug-dealing network and unbeknownst to them but known by the audience, they both struggle to achieve the same goal from opposite ends of the law.


Humberto Zurita as Antonio Vega

Antonio Vega is a very merciless and ambitious person with big goals in his life aimed to be influential and powerful in the country. He leads a double life being a reputed businessman, ex-policeman and a loving father of his only daughter Veronica. As such, he is loving and caring, a good citizen and respected business partner. On the other hand, he heads one of the criminal bands in the city working anonymously. In his opinion everything has its value. And he is willing to set value for everything, even for his daughter’s love to anyone. Ten years ago he contributed to accuse Gustavo’s father in crime and get him into the jail as the drug trafficker. That was his main fault that influenced Velasco family life in future: people changed their attitude to the Velasco family who were humiliated and disdained by the society.

Manolo Cardona as Gustavo Velasco

Gustavo Velasco is a young man from the middle-class Mexican family. His father was killed for the murder he has not committed.  The truth about this crime is revealed in ten years only when Gustavo comes to return tot he place and take revenge of his father. He steps on the path of dangerous struggle with influential people. He learns the ways of using high technological devices to get access to any electronic data. This often helps him in his war against the gangster group from the high society. He owns the feature of Robin Hood who helps the poor robbing the rich. And he is willing to stir up a hornets' nest. He is strong and intelligent enough to resist the criminal band but he cannot resist to Verónica. He falls in love with her as Cynthia and he does not even know her father is faulty in his father’s death.

Fabiola Campomanes as Inés

Inés is a young, humble woman with the ability to predict danger and problems to everyone. Her life drastically changes when she meets Santoscoy, a millionnaire who marries her to die. She inherits a fortune. When a night club dancer gets a fortune to be a wealthy influential woman, she recollects of her former attractions. She wants Gustavo. She feels she betrayed him and Veronica and though she is not the woman to make war she puts everything to return love and trust of these two. She is willing to achieve this goal of her life whatever happens. 

Daniela Bolaños as Nancy

Nancy is raped, put to torture and forced to get addicted to drugs. She does some secret job for the Omega band.

Lorena Rojas as Verónica Vega

Verónica Vega is a young and attractive woman, a daughter of the influential person. She lives to struggle for her principles. She has two specialties, as a policewoman and a lawyer and doing these two jobs, she serves to ensure more justice to the world. Verónica Vega is a member to the Omega brigade, the elite police group, consisting of the most qualified and trained police officers in the country. One of them, Esteban, is attracted by Verónica but mostly they are together doing their job. Verónica becomes Cynthia as a member of Omega group working at night club. As Cynthia she reveals some facts to prove Gustavo is a killer. She has to put him in the jail but she feels love to him. She should choose between love to the young man who also loves her and confront with her father who is involved in all criminal activity in her city, especially in matter of accusation in drug trafficking of Gustavo’s father.

Ladron de corazones - telenovela

(2003) - Manolo Cardona, Lorena Rojas


Manolo Cardona .... Gustavo Velasco
Lorena Rojas .... Verónica Vega
Humberto Zurita .... Antonio Vega
Roberto Mateos .... Esteban
Fabiola Campomanes .... Inés
Claudia Lobo .... Celia
Marcos Valdés .... Ramiro
Raúl Arrieta .... Froylan
Roberto Medina .... Padre Anselmo
Marco Antonio Treviño .... Mateo
Sergio Ochoa .... Tarta
Lisa Owen .... Nenena
Wendy de los Cobos .... María
Teresa Selma .... Doña Francisca
Paola Ochoa .... Refugio
Enoc Leaño
Aarón Beas .... Gabriel
Carlos Coss .... El chino
Alberto Guerra .... Tony
Marisol Centeno .... Claudia
Teresa Tuccio .... Susan
Daniela Bolaños .... Nancy
Marisol del Olmo .... Marcela
Álvaro Guerrero .... Chepe
Marcelo Buquet .... Bentiz

Writing credits
Leonardo Bechini (idea)
Óscar Tabernise (idea)
Ricardo García (writer)
Ricardo Garcia (adaptation)
Epigmenio Ibarra (adaptation)
Mauricio Somjano (scripts)
Laura Sosa (scripts)
Luis Zelkowicz (scripts)

Song: Ladron de corazones
Singing: Elefante

Original Music
Jorge Avendaño Lohrs

Daniel Sánchez
Heriberto Sánchez

Horacio Valle

Set Decoration
Maria Cristina Martinez de Velasco
Marisa Pecanins

Cinematography by
Esteban de Llaca

Directed by
Walter Doehner
Silvana Zuanetti
Maria Fernanda Arienzo (on location)
Terry Fernández (on location)

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra (general producer)
Carlos Payán (general producer)
Mónica Skorlich (associate producer)
Sachiko Uzeta (executive producer)

Argos Producciones and Telemundo


"Ladron de corazones" is a remake of telenovela "Poliladron" (1995-97, Pol-Ka y Canal13 de Argentina) with Adrian Suar as Nene Carrizo and Laura Novoa as Veronica.

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