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La Ley del Silencio

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La Ley del Silencio telenovelaJavier is a priest in the same neighborhood where he was born and everybody knows him. Natalia used to be his fiancée and now she returns with Fernando, so that Javier marries them. He struggles with his choice between the church and renewing a relationship. In this neighborhood pass things of which nobody wants to talk, and Javier has to guess what's going on. This is the story of fight, hope and love that has to be forgotten.


José Ángel Llamas as Padre Javier Castro

Javier has always been a special person. He escaped from death from tornado as a newborn. He is honest and humble and so naïve. He is attractive is his passion to stay childish somehow.

He faces cases of child drug addiction, murders and AIDS distribution and he feels so tormented that he has to keep a secret of confession. Padre Javier Castro is loved and respected by his parishioners. Padre Javier Castro does a lot to support the community. He votes for freedom to speak and discuss problems in open. He is known to be in passionate love in Natalia who left him.

Javier knows Natalia is his best friend’s girlfriend now. Their marriage is broken since Fernando is involved in murder of Natalia’s younger sister. Javier feels difficult to stay away from Natalia since she lives next to him. He is a reputed padre and he still feels the flame of love to her in his heart. He struggles with himself. He believes God will tell him what to do and whom to trust, in him or love to a woman. 

Lumi Cavazos as Clemencia

Clemencia is Natali’s and Magdalena’s mother. She feels well in her family and though she does not agree with decisions of her husband, she is forced to accept them. 

Rodrigo De la Rosa as Fernando Cardenas

Fernando has known Natalia since childhood. He admits that Natalia loved his best friend. But when he learns that Javier devoted himself to God, he got happy to be with Natalia. He loves her and sincerely wants to make her happy. Fernando is experienced in construction and he invests a lot in his future occupation. Being a successful businessman, he has a clear business and all opportunities to marry Natalia and ensure best future for their children. For this reason, Natalia’s parents agree to get him as their son-in-law. However, Fernando gets involved in murder of Natalia’s younger sister.

Omar Fierro as Francisco 

Francisco is a successful businessman, father of Natalia and Magdalena. He hates Fernando and wants to protect his daughters from him. He thinks Angel is a good person to marry Natalia.

Mara Croatto as Isabel

Isabel is a very prosperous lawyer, Javier’s frined and Fernando’s defender. 

Jullye Giliberti as Magdalena Aguirre

Magdalena is a younger daughter in Aguirre family. She is emotionally unstable. She always competes to be perfect as compared with Natalia, in intelligence, manners and appearance. She has low self-estimation which brings her to envy her sister.

She is not happy and she constantly complaints. Being hypersensitive, Magdalena feels people and can easily manipulate with them. Though, she has no balance in anything and cannot stop doing something.

Flora Martínez as Natalia Aguirre

Natalia comes from the family of wealthy Mexican immigrants. She is privilegded at birth since she is so beautiful and she can feel sympathy, love and adorement with her smile. She is sweet and charismatic to attract people. Natalia is a good entrepreneur who inherited business fetures from her father and who is not restrained to speak evenly, clearly and precisely. She has a generous heart. She can do a lot for the sake of other people. She loved Javier but the latter chose religion which made Natalia disappointed and she left the country. Fernando hardly tries to get her attention especially when she needs support and he manages. He even engages with her but the crime with Magdalena stops them. When Natalia finds out Fernando is involved in matters with Magdalena and that he is accused of killing her, her heart is broken and she leaves him. Finally, she realizes she still loves Javier.

La Ley del Silencio - telenovela

(2005) - José Ángel Llamas, Flora Martínez


José Ángel Llamas .... Padre Javier Castro
Flora Martínez .... Natalia Aguirre
Rodrigo De la Rosa .... Fernando Cardenas
Jullye Giliberti .... Magdalena Aguirre
Isabela Camil .... Julia
Mara Croatto .... Isabel
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Leopoldo
Lumi Cavazos .... Clemencia
Omar Fierro .... Francisco
Eliana H. Alexander .... Amparo
Monica Lopera .... Adela
Chela Arias .... Clotilde
José Bardina .... Arturo
Julio Bracho .... Angel
Cora Cardona .... Mercedes
Alejandro Chabán .... Tomas
Roger Cudney .... Meyer
Liz Gallardo .... Manuela
Joaquín Garrido .... Pedro
Marlon Lara .... Jimmy
Mauricio Ripke .... Sata
Fernanda Romero .... Virginia
Sergio Romero .... Sebastian
Lilian Tapia .... Guadalupe
Henry Zakka .... Luis Alberto

Carlos Girón .... Ramiro

Writing credits
Juana Uribe

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor

Telemundo, FremantleMedia


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