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Madre Luna

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Madre Luna telenovelaLeonardo is back to Alejandra years later while she is living alone with two children. He manages to arouse the feelings to him she thought they were in past. He turns her life upside down. Alejandra did not even guess that several years ago when she met him he was in marriage with Flavia for three years. He was not open to her preferring to conceal the truth and live a double life. In the meantime Alejandra gets pregnant and she leaves Leonardo as soon as she finds out he is married. When Alejandra appears again in Leonardo’s life, he feels emotions overwhelm him as well as her. Doña Trinidad Zapata, Flavia's mother, and Tirso Reinoso are willing to destroy life of Alejandra and her children.

Meanwhile, Leonardo’s son falls in love with Alejandra despite of years of difference between them. Two other sons of Leonardo are also adults trying to compete for the heart of Anabel, Flavia’s niece.
The life of all of them is involved in conflicts, intrigues and betrayal. The border between the high class families and the poor is broken and the two parties have to deal with different problems.


Amparo Grisales as Alejandra Aguirre

A woman in her 50s full of femininity, sensuality and vitality that make her loos young and beautiful, emotionally attractive. She causes different emotions in people, from love to hatred. She had a lot of people to love in her life and she is always surrounded by people who want her sympathy and love. Alejandra experienced a lot to become tough and protect herself and her children.

Gabriel Porras as Leonardo Cisneros

Leonardo is Alejandra’s love of the past and father of Demetrio and Valentin. He seems to be wicked doing harm to Alejandra, though he experiences mixed emotions and feelings to be on the one side. He loves Flavia, on the one hand, and he is afraid to lose money to protect and support his folks.

Michel Brown as Angel Cisneros

Angel is Leonardo and Flavia’s son. Angel has everything in his life, though he is not fickle nor ambitious. He has a good sense of humor, he is attractive and pleasant to talk to. He has something changed in his everyday life when he meets Alejandra to fall in love with her. Winning her heart is the great obstacle for Angel so far.

Alex Sirvent as Valentin Aguirre

Valentin is handsome, athletic and very masculine person. He inherited his rebellious personality from his mother. He is very impulsive and he always faces troubles. He is not the person to fall in love easily but he loves a person long and deeply. It is Anabel who is the one to touch his heart and make him confront his brother.

Arap Bethke as Demetrio Aguirre

Demetrio is the one to have everything due to his mother’s efforts. He often fights with his brother Valentin. When hee meets Anabel, he is deeply fascinated with her. Though she prefers Valentin. Demetrio keeps on competing with his brother in winning women’s hearts even.

Madre Luna - telenovela

(2007) - Amparo Grisales, Gabriel Porras


Amparo Grisales.... Alejandra Aguirre
Gabriel Porras .... Leonardo Cisneros
Michel Brown .... Ángel Cisneros
Saby Kamalich .... Doña Trinidad Zapata
Mónica Dionne .... Flavia Portillo de Cisneros
Arap Bethke .... Demetrio Aguirre
Ana Lucía Domínguez .... Anabel Saldaña
Alex Sirvent .... Valentín Aguirre
Paulo César Quevedo .... Tirso Reinoso
Mauricio Aspe .... Roman Garrido
Judy Henríquez .... Angustias
José Saldarriaga .... Fidelio Marquez
Julio del Mar .... Ignacio Morales
Daniela Tapia .... Dulce Elena Marquez
Ana Beatriz Osorio ....Violeta
Sebastián Boscan .... Hermes
Pedro Roda .... Bebo Cantillo
Luz Alejandra Pinzon .... Juana
Adriana Campos .... Zulma Moreno
Mónica Pardo .... Luzmila Morales
Dorían Díaz
Mauricio Álvarez
Orlando Lamboglia
Sandra Guzmán.... Marcela Pizarro
Gabriel González
Maria Ángela Cubillos
Jairo López
Orlando Bonnet
Maria Cristina Montoya
Margarita Duran
Daniel Merizalde
Maria Margarita Amado
Ivette Zamora
Toto Vega
Nure Valbuena
Antonio Puentes
Olga Lucia Rojas
Freddy Ordóñez
Richard Martínez
Aída Bossa
Luz Estella Luengas
Sigifredo Vega
Maria Claudia Torres

Writing credits
Julio Jiménez
Iván Martínez Lozano

Written by:

Original music
Héctor Cardona Jr.

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

Telemundo Network


Actor Javier Gómez was originally cast in a major role in this series, but he went over to another Telemundo soap, Sin Vergüenza, instead

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