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Marielena  telenovelaMarielena is a girl raised with good morals by her mother and who lives with her brother and sister in an apartment. She becomes the secretary to Luis Felipe, and eventually Marielena and Luis Felipe have their affair. One day, while cavorting with him in his secret apartment, she forgets to take her birth control. As a result she gets pregnant.

Around this time Luis Felipe considers leaving his wife (who is an older woman, and in fact plays his aunt's rival in Guadalupe) Claudia, who he married for money. Claudia threatens and pleads with him not to leave... Around this time, Claudia's nephew (whose father loses all of his money and political career and ends up a pauper) asks her for money (to support his drug habit) but when she does not give it to him, he stabs her to death with a letter opener. Luis Felipe finds her and in order to save a pregnant Marielena (who gets accused for the murder as the nephew had snuck out thru a window and was not seen) confesses to a murder he did not commit. He goes to jail thinking he saved her, and she moves on, thinking he killed his wife. Eventually she marries a man who pretends he is still blind from an accident (to keep her) and Luis Felipe is released from jail. Then, the roles are reversed, as Luis Felipe ends up working for Marielena. Everyone tries to stop their love, but eventually, Luis Felipe and Marielena get back together and the nephew (who is dying from AIDS) admits that he killed Claudia.


Eduardo Yañez as Luis Felipe Sandoval

Luis Felipe is the head of the advertisement agency. He is tall and athletic showing more quip than it is needed in most cases. He is handsome and a well-desired object for young women though he is married. He cynically discusses the way to behave himself with his brother-in-law, a politician, whether to look as a humble intelligent person or advanced intellectual.

Luis Felipe is married to Claudia whom he does not love. He often has love affairs and has no regrets about it. He falls in love with Marielena though he just wanted newer and stronger emotions to escape from family routine life. They believe they need each other but the life is so they get parted and find each other in incredible circumstances. Luis Felipe is accussed of killing his wife though he thinks he does it for Marielena.

Lucía Méndez as Marielena

Marielena is one of three sisters who lived in a warm and a friendly family. Marielena was raised with high moral principles due to her mother and so, she finds shocking most things she is offered as a young girl. She is beautiful and too independent, emotional and impulsive. She is knocked down by Luis when she was carrying flowers for her sister’s wedding as the first date with him. Upon completion of secretary courses, she is offered a job in Luis’s office. She finds Luis too demanding but she learns to work to comply with him soon as his secretary. So, she becomes professional he needs at work. In the meantime, they become lovers, but Marielena leaves him though she is pregnant. She appears to talk to Claudia but she decides to leave Luis and marry Esteban instead who loves him and wants to give his name to her child. She marries him thinking he is dying but he survives though blind. Marielena leaves him as soon as she learns Luis is in the jail accused of her wife’s murder.

Zully Montero as Claudia Sandoval

Claudia is Luis’s wife. She is 15 years older than him. She looks elegant, well-cared and too fickle. She knows Luis is ready to betray her since he is tired of routine eating them. Claudia was once pregnant but she made abortion while Luis Felipe believes Claudia lost her reproductive functions due to the car accident. Andy, her nephew, finds out about abortion and tries to blackmail her taking money for his drugs. When Claudia finds out Marielena is her husband’s lover, she comes to her mother to reveal the truth. When Marielena comes to her, she let her know she will do anything to move her away.

Maria Canals as Nancy

Nancy is the hairdresser for Leticia. She is a young, beautiful and too sexual woman. She cheats Andy to be with Roberto and help him with his boss’s problems – to compile information about Andres. She needs lots of money and she causes Andy contribute or get it for her. She is a known drug-addicted and perhaps she needs money for this sake.


Marielena - telenovela

(1994) - Lucía Méndez, Eduardo Yañez


Lucía Méndez .... Marielena
Eduardo Yañez .... Luis Felipe Sandoval
Zully Montero .... Claudia Sandoval
Caridad Ravelo .... Chela
Maria Canals .... Nancy
Mayte Vilán .... Meche
Eva Tamargo Lemus .... Cecilia
María José Alfonso .... Carmela
Salvador Pineda .... Esteban
Cristina Karman .... Yoli
Mara Croatto .... Graciela
Martha Picanes .... Olga
Germán Barrios .... Nicanor
Julio Alcázar .... Andrés
Manolo Villaverde .... Teo
Miguel Gutiérrez .... Rufino
Luis G. Oquendo .... Urbano
Miguel Paneke .... Leon
Juan Carlos Antón .... Xavier
Xavier Coronel .... Alfredo
Frank Falcon .... Kike
Abrahm Méndez .... Tato
Marcos Casanova .... Padre Hilario
Griselda Nogueras .... Fucha
Aurora Callazo .... Leticia
Marta Velasco .... Telma
Rosa Felipe .... Rosalia
Sandra Haydee .... Esperanza
Ivon D'Liz .... Purita
Alexa Kube .... Melissa
Luz Marabet .... Zuleima
Isaura Mendoza .... Maria
Bertha Sandoval .... Enriqueta
Niola Montes .... Amparo
Julia Menedez .... Victoria
Anardis Vega .... Nikky
Larry Villanueva .... Andy
Gellerman Barait .... Roberto
Emiliano Díez .... Rene
Maribel González .... Reina
Nelson E. Guerrero .... Camacho
Barbie Hernan .... la Chueca
Odalys Rivero .... Valentina
Mellissa Duque de Estrada .... Tete
Emanuel Gironi .... Carlos
Salvador Levy .... Urbano

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Tabare Perez (adaptation)
Isa Moreno (adaptation)

Original music by
Ray Casas

Song: Se Acabo
Singer: Lucía Méndez

Costume Design by
Patricia Claymuelle

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Álvaro Arguila

Directed by
Cusi Barrio
Rodolfo Hoppe

Produced by
José Crousillat

Capitalvision International Corp. USA and TVE, España


"Marielena" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Ligia Sandoval" with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina.
2 version: telenovela "Querida Mamá" with Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano
Further remake of "Marielena" is telenovela "Soledad" (Peru, American Producciones, 2000) with Coraima Torres and Guillermo Perez.


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llanos   |2010-01-12 18:11:43
recuerdo mucho esta novela x ke tuvieron mucha quimica los protagonistas y los besos eran super sexuales y se veian de verdad.
sara chavez  - MariElena   |2012-10-14 03:19:21
This was the best novela ever presented in history. Bring it back to Telemundo!!!!!
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