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Marina telenovelaMarina, a young beautiful girl is once left by her mother alone and she has to live with her uncle in his mansion. Her uncle is a millionaire, very influential person, who was in love with her mother and promised to take care of her. In the mansion Marina meets Ricardo, her future husband, who is married unhappily to Adriana. Adriana hates Marina since she sees her husband plans to leave her and marry Marina. Adriana and her lover plan to kill Marina but they fail and Julio threw off the cliff when he is accused of kidnapping Marina. Adriana is asked to leave Ricardo’s place but prior she leaves she tells all the truth of her previous lovers and expected baby who is not Ricardo’s son. Adriana is then killed in a horrible car accident.

In the soonest time Ricardo and Marina gets married and go for their honeymoon. She gets pregnant during their travel but on arrival back Ricardo leaves her believing in gossips and takes her baby away. Marina stays alone. She makes the object of derision and envy and only her personal features as strong character and modesty help her protect herself and contradict her enemies to survive.


Humberto Zurita as Guillermo Alarcón

Guillermo Alarcon is the athletic and very manly person: strong-minded, strong-willed and purposeful. He is one of the most influential suppliers in Acapulco, a millioner respected and recognized. He sympathizes his niece who gets orphaned to live in his house. Guillermo is the person who takes the important position in the society having a good educational background to influence the life of people living by him..

Manolo Cardona as Ricardo Alarcon

Ricardo Alarcon is the eldest son to Alberta and brother to Elias. He is a handsome young man who does not take care of family assets to waste. He marries to Adriana but his feels something very important is introduced in his life when he meets Marina.

Sandra Echeverría as Marina

Marina is a timid and moderate young girl who earns money as the tour boat driver in Acapulco. She has not continued her higher education and when her mother dies she finds herself in despair and disappointment with the alien life. She has to live in the mansion belonging to Alarcon Morales where she is not expected and accepted. She is naïve and innocent when she arrives there.

She meets her love there in the person of Ricardo who insults and makes fan of her. To live by people who hate you is too difficult but Marina is strong and purposeful enough to overcome all obstacles. Step by step she teaches Ricardo the way she likes to be treated and he finally falls in love with her.

Aylín Mújica as Laura: Verónica

She is a young woman of the type to sacrifice feelings. She is always dressed modestly and she feels love to Ricardo, her boss. Laura is very attractive and sensual but her timid and shy personality prevent her from doing how she has to do. She wears contact lens for her myopia since she thinks glasses make look ugly.

She was once married but she wasn’t happy in the marriage and then she has decided to make a nun. Her twin sister, Verónica, is strictly against such a decision.

Karina Mora as Matilde

Matilde is Adriana’s friend and she enjoys her prudent and mean behavior. She is in love with Elias.

Carlos Caballero as Julio

Julio is Adriana’s lover since in despair that Ricardo does not love her she rushes to have love affair either.

Jorge Luis Vasquez as Elias Alarcon

Elias Alarcon is too handsome, honest and gentle person. He becomes Ricardo’s partner in marine business. He was Veronica’s boyfriend and was about to marry her but she left him at the church. He behaves differently according to situation but all her actions are reasoned and based upon his love to Marina.

Marina - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Mauricio Ochmann, Sandra Echeverría, Manolo Cardona


Mauricio Ochmann ... Ricardo Alarcón
Manolo Cardona ... Ricardo Alarcón
Sandra Echeverría ... Marina
Aylín Mújica ... Laura: Verónica
Humberto Zurita ... Guillermo Alarcón
Susana Dosamantes ... Alberta Alarcón
Dolores Heredia ... Rosa
Carlos Miguel Caballero ... Julio
Eduardo Victoria ... Federico
Sandra Destenave ... Adriana
Gustavo Navarro ... Daniel
Pablo Azar ... Papalote
Karina Mora ... Matilde
Angélica Celaya ... Rosalba
Mara Cuevas ... Lucia
Beatriz Cecilia ... Pastora
Lourdes Villareal ... Lázara
Elizabeth Cervantes
Alfonso Dosal ... Diego
Ilean Almaguer
Marta Aura
Roxana Chávez
Emilio Guerrero ... Profesor Oropeza
Claudia Lobo
Guadalupe Martínez
Mildred Motta ... Esther
Georgina Tábora
Verónica Terán
José Luis Vázquez

Created by
Inés Rodena

Directed by
David Posada

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez
Cristina Policastro

Executive producers:
Daniel Camhi
M.K. Kennedy
Rafael Uriostegui
Ana Urquidi

Original Music by
Walterio Pesqueira

Original channel : Telemundo

Cinematography by
Luis ávila
Pedro Avila

Language : Spanish
Country: USA


Mauricio Ochmann appears as Ricardo in early episodes before being replaced by Manolo Cardon

Telemundó's slogan in English-language ads for the show was "The heat of Acapulco. The passion of a woman"

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diana  - telenovela marina   |2008-12-02 19:29:16
why dont they give us the full story in writing telenovela marina
Marie Louis  - Ms   |2008-12-06 10:31:50
Please Help me find a find dVd on this serie Marina The heat of acapulco or The Passion of a Woman.

This is my mum favourite Tv serie I want to buy for her 50 anniversery celebration. She would die if I dont get her one. Its a Promise I made her.


Marie Louis
laura gonzalez   |2011-08-31 17:19:53
right my mom has me lookin it up online to see if she can buy it lol
ardjola  - Beautiful telenovela   |2008-12-20 15:01:02
I liked so much this telenovela.She was the best. I never see one telenovela like marina but i liked her so much.hugs and kisses
Vanessa  - english Summary   |2008-12-29 23:49:24
Hi everyone,

I have started watching the telenovela here in the Seychelles Islands. But however, I really do wish to have the full summary in English of the novela.

If anyone has it, can you send it to me. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Please help anyone.

Many thanks.
Anonymous  - re: english Summary   |2008-12-30 16:37:32
Vanessa wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have started watching the telenovela here in the Seychelles Islands. But however, I really do wish to have the full summary in English of the novela.

If anyone has it, can you send it to me. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Please help anyone.

Many thanks.
Mary  - Marina   |2009-01-20 09:01:13
PLease i want you to send me the full story in english of the telenovela (marina) It was my favourite novela,

Many thanx,
sindy   |2009-02-03 18:21:20
Hi everyone,

I am also watching this telenovela in seychelles but i am unable to follow the epesode since ido night shift.I wish to have the full story in english.

If anyone has it, can you send it to me. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Please help anyone.

Many thanks..
Vanessa Payet  - Office Manager   |2009-02-24 10:40:41
Hi everyone,

I am also watching this telenovela in seychelles but i am unable to follow the epesode since i do night shift every two wekks time.I wish to have the full story in english.

If anyone has it, can you send it to me please as i want to know what happens next

Many thanks..
Branka   |2009-06-13 11:29:43
This telenovela had a way too many episodes I just got so bored watching it.
jennifer   |2010-05-05 22:02:08
excuse me
you were bored watching marina
what's wrong with u
what do you watch anyway
linda  - marina   |2009-06-16 16:13:36
Hi im also watching marina from the seychelles its a very nice novel i cant wait to see it till the end ihope many viewers agree with me .Thanks a lot.
Nika   |2009-10-16 14:33:43
Marina is best telenovela ever!
yanina  - MARINA   |2010-02-26 12:53:37
hola soy yanina me encanta esta novela es muy linda y me gustaria verla otra vez es emocionante y sobre todo chida.
Muchas gracias
sun  - full story   |2010-07-29 16:04:51
hi y'all. i wuld lyk to have the full story of tormenta el paraiso.pls send it if u have.dats in english.tnx
jonida   |2010-09-17 14:51:58
this is the most beautiful telenovel i ever seen and the actors Sandra Echeverria and Manolo Cardona are very beautiful together
Adriana   |2011-05-28 23:39:31
i like this novela a lot, but for some reason it's just not the same when they changed the ricardo guy's character.. why did they change his character?..
ilene Ramirez  - Would like to see it from the beganning.   |2011-06-03 19:18:54
Hi I recently started watching marina. I work days. Now I am off for Summer but am starting Summer School. I am really would like to see how it all got started. Now I have to go back to school and I am going to start misssing it. Do you have video or can you watch it on your computer for the days that you miss.
Thank you.
Nyandwi Mouhammad  - Liking for Marina   |2012-09-11 16:13:41
My name is Nyandwi Mouhammad,I like this serie MARINA but I didn't have the Chance to watch its Episodes, If there is any Chance that I can find a website to download them i will be appreciate that.
elianete  - comprar dvd da novela completo   |2013-02-13 16:06:01
por favor tem o dvd da novela MARINA completa , quero comprar em espanhol
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